Linden – medicinal properties and application inmedicine

Sun, 10 Jul 2016

Linden – general description

Липа (лат. Tilia) представляет собой рослое (до
30-40 m tall) deciduous tree with a dense spherical or
cylindrical crown. Differs in the long term of life –
about 300 years. В народной medicine иногда может называться лубняк
or urinal. Linden bark has a characteristic dark gray color,
old trees along the trunk are longitudinal cracks. Leaves have
rounded, pointed at the end of the form, grow on thin long
petioles, top surface of the leaf is dark green, bottom –
light green with a shade of blue.

Linden blooms in the first half of summer, by August
fruits begin to ripen. The flowers of the plant are yellowish white.
coloring, they are collected in inflorescences in the form of facing up
semi-umbrellas, have a pleasant aroma. Fruit – oval nut
with one or two seeds. Duration of flowering is
from 1 week to 2-2.5 weeks (in forests). Linden wide
применяется в medicine, а также используется как медонос.

Linden – types and places of growth

In the world there are a large number of linden species. This is linden
small-leaved, Japanese, large-leaved, Amur, common,
Manchu, American (black), Caucasian, European,
Siberian, felt (silver). In addition, each species is divided
on several varieties, so that the family Lime (lat. Tiliaceae)
can be called one of the most common hardwoods.

On the European territory of Russia linden is most common
small-leaved, otherwise called heart-shaped (lat. Tilia cordata).
In addition, it grows in the Caucasus, Crimea, Western Siberia and
southern regions of the Urals. Prefers fertile soil in shady
deciduous forests, can form pure arrays, and can
grow as part of a mixed forest. Does not tolerate excess moisture.

Lipa – healing properties

The healing properties of lindens are successfully applied both in folk and
и в официальной medicine. Its wide spectrum of action is due to
the chemical composition of flowers, which includes glycosides, tannins
substances, carotene and ascorbic acid (vitamins A and C),
saponins, flavonoids, coumarin, and essential oils and
trace elements.

Galenic compounds increase the secretion of gastric juice and
bile, improve diuresis and have diaphoretic
properties. Linden-based preparations are able to gently
calm the nervous system and also render
anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effect due to the presence in
composition of bioflavonoids. In addition, lime extracts accelerate
skin tissue regeneration processes.

Lipa – dosage forms

В народной medicine применяются почти все части plants.
Powder from coal is used to treat flatulence and diarrhea when
poisoning and intestinal disorders. Tar is used in therapy
skin diseases. A decoction of the bark is a folk remedy
treatment of hemorrhoids, burns and gout. Linden buds and leaves in the form of
decoction or powder from freshly harvested raw materials help with
boils, burns, mastitis, ulcers. But most often in therapeutic
purposes are used after all linden inflorescences, from which they prepare
decoctions and infusions. They are used for gargling, for colds
diseases, as a diaphoretic, as well as headache,
rheumatism and migraine.

Lipa – recipes

Infusion of linden flowers is prepared at the rate of 3 tbsp. spoons dry
crushed lime blossom (sold in a pharmacy) in a glass of hot
water (200 ml). The mixture is heated in a water bath for 15 minutes.
then close the lid and cool. After cooling, the amount of infusion
should be brought back to 200 ml by adding boiled water. Take
The infusion should be hot a glass 2-3 times a day. Shelf life in
Refrigerator – no more than 2 days. It is an excellent diaphoretic, diuretic
and antimicrobial agent.

The infusion for external use is prepared similarly, but
use 6 tbsp. spoons of lime color in a glass of boiling water. it
agent is intended for rinsing or compresses for oily
facial skin.

Decoction of linden flowers prepared from 20 g of lime color,
boiled for 10 minutes in 200 ml of water.

In addition, young linden leaves can be added to salads,
prepare soft drinks from them, and add lime color to
tea. it послужит общеукрепляющим и тонизирующим средством.

Linden – contraindications

Linden is contraindicated only if you are allergic to honey
plants. In other cases, its use should be moderate.
temperament, because the decoctions and infusions have a strong
diaphoretic and diuretic properties. Drink teas or other
drinks of lime color often, and the more constantly, in no way
The case is not recommended.


Tatyana 04/27/2016 I do not remember from whom I learned, but lime is very good
helps in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Yes, and boils, burns, inflammation
throat – all this treats linden. And in tea add linden leaves, drink
It gets tastier and healthier. Lipa, a great antipyretic
means. Inna 04/27/2016 And my friend and I, have long been opened to
yourself linden like source of beauty. We use lime blossom, in
as a lotion. It perfectly cleans the skin, and in my opinion, it is wonderful
is young Generally, after applying this decoction, the skin looks
impeccable. Valya 04/27/2016 I like this tree so much. AND
It turns out there are many types of linden. But, since I live in
Siberia, basically, I know exactly the Siberian linden. Her
properties, already well studied, I also apply it, as
sedatives. Nastya 04/27/2016 With the help of a fake
decoction, you can very quickly and effectively soothe the nerves. At all,
при любой стрессовой ситуации, липовый отвар оптимальное means.
You don’t want to sleep from him, you become calm and reasonable.
Dina 04/27/2016 About the healing properties of linden has been known for a long time.
It contains a lot of useful and necessary for human substances
such as ascorbic acid, tannins and others. WITH
using linden, you can quickly heal any wound.

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