Lily of the valley – healing properties and application inmedicine

Sat, 09 Jul 2016


Lily of the valley – a general description

Lily of the valley майский (Convallaria majalis L.) — вид
herbaceous perennial plants of the lily family. It has
branched creeping rhizome, root nodes in the nodes,
resembling a quill pen. Bottom leaves, basal,
long-pebbly, covered in the ground, moving away from the rhizomes in the lateral
branches. Sheet is a thin whole
sheet plate bright green.

The flower is mounted on a smooth arrow, triangular at the top
parts, 15-20 cm long. Snow-white perianths have six
slightly bent cloves, pistil and six stamens. Nice strong
the aroma of the plant causes the immense popularity of flowers, despite
that the plant is poisonous. Flowering period – end of May –
the beginning of June. The fruit in the form of a juicy spherical berries ripens at the end
of the summer

Lily of the valley – types and places of growth

The number of plants in recent times has been steadily declining,
near settlements when collecting flowers trampling base
flowers, so the plant is listed in the Red Books. Lily of the valley
distributed in temperate zones of the northern hemispheres. His place
habitat is the Crimea, the Caucasus, Eastern Siberia, the European
part of Russia and the Far East. Prefers shaded
location – forests, ravines.

Among other plant names in various regions are found:
The culprit, Voronets, May lily, Molodil, Eye grass, Gladysh,
Mary’s bells, Lapusnik, Glandysh, Hare ears, Molodilnik,
Polish lily, Serebryannik, Mytnaya grass, Lumbago, Snow
droplets, Shirt. На Кавказе произрастает Lily of the valley Закавказский,
which is frost resistant.

Lily of the valley – лечебные свойства

Since ancient times, human rumor attributed to this
The original odorous flower has many healing properties and beliefs,
which is reflected in numerous tales and folk legends.
It is believed that lily helps from all ailments. Professor S.P.
Botkin conducted research and determined that the flower has
properties to help with cardioneurosis and heart failure,
while it is used in combination with other drugs, such
like valerian and hawthorn. It is also used in the treatment of
endocarditis, arrhythmias, during pregnancy, to enhance memory and
development of intellectual abilities.

Lily of the valley – лекарственные формы

Medicines prepared from flowers, leaves,
grass Raw materials harvested at the beginning of flowering, in May. Official
medicine uses lily of the valley in Zelenin drops, which consist of
several components, and are used to treat heart neurosis.
The preparation of the plant should be carried out very carefully, as it
has a poisonous effect. Grass, leaves and flowers are cut to
height of 5 cm from the ground, quickly dried in a dryer, spreading thin
layer on paper. Dry mix can be stored for 2 years.

Lily of the valley – рецепты

– To improve the performance of the heart, an infusion of flowers is used.
lily of the valley In 20 ml of boiling water brew 4 grams of lily of the valley. Such
the drug can slow the pulse, reduce
puffiness Drink every 2 hours.

– As a diuretic and blood purifying agent used
tea from the leaves of lily of the valley, prepared in the usual way.

Lily of the valley — противопоказания

Lily of the valley preparations contain saponins, so they are contraindicated
in crude form for gastritis and exacerbation of liver diseases and
the kidneys. Lily of the valley считается ядовитым растением, применять его
need to be careful, paying special attention to the possible
individual intolerance.

Lily of the valley — мифы и легенды

Since ancient times, lily of the valley enjoys the same love of different
nationalities. Probably no plant can match the
Lily of the valley by the number of legends and stories. For example, one legend
tells us about the battle with the terrible dragon. Then saint leonard
spilled droplets of blood from which this flower grew.

Another legend brings to us the story of the Mother of God shedding
tears over the crucified son, from which grew a beautiful lily of the valley.
The Greeks believed that the genus of lily of the valley began from the drops of the sweat of the goddess
Artemis, fleeing from fauns.

Old Russian legend tells us how the sea
Tsarevna Volkhova shed tears about handsome Sadko, forever
simple girl Lubawa who gave his heart.

In almost all popular beliefs, this flower is
beautiful and gentle symbol of purity and sad love. But sometimes
it is believed that it can not be given on the eve of the new moon, as he
can push a woman onto the path of sin, awakening in her immeasurable


Vika 04/27/2016 I was also interested in the fact that using
Lily of the valley can improve memory and develop intelligence. Not only
it is clear, for these purposes, in what form you need to use it
plant. Well, of course, that statement from the old days that
Lily of the valley can cure all diseases, is also very interesting. Jeanne
04/27/2016 Yes, and all the legends and legends say that this
beautiful flower, it grew from tears. And the Mother of God, and from
Artemis, etc. I do not know where exactly there was this flower but
most likely true, his appearance was not quite normal. Marina
04/27/2016 I really liked the fact that with the help of lily of the valley you can
improve memory and intellectual abilities! Be sure to take to
note, and begin to develop in every way)) But the last paragraph
articles urgently want to check))) Anyuta 04/27/2016 Oh! And lilies of the valley
too poisonous! What a news! And in appearance and you will not tell)) Such
beautiful, delicate, with a wonderful aroma of flowers. And names
he, all sorts of different)) And how many legends and legends, connected
lily of the valley! Sasha 04/27/2016 I looked at this picture, probably
about five minutes, and a couple of times looked))) It’s just heavenly
какое-то plant. So much tenderness, refinement … Everything and not
list I love lilies of the valley, and do not like when they are torn.

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