Lifestyle while losing weight

Have you decided to change your lifestyle and lose weight? Fine! And what
plans? Stop eating bread, butter, potatoes and sausage? Will be
to cook only healthy diet meals green? Will start
eat often but in small portions? Sign up for a massage and
fat burning treatments? Buy a fitness subscription and become
to train every day? And, probably, buy slimming
Supplements? Good strategy, but, for some reason, it is not always

Lifestyle while losing weight

In fact, in order to lose weight, you need small
almost imperceptible lifestyle changes. Because cardinal
change is always stress. And stress is bad. He provokes
hunger, breakdowns, but, most importantly, slows down the metabolism and reduces everything
your efforts at zero.

Our body is very simple: if you limit yourself,
you load and try, it means that hard times have come – war,
hunger, mobilization, and better to slow down the metabolism and stock up
fat Therefore, losing weight as a campaign, crossing out the former
way of life, we do not need.

Russian nutritionist Mikhail Ginzburg, author of the book “Ideal
weight loss program “claims that we must live” as before “,
adding to the usual routine only three things:

• Half an hour walk, ride a bike, swim, or any
other pleasant cardio loads;

• A couple of extra hours of sleep if you are used to sleeping at 6-7.
hours on weekdays;

• Low Fat Lunch, taken to work, and Low Fat Dinner,
waiting for you at home;

Summarizing the practice of treating obesity, M. Ginzburg concluded,
that sooner the girl who is able to “improve” will lose weight
your usual way of life, but will not mock
by myself. That is why he advises his clients to walk, not to run,
a decrease in dietary amounts of unhealthy fats, not a strict diet,
and light breakfast, not a light dinner.

However, you can follow any recommendations for losing weight,
that you like and like, the main thing is not to change the image too much
of life. Got to sleep before lunch and not have breakfast? Sleep, but reduce
calorie lunch. Eat more for dinner than during the day? Eat
but let most of your food be rich vegetables
fiber and lean meat or fish. Keep on eating a lot like
before, do not switch to juices and vegetable broths. Replace only
food composition.

How to lead a harmonious lifestyle, staying on

In any textbook on physiology as elements of a healthy
healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, feasible
exercise and good rest. How to achieve this ideal, not
throwing the body into stress? Start with the simplest – sleep and

Before you go on a strict diet, review your regime.
so that you sleep at least 8 hours each night, and take a break from
work completely at least one day a week. Expert
American Shape magazine Paige Weiner claims that you
lose weight faster if instead of aimless seats at the TV
will just go to bed earlier. You can not live without evening
serials? Download them from the Internet and watch during classes.
walking on a cardio machine.

Dr. Weiner does not recommend you go shopping or
do the cleaning at the weekend. Go meet friends better
or in the movie, develop. A person losing weight should have a good one.
mood. Stop! But what about the dishes, drinks and other
the temptations that lurk at meetings with friends?
Choose one dish and eat half a serving. And remember, you
came here not to eat, but for the sake of communication. No way
If you don’t refuse to eat the whole day
party You … really come off and eat a lot more
what is needed for losing weight. Better teach yourself to count calories and not
be lazy to ask what this or that dish is made of.

Training P. Weiner advises to turn into his main
entertainment. Look for a fun kind of activity, and be guided exactly
on pleasant sensations, and not on someone else’s opinion about the benefits or harms of that
or another workout for weight loss. If you do not bring
enjoy walking on a simulator, sign up for aqua aerobics or
dancing, maybe there you will be fine. The main thing that the occupation was in
pleasure. If not, do not torture yourself. Lose weight on stress will
more difficult.

Think creatively and do not tune in to a series of sufferings during
diet time, and you will definitely become slim and happy.

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