Leukemia – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Thu, Mar 31, 2016

What we often call “blood cancer”, specialists, and
or rather, oncologists are accustomed to call it “hemoblastosis”. In fact
– such a disease is not the only disease here
includes a whole group of different tumors that affect
hematopoietic tissue diseases. This is also the case
when cancer cells occupy the human bone marrow themselves
hemoblastosis is also called leukemia.

Лейкоз характерен тем, что во время заболевания
there is a transformation of a particular type of cells into malignant ones.
At the same time, cancer cells begin very rapidly.
spread as well as they replace completely normal cells
blood and bone marrow. It will also depend on what
it was the blood cells that were turned into cancer. So you can
select several types of leukemia: impaired normal maturation
leukocyte and lymphocyte defect.

In addition, all leukemias are divided into chronic and acute.
Acute leukemia can cause almost uncontrolled growth
still immature blood cells. But with chronic leukemia
in almost all organs the level of mature
cells. It should be noted that acute leukemia develops in
more severe form so that such a disease requires
immediate treatment. Fortunately, leukemia is not very
common oncological disease. In accordance with
data specialists in the year of the whole disease twenty-five people
for a hundred thousand. Moreover, scientists were able to note that most often leukemia
happens in young children, from three to four years, as well as in more
older people are sixty to sixty nine years old.

Leukemia – Causes

In order for a person to get sick with leukemia, he only needs
one hematopoietic cell that was mutated into a cancer cell. Then
it starts to share quickly enough, spread, while
gives rise to tumor cells. And gradually such infected
cells take place quite normal.

The following causes of mutations in the chromosomes are quite possible.
normal cells: – the main cause is – exposure
ionizing radiation; – carcinogens, this includes various
drugs, including a certain amount
chemicals; – heredity; – viruses.

Leukemia – Symptoms

Naturally, to set yourself so scary
diagnosis of leukemia is unrealistic, although pay attention to your well-being
as much time as possible. At the same time, remember that in acute leukemia
weakness, fever, severe bleeding, pain in
limbs. The following can join such leukemia
complications: stomatitis, sore throat. There may also be an increase
spleen, lymph nodes and even the liver.

But chronic leukemia is characterized by its weakness
fatigue, and very fast, weight loss, appetite,
enlarged liver and spleen. At the last stage will appear
infectious complications, and the propensity to
blood clots.

Leukemia – diagnosis

The diagnosis itself is made by the oncologist on the basis of a common
blood test, as well as biochemical blood test. Also hold
all necessary bone marrow examinations. And if not treated
leukemia, possibly fatal.

Лейкоз – treatment и профилактика

A combination is used to cure acute leukemia.
at the same time several drugs that affect
the tumor and the patient are given doses of glucocorticoid hormones.
Очень важны поддерживающие манипуляции, например, быстрое treatment
infections that will join, transfusion of components
blood and so on.

In chronic leukemia, antimetabolites, drugs,
которые смогут подавить рост злокачественных cells. Besides,
use of radioactive substances and radiation therapy.


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