Leg slimming exercises

  • 1 A set of exercises for weight loss legs
    • 1.1 Effective thigh and leg program
    • 1.2 Training for girls
    • 1.3 Comprehensive program for legs, sides and abdomen

In the modern world it is fashionable to sit on different diets and engage
sports. Every woman wants to lose weight and find the perfect body.
in a short time.

The cult of beautiful, slender legs is more relevant than ever. To women
the legs have become attractive, they need to be taken care of. One diet
for this is not enough. Requires a special set of exercises
for their fit and slim.

Exercises for weight loss – this is the only means that
relieves accumulated body fat and helps keep
toned muscle buttocks, calves and thighs.


A set of exercises for weight loss legs

In order to achieve the desired result of losing weight, it is important
keep fit. Any set of exercises for
leg or other parts of the body implies adherence to several
important rules:

  • The basis of quality training is
    регулярность и
    здоровое питание.
  • Для похудения важен полноценный рацион и наличие
  • It is also necessary to observe the daily intake of fluid.
    2 / 2,5 литра в день. It must be clean
    still water.
  • Training is recommended to perform 2 or 3 times
  • In order that the exercises do not harm, it is important
    do regular warm-up to warm up the muscles
    before each workout.

Basic exercises for slimming the hips and legs
home conditions:

  1. Low squats. Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart. Rests
    hands in the belt and squat low. Tear off the foot from the floor at the moment
    squat – no The number of repetitions – 30-40 times;
  2. Swing back. We kneel, keep our backs straight. One leg
    straighten back and swing up, keeping it straight all the time.
    Then we do the same with the second limb. Repeat – 30-40
  3. Waves from a recumbent position. Lie on your stomach, put your hands under
    chin. Then, taking turns with each leg bent at the knee,
    make a swing up. Repeat – 30-40 times.
  4. Приседания 50-60 time;
  5. Jumping rope;
  6. Stretching (stretching hips and buttocks).

Stretching – is an effective exercise for slimming the hips.
and buttocks. At home, you can quickly get rid of
sides, girls, pull up the ass and achieve elastic, attractive

For slim legs and elastic buttocks, effective
плавание в бассейне, занятия аэробикой и езда на
bike ride. Useful morning jogging in the fresh air and
long walks on foot.

Effective thigh and leg program

To achieve a good result of losing weight, you need to perform
set of exercises for 2-3 weeks. AT
at home it is possible to get rid of the hated sides and
sagging lyashek, if you train constantly.

Эффективные упражнения для похудения бедер и
legs will help to achieve the desired, sexual forms and correct

  1. Wide squats. Wide apart legs, with divorced
    socks. Ass bulging back. Smoothly squat, pause
    (for 5-7 seconds) and get up. The back is straight. The number of repetitions –
    30-40 times.
  2. �”Plie”. We put heels together and stand on our toes. Can do
    and near the wall. We do slow squats, with a pause in the bottom
    position Then we return to the starting position (30-40
  3. Take the ball, arrange the legs and squeeze it with them (distance –
    above the knees). Hold the ball with your hips, do slow squats
    (20-30 times);
  4. We lie on your back and squeeze the ball with your knees (30 seconds). Wherein,
    alternately, we stretch and relax our hips (20 times).

Training for girls

The complex of exercises for weight loss of legs and babes at home
includes a set of exercises for certain muscle groups.

AT домашних условиях можно выполнять простые действия для
elimination of the sides and tightening of the buttocks:

  • Squat;
  • ATыполнять махи в сторону и махи сзади;
  • Use the exercise “scissors”, “bicycle”;
  • Do lunges;
  • ATыполнять растяжку.

Effective set of exercises for weight loss
ляшек и feet поможет быстро избавиться from лишних недостатков
during the week:

  1. We stand up straight back. Then make a move like
    as if we want to sit on the bench. We do not complete the squat until the end (20-40
  2. We get on our knees, but stand up a little so that it is almost
    concerned the floor. The torso is straight. Front knee should not go out
    over the sock line. AT таком положении приподнимаемся на несколько
    centimeters, and then we drop back. �“Spring” (20-30
  3. We stand near the chair and take the hands of his back. We take away
    one leg back. Pull the sock up as much as possible. Then omit
    limb. At the same time we do not touch the floor surface (20-30 times).

If you decide to lose weight and take a few centimeters to
the amount of lyashka – do not wait for quick results. Everybody’s organism
person in the process of losing weight behaves differently: some
the process becomes noticeable at 4-5 days, while for others at 7-10

Итак, комплекс физических упражнений для
кfromорый можно с легкостью выполнить дома.

  • Effective exercise at home from
    sagging priests – raising the pelvis

The most effective procedure – raising the pelvis. Lie on your back and
raise the body up. Heels are maximum pressed to the buttocks.
Поднимаем туловище 30-40 times. Then at the last climb,
freeze and try to maintain this position for 40-60 seconds.

  • Exercise for slimming calves and

Поворачиваемся спиной к спинке стула, плfromно прижимая к нему
ass. We hold hands on the back of the chair and go up on the socks.
ATыполняем своего рода растяжку задних конечностей.

Комплексная программа для feet, боков и живfromа

Leg slimming exercises, боков и живfromа помогут навсегда
forget about excess weight and achieve a slim, taut figure.

Мfeetие мечтают об идеальных формах, чтобы живfrom был подтянутым,
chest and butt elastic and pumped.

Integrated approach will help to achieve the desired results.
to lose weight:

  1. Exercises for all groups of press;
  2. Растяжка всех групп мышц (грудных мышц; мышц шеи, рук, feet,
    hips, priests, etc.);
  3. Exercises for the buttocks;
  4. Exercises for the back and waist;
  5. ATыпады и махи;
  6. Squats;
  7. Jumping rope;
  8. Run;
  9. Swimming;
  10. Diet and healthy eating;
  11. Drink plenty of water.

Эффективными упражнениями для похудения в
области живfromа и бедер, доступными в домашних условиях,
considered twisting.

  • Ложимся на спину и ставим стопы на пол. Руки fromводим за
    head, and elbows bred to the sides. Raise the body to the knees.
    Be sure to exhale. On a breath – we fall back.
    ATыполняем 30-40 times. (For efficiency, you can perform approaches –
    3 sets of 30 times)

Another important element is
поднятие feet.

  • Back pressed to the floor. We lift the feet up and hold them
    straight. Hands lie along the torso. Slowly lower the lower
    limbs to the floor, but do not touch it, and then lift back
    up. Спина, при этом, не fromрывается from пола. amount
    повторений 30-40 times.

In order to lose weight such a plan brought results
It is important to adhere to a comprehensive methodology. In addition to physical
loads, you should pay attention to proper nutrition. AT рационе
должно быть мfeetо овощей, фруктов и белковой пищи.

Прекрасным способом избавления from ненавистных боков, считается
anti-cellulite massage or wraps. Such procedures will help
tighten the figure and achieve its elasticity.

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