Laxative slimming vs bran

Another useful material from the site Nutritionist advises
refrain from taking laxatives for weight loss, and recommends
more actively eat bran.

The desire not to gain extra weight pursues most of us. But
desire in the evening after a busy day to eat all sorts of goodies and
lie down on the sofa very often wins the first. After such “victories
above oneself ”the hand of many reaches out for the laxative What do they think
about this, nutritionists.

�“Using laxatives to contain weight gain or
to lose weight is completely meaningless – says dietitian Michael
Tanks. – laxatives no effect on nutrient absorption
substances do not have. If they are used uncontrollably, it can
develop spastic colitis, a rather unpleasant disease.

Try to do otherwise. First, please note that
evening meal is present in the daily routine of most
people. The man is designed so that in the evening his body tries
store energy. Hence, increased appetite in the evening.
Secondly, there is nothing terrible if you please in the evening
yourself a light low-fat meal.

It is impossible to recover from such food, but the mood will improve
pretty cool. Evening appetite may decrease if
dinner walk, or take a bath. It helps and such a thing as
light snack before meals – for example, grams 50-100 cottage cheese with tea
and a slice of bran bread.

By the way, although the bran itself does not split and does not
absorbed by the body, but they are a source of dietary fiber.
First, dietary fiber delays excess in the intestine.
cholesterol and, secondly, they normalize the functioning of the colon.

Bran also contains proteins, however, their nutritional value
compared with the same milk proteins, small. There are bran and
starch. But его там значительно меньше, чем в муке. We are not
eat bran in the form of separate dishes, but the enrichment
bran bread, cereal, soups should be recognized as very useful for
health and to maintain a normal weight. “

Natalia Shchekina

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