Laxative for weight loss

slabitelnoe-dlya-pohudeniyaTraditionally laxatives
drugs are used to facilitate emptying in people
suffering from constipation, but easy access and low cost made them
by popular remedies among slimmers who mistakenly believe
that they lead to the desired weight loss.

However, before making such a conclusion, it is necessary to understand what
is the effect of laxative on the body.

After all, encouraging defecation can be as helpful in certain
medical situations as well as harmful due to various adverse
effects that can affect important physiological systems

Laxative for weight loss: все за и против

Effect of laxative on metabolism

The body’s metabolism is responsible for the conversion of food,
which you consume, in the necessary for the life of cells
energy. This energy is measured in calories, and the higher the level
your metabolism, the greater the amount of foods you can eat,
to maintain your weight, and the easier task will be for you
losing weight The main factors that affect the rate of exchange
body processes include your height, weight, age, gender and
body structure.

Laxatives almost always cause weight loss,
but it is worth noting that for the most part this is due to
weight of waste, and the result of such a weight loss will not be permanent.
Such drugs stimulate the muscles of the intestinal wall, causing them to
shrink and, thus, causing an act of defecation. However,
there is a huge difference between losing weight and burning fat

And laxatives, causing a temporary change in the amount of water in
body, does not affect the rate of burning of fat stores.

Proper Use of Laxatives

Only a qualified doctor will be able to tell you how
use laxatives properly to avoid
unwanted side effects. And each type will have a different
recommendations for proper use.

In general, laxatives are not intended for use in
over long periods of time, as they may cause
to the depletion of nutrients in the body. Besides, daily
consumption of 6 – 8 glasses of clean water is recommended when taking
any drugs.


Side effects

Nausea and abdominal cramps. Such preparations are intended for
short-term use in the treatment of constipation. They solve the problem
by reducing the absorption of fluid in the colon, thereby,
increasing the pressure of food masses on the receptors of the intestinal walls and
causing defecation.

For those who use a laxative for weight loss, this
the situation can cause the depletion of water reserves in the body that
spasms, gas accumulation in the stomach and nausea.

Reduced bowel tone. Laxatives help
the body to normalize the quality and regularity of the act of defecation, but
they also reduce the functionality of the intestinal muscles, causing them to

Therefore, the abuse of these drugs or their use
slimming instead of constipation can lead to loss of control over
the intestines, which simply can “forget” how to properly
promote food and your body will become addicted to medication.

Lack of useful items. Another side effect
use of drugs is that it can deprive your
the body of essential electrolytes such as calcium, chlorine, potassium,
magnesium and sodium.

This can lead to damage to the nervous tissue, muscle
weakness and cramps, fainting, heartbeat disturbances,
imbalance of body fluids. With a long deficit – cause
serious health problems, and in severe cases electrolyte
imbalance can be fatal.

Osteoporosis. Some people use a laxative to
increase the frequency of urination and bowel movements, considering that this
prevents the body from fully absorbing food, thereby causing
weight loss. However, такая практика приводит к появлению
calcium and vitamin D deficiency, which can lead to development

Natural laxative for weight loss – the choice is great

Fiber-rich foods

Natural fiber is a natural laxative that
can help you normalize stools. Cellulose helps
promote waste through the intestines, reducing the risk of

There are two types of fibers that must be
included in your healthy diet plan. Insoluble fiber add
the amount of food masses, making them softer and facilitating their passage through
intestine. This type of fiber is found in wholegrain
bread, brown rice and oat bran.

Soluble fibers dissolve in water to form
jelly-like substance that helps flush out waste from
intestine. A large amount is found in such natural
Sources like prunes, raisins and figs.

Herbal Fees

Many prefabricated teas contain natural herbs that act
as a laxative. The most common include senna leaves,
Nettle, chamomile, aloe and sunflower. Such herbal fees
used on short term basis and their reception should not
exceed 2 – 4 cups per day.



Magnesium является природным слабительным и содержится во многих
products or in the form of additives. This mineral helps normal
the functions of the muscles, including the intestines, regulating the phases of its
contraction and relaxation.

You can find this mineral in foods high in
fiber, including wholegrain, green leafy
vegetables, nuts and seeds.


The liquid acts as a natural laxative to relieve
constipation and bloating. Its quantity should be increased from
increased fiber consumption to help the intestines in motion
gross lumps of food through the digestive system. Drink from 8 – 10
glasses of water per day based on broths, herbal teas, fruits and
even vegetables.

Healthy alternatives

To burn excess fat reserves, you must expend
more calories than you consume. Then your body will begin
use fat as one of the main sources of fuel.
But first find out the number of calories your body burns.
per day using our online basal rate calculator

To maintain your weight, eat a given amount of calories.
To lose weight at a safe rate (from 1 to 2 kg. Per week)
reduce caloric intake by 500 – 1000 calories

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