Kombucha for slimming

chainii-grib-dlya-pohudeniyaKombucha has many
health benefits, one of which is losing weight.

No serious medical research confirming
This effect was not carried out, but supporters of Kombucha promise,
that it can regulate the body’s natural systems, which leads
to improve health.

Kombucha is a sparkling drink made by
fermentation of bacteria and yeast in black or green tea, and has
flat body that resembles a mushroom cap. Contains vinegar,
B vitamins, chromium, iron, potassium and phosphorus.


The benefits of Kombucha for weight loss

Digestive system

Kombucha contains probiotics that help improve
function of the digestive system. It also speeds up
metabolism so that you can efficiently process proteins and

Weight loss

Kombucha also provides another positive effect:
losing weight When you can efficiently digest food, you will
easier to lose weight.

The immune system

Thanks to healthy bacteria (probiotics), Kombucha can
help strengthen the immune system. One of the most important
elements of stabilizing a healthy immune system is
maintaining a good balance of beneficial bacteria in the digestive


Removing toxins from the body can be beneficial to
the exclusion of many different diseases, so this procedure
should be performed regularly. Your body can do it yourself
remove toxins from the body, but the use of Kombucha
allows you to increase the speed of their removal.

PH levels

Maintaining a slightly acidic pH is important for
health and multiple functions of the organs inside your body.
Kombucha is an excellent means to balance these
pH levels.


Many people report that Kombucha has improved their well-being,
gave extra energy and normalized night sleep.

Kombucha for slimming

Kombucha recipes can vary greatly. Below
probably the most common recipe for tea
slimming fungus:

You will need:

  • Kombucha Culture
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 6-7 tea bags of black or green tea
  • 3 liters of water
  • Pan
  • Glass packaging (3-liter jar)
  • Linen cloth
  • Elastic

The first point to focus on is
maintaining cleanliness. So you need everything to be clean,
to avoid contamination.


1. Вылейте в кастрюлю воду и доведите до кипения.

2. В воду бросьте приблизительно 6-7 пакетиков чая.

3. После добавления чайных пакетов выключите огонь и
add sugar. Cover the pan and wait for the tea to cool.
temperatures of about 22 degrees.

4. Как только чай остынет, перелейте содержимое из
pots in a clean 3-liter jar, add the culture of tea
the fungus. Then cover the neck with a cloth and secure with a rubber band.

5. Храните банку в темном месте при комнатной
temperature The ideal storage temperature is 20-27 degrees. Through
8-12 days drink will be ready!

Kombucha dosage

For successful weight loss, it is recommended to drink from 150 – 300 grams. over 30
minutes before each meal. It is also advisable to drink a drink from
kombucha for weight loss immediately after waking up to
stimulate the metabolism and help your digestive system
during the day.

Side Effects of Kombucha Slimming

Kombucha can cause allergic reactions and disruption
digestion in sensitive people. Beware of use
Kombucha, which was cooked in non-sterile conditions.

Never brew your kombucha for weight loss
ceramic pot, as the Kombucha acid can lead to
lead diffusion from ceramics, possibly resulting in poisoning
body lead.

Important!!! Although most people have not experienced any
effects from using kombucha for weight loss, but also
there are reports of 2-3 deaths that occurred from respiratory
ацидоза, вызванного неправильным приготовлением чайного the fungus.
Therefore, be extremely careful!

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