Knees hurt when squatting: the main reasonsthe appearance of the disease. Knees hurt when standing up: what to do andhow to treat

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The knee is the largest and most difficult in terms of
the functionality of the articular “body”, which is exposed every day
heavy load.

Despite the fact that at first glance it seems pretty
strong and protected by muscles, the knee joint is very often
exposed to various diseases.

Consider in more detail why knees hurt when squatting,
how to diagnose a possible disease and what to do to remove
pain syndrome.

Knees hurt when squatting: the most frequent causes

Usually pain in the knee is associated with the development of such diseases:

1. Ревматоидный артрит являет собой хроническое
a disease that gradually affects the joint. Reasons for it
appearances usually become previously suffered injuries as well
viruses. In addition, an important role in the development of this form
arthritis plays and hereditary factor.

For the initial manifestations of this disease is inherent pain
when bending, however, in the process of developing a person’s diseases
to disturb pains and without strong physical exertion. With time on
his knee develops puffiness and slight darkening of the skin. Also
a particular distinguishing feature of this particular disease is pain in
joint in the morning.

If you do not treat this type of arthritis, it will provoke a strong
inflammatory process that gradually goes to cartilage and
bone tissue. This in turn will cause the deformation of the whole
the joint.

2. Подагра – это тяжелое хроническое
a disease in which uric acid levels increase dramatically
the patient that provokes the deposition of salts. Main symptoms
gout are sharp, well-localized pains in the leg that
arise even with a slight movement of the knee.

Very often gout has paroxysmal periodic
flow. That is, a person may experience severe pain during
weeks, after which they subside for a while. After a few
day pain may occur again.

3. Деформирующий остеоартроз возникает при
metabolic disorders in the knee joint. It manifests itself
severe pain with exertion or just flexing the leg.
As a rule, the disease is diagnosed already when
turned into a chronic form. As a result, the patient will need
quite long supportive course of treatment.

4. Тендинит. This disease is characterized by
severe inflammation of the knee ligaments. It is usually diagnosed in
athletes after injuries. Tendonitis manifests as pains in
the front of the knee, which occur when squatting, running or

5. Бурсит колена — это довольно редкое
a disease in which the periarticular bag inflames.
Reasons for it развития являются инфекция, травма или повреждение
the joint.

Usually bursitis is manifested by pain in the knee, which occurs when
its active movement. Also для него присуща отечность сустава,
its redness and pain on palpation.

6. Остехондропатия. In most cases, she
develops in adolescents who are actively involved in sports,
especially running his views. The disease is accompanied by acute
pains in the area of ​​the knee, which give to the shin. It is important
know that pain only occurs during physical exertion, but in
rest state is not observed.

7. Артроз – это самая часта причина болей в
knee. It is a joint disease that is
chronic and constantly progressive. They provoke the development of this
diseases previously suffered injuries and bruises, as well as various
joint infections.

Arthrosis pain occurs during physical exertion. Less often
she may be disturbed at rest.

It is important to know that the disease requires serious treatment.
otherwise, it may lead to
will become disabled.

Besides the main reasons, knee pain when squatting
can and because of such factors:

1. Incorrectly doing squats and other exercises
which led to muscle and ligament overload. Because of this man
can damage the knee joint, so when training
It is desirable that an experienced trainer be next to him and could suggest the exact
performing an exercise.

2. Previously suffered knee injury.

3. Overcooling.

4. Excessive physical load on the knee.

5. Overweight.

6. Wearing high heels, which is why uneven
the load on the knee joint is distributed.

7. Lack of calcium and other useful substances.

8. Severe damage to articular cartilage.

9. Sprain.

10. Damage to the tendon.

11. Fall.

12. Knee kick.

13. Salt deposition.

14. Long leg stay in unnatural (uncomfortable
position) can cause pain, numbness and tingling in

What to do if knees hurt when getting up

If you experience pain in the knee as soon as possible
consult a traumatologist and conduct such diagnostic

• radiography;

• MRI;

• general blood analysis;

• CT;

• Ultrasound.

After diagnosing the disease the doctor will prescribe a course of treatment in
depending on the specific diagnosis, age and general condition
the patient.

Knees hurt badly when standing up: what to do and how
to treat

Traditional treatment of knee pain is comprehensive.

Drug therapy involves taking such
groups of drugs:

1. Anti-inflammatory drugs.

2. Analgesics for pain.

3. Antipyretic drugs at high temperatures.

4. Glucocorticosteroids.

5. Chondroprotectors.

6. Anesthetic topical preparations (ointment with

7. The introduction of intra-articular injections, which are aimed at
removal of inflammation.

In addition, there are the following features
drug treatment of diseases of the knee joint:

1. For the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis is recommended to use.
anti-inflammatory drugs (celecoxib, nimesulide). If a
the disease is neglected, then in this case the patient is prescribed basic
drugs (Methotrexate).

2. Medication is quite effective for treating gout.
called colchicine.

3. For therapy against chronic arthritis used

4. When diagnosing bursitis, antibiotics are prescribed to the patient.
and cold compresses on the knee joint. Sometimes puncture

5. For the treatment of osteochondropathy should be used.
painkillers, as well as calcium and electrophoresis
lidocaine. Also рекомендуется накладывать грязевые компрессы.

As ancillary treatments for knee pain

• magnetic therapy;

• massage;

• electrophoresis;

• taking a contrast shower;

• application of warm compresses;

• performance of therapeutic exercises.

Also очень действенным является перематывание больного колена
elastic bandage. It will improve blood circulation, relieve swelling and pain. AT
Alternatively, you can use a special orthopedic

In addition, it is important to know that during the treatment period the patient should
minimize strain on the knee joint. For that to him
It is recommended to use a crutch or walking stick.

With insufficient efficacy of drug and
physiotherapy treatment of the patient can hold
endoprosthetic replacement – replacement of the natural knee joint
artificial. This operation today is very
is common. It will relieve chronic pain and inflammation. how
As a rule, most patients, even after joint replacement, can
walk again without using a cane. Period
rehabilitation after arthroplasty takes from two to six

What to do when knees hurt when getting up: tips for

In order to prevent the development of knee pain
follow these tips:

1. Do not wear high-heeled shoes.

2. Balanced diet. The diet should be rich in vitamins.
and beneficial substances, especially magnesium and calcium, which are so
necessary for the normal functioning of the joints.

3. Avoid excessive physical exertion.

4. ATовремя to treat ушибы и травмы колена, которые могут привести
to the development of serious diseases.

5. Watch your weight and avoid obesity, since
the extra weight will put a heavy strain on the knee joint, and
cause pain.

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