Knee injury – how to prevent inflammationprocess? What first need to do after a knee injury:first aid

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Knee injury is a common injury that is common.
both in children and adults.

Since a certain age, the injury carries a certain
danger to the whole body.

Treatment of the damaged area should be started immediately after
it arose.

Knee injury – what to do, treatment: emergency

After a bruise of the knee, it is not always possible
go to a medical facility. That is why it is necessary
provide first aid to the victim, which is

1. The joint should be completely restful – avoid any

2. In order to avoid a large hematoma and edema, you need
attach ice Applying cold is only effective
the first few minutes after injury. Duration
Application should be no more than 10 minutes. Can get
ice from the fridge and wrap it in a cloth, or apply a cold

3. If the knee begins to swell, you must impose a tight
bandage – it is better to use a special elastic bandage, if
not at hand, use the usual thick cloth. Bandage
superimposed in such a way that its edge is 3-4 centimeters
advocated for the injury site. So the bandage will be better fixed and not
will subside when moving.

At the time of each procedure, try to perform
every action is very careful, the damaged knee should
be on a small hill. This will improve churn.
lymph and blood pain due to this will be much lower, and
knee will not swell.

Regardless of how severe the injury was, the treatment
recommended after consultation with a specialist.
It is recommended to take a radiography in order to exclude
possible fracture. You can also define it yourself, for
try to move your foot slightly if you do it
it turns out, then most likely there is no fracture.

Knee injury – what to do, treatment: medications and

После того как была оказана first aid, необходимо приступать
to further treatment. In most cases, the treatment of knee injuries
held in the clinic. But only after they are held.
necessary research, and damage to the joints will

Treatment begins with restoring the injured leg. The
the effect is achieved by applying a plaster posterior splint, on
few weeks.

If this is not possible, you just need to wrap your leg
elastic bandage.

Anesthesia is mandatory. This is done with
using painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. Good
analgesic effect can be achieved by taking ketanov, analgin,
diclofenac You can take them inside or make injections. Also
painkillers may be used, for example, fastum gel,

If the cartilage tissue is damaged, then without fail
Chondroprotectors are prescribed. These drugs (fermatron, don),
contain several components of cartilage tissue,
after they are taken inside, the damaged cartilage will be

On day 10 after injury, exercise therapy is recommended.
physiotherapy. All symptoms of injury by this time must pass.

Knee injury – what to do, treatment: folk remedies

Restore the mobility of a damaged knee can not only with
using various medicines, but also with the help of folk
medicine. You can prepare your own compresses and ointments, and
then apply them to the damaged area.

Many are wary of folk recipes, believing that they
can only cause harm. But this is far from the case, even experienced
Doctors advise to drink various tinctures from medicinal plants. AT
case of knee injury, there are no exceptions, and many medicinal
funds can literally heal the patient for a couple of three days. But
you need to use only proven methods in order to
really do no harm. Our ancestors left behind
many different recipes for the treatment of almost all diseases.
You can find them in old records or search on the Internet.

For example, for treating a knee injury, it helps well.
vegetable oil, vinegar and hot water. It is enough to take all by
one spoon of each of the ingredients and mix thoroughly. AT
The resulting solution is wetted with a cloth and applied to the knee.
From above, it should be fixed with a bandage and left in this position.
for four hours. The procedure must be repeated for three days,
every morning and evening.

One more not less effective remedy – the ointment prepared from
tar, spruce resin and pig fat (but without salt). ATсе ингредиенты
mix thoroughly, then put in heat for one day, after
which is rubbed into the sore spot two or three times a day.

Most patients believe that the treatment of such injuries is not at all
takes a lot of time. Most often, patients do not even consider necessary
contact a medical institution, and independently prescribe
treatment yourself. But, конечно же, так делать не рекомендуется.

In case of a knee injury, bedding is likely to be assigned.
mode, rest. You need to be sure that there is no broken bone, but
Only a doctor can examine for such injuries. Exactly
therefore, it is recommended not to neglect to visit the hospital.

In addition to standard medicines, the doctor for sure
prescribe painkillers that can be easily
replace with folk remedies.

ATсе рецепты народной медицины для лечения ушибов колена бывают
internal action and external. Outside, as a rule
compresses, wraps are used. Means for oral administration,
increase the elasticity of tissues.

Knee injury – what to do, treatment: step by step instructions

Below are the most effective remedies for treating
knee injuries.

Gruel of wormwood

In order to get rid of the constant feeling of pain,
use gruel based on wormwood. For its preparation you need
rip the leaves of the plant and chop them, or scroll through
meat grinder. The resulting agent is applied to the fabric, and then
applied to the sore spot, you need to change the dressing once an hour.
But использовать такое средство разрешается только в том случае,
if there is no bleeding. Also людям страдающим аллергией от полыни,
it is contraindicated.

Gruel made from sugar and onions

After getting a knee injury, the knee joint may become inflamed,
in order to somehow help yourself in this state, you can
Cook porridge from sugar and baked onions. One small
Onion you need to take 200 grams of sugar, then grind everything and
attach to the sore spot. Top recommended to cover all
soft cloth. With this procedure, the patient needs to ensure complete

Milk lotion

When strong bruises help milk lotions. Warm the milk
and soak a cloth with it, then attach it to the injury site. As
as the milk will cool, you need to change the bandage. But делать
such gadgets are allowed no earlier than 12 hours after
how was the injury.

Compress based on alcohol and honey

ATозьмите два ингредиента и смешайте их в пропорции 1:1. Take
comfortable position and apply a compress on top, on top you need it
cover with something warm.

Compress of propolis and honey

If desired, you can use only one propolis, without honey.
But если вы решили взять оба ингредиенты, то смешайте их в равных
proportions, then soak the fabric obtained.
Completely wrap the knee with it, and leave it in that position.
all night long. The treatment will be much more effective if you top
cover your leg with something warm and your leg will be still.

Lavender lotions

Immediately after injury and in the next 12 hours,
It is necessary to apply cold lotions, which in advance
dripped a few drops of lavender oil. This allows a bit
reduce pain and relieve you from strong

A mixture of grated potatoes and plantain

ATозьмите несколько картофелин и потрите их на мелкой терке,
подорожник прокрутите через meat grinder. Mix two ingredients in
one container, you get something like a slurry. Apply it twice
per day, for one hour, at the affected place. Rinse off residues
recommended with slightly cool water.

Bay leaf decoction

In order to provide mobility to the joints, and ligaments to make
more elastic, it is recommended to use bay leaf. ATозьмите
20 grams of a plant and fill it with one glass of boiling water. Put the
all on fire and boil for 20 minutes, then put to insist on
several hours. The decoction is recommended to take inside, it is better to do
this is before bedtime.

Tincture of Bay Leaf

ATозьмите пол пачки лаврового листа и залейте одним стаканом
unrefined oil, put an infusion in a dark place on
10 days. After knee injury, rub the tool into the damaged area.
This will remove puffiness and prevent inflammatory


In order to avoid inflammation in the joints, after received
injuries, you need every day to eat half a gram of curcumin.

Any injury to a person requires close attention to himself,
Knee injury is no exception. Must necessarily
be examined at a medical facility in order to avoid
serious consequences and speed up the healing process. Well,
Of course, you need to be more careful to prevent such

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