Klopogon – medicinal properties and application inmedicine

Sat, 09 Jul 2016


Klopogon – general description

The genus Klopogon of the Buttercup family is represented by perennial
herbaceous plants reaching a height of 30 cm to 90 cm, with
thick branched rhizome and pinomisum leaves. Blooms
plant in july-september white flowers collected in
panicle-shaped inflorescences. Fruit ripening occurs.
quickly in August-September. Black cohosh is used in folk and
традиционной medicine как лекарственное plant.

Black cohosh – species and places of growth

The main places of growth of black cohosh are forests of Asia and North
America. Here it grows in coniferous and birch forests of the Western
Siberia and Altai. In nature, there are about 15-20 species of this
plants, among which the most famous are black cohosh,
Klopogon serdtselistny, Klopogon Daurian, Klopogon branchy
black cohosh simple, black cohope stinky, European black cohope, black cohope

Klopogon – medicinal properties

The composition of black cohosh contains active substances that stimulate
estrogen production. This property makes black cohosh preparations.
indispensable in the treatment of female genital diseases and
climacteric disorders, as they are able to reduce
severity of hot flashes, reduce vaginal itching and exert
good anti-inflammatory effect, as well as antispasmodic and
diuretic action.

Therefore, black cohope preparations are widely used in gynecology.
for the treatment of painful menstruation (dysmenorrhea), the absence
menstruation (amenorrhea), heavy menstrual bleeding, and
also to eliminate unpleasant symptoms in premenstrual
period. Also, black cohope preparations are prescribed to treat depression,
associated with climacteric disorders; elevated nervous
excitability; hypertension; headaches associated with spasm
vessels; lesions of the oral mucosa (stomatitis,
gingivitis, periodontal disease).

Recent studies have shown that black cohosh contains substances
which, like tannins, promote scarring of tissues.

Klopogon – dosage forms

The roots of the plant are used as medicinal raw materials.
which should be collected in the autumn, after the ripening of black cohosh fruit.
After grinding and drying, extracts, aqueous extracts and
alcohol tinctures are also used as a powder.

Klopogon – recipes

To relieve muscle or joint pain, apply
compresses soaked in black cohog tea for cooking
which dried root about half an hour is boiled in a small
the amount of water, then in the resulting liquid wets the cloth and on
20 minutes put it on a sore point.

For the treatment of skin diseases, premenstrual syndrome,
menopausal manifestations, toxicosis of pregnant women take a decoction
black cohosh for cooking which 5 gr. dry raw materials are poured
a glass of water, boil for about 7 minutes, then, insisting 2 hours,
filter and take 100 gr. three times a day.

For the treatment of neuralgia, migraine, asthma, rheumatism, hysteria and for
revitalize the digestive system take tincture of
black cohosh rhizomes, for the preparation of which 1 part
medicinal raw materials pour 5 parts of alcohol (70%) and insist 5
days Принимают по 30 капель three times a day.

Klopogon, powdered, take in dosage from 40 to
200 mg several times a day, but in total not more than gr. per day.

Klopogon – contraindications

To date, there is no data on the toxic effects of black cohosh
on the human body even with prolonged use. However he
contraindicated in pregnant and lactating breasts. Also can not take
black cohosh with allergies to aspirin or plants that
belong to the buttercup family; with thrombosis, stroke,

When using black cohope preparations, you need to know a few more.
significant points. So, he is able to interact with
hormonal drugs, so if you take
birth control pills, estrogens or antiestrogens, you need
be sure to consult a doctor. Should also be
careful when taking klopohon drugs, combining it with taking
drugs for lowering blood pressure or for dilution
blood, so klopogon enhances their action.

When taking medications klopogona adverse reactions may occur
in the form of slow heartbeat, headache, dizziness,
sweating, blurred vision, constipation, osteoporosis, nausea and


Vika 04/26/2016 And how many types of him he has … Even black cohope
there is a smelly one)) It is strange if that one is smelly, but which one is
smell)) I also think that they were fighting with bedbugs. From here and
title. And, of course, the healing properties of this plant inspire
the trust. Svetik 04/26/2016 Of course, with the help of this plant you can
markedly relieve the condition of various pains, menopause, etc.
Indeed, black cohope even helps with headaches, while
nervous agitation, nausea, etc. Catherine 04/26/2016 Here!
This plant is a mother and saw with menopause. I’m not the whole name could
remember … It helps very well, removes all related
the symptoms. Interestingly, he has premenstrual syndrome completely
brightens. I have a tantrum right on those days, I have to try
this grass. Natasha 04/26/2016 Here you are, another purely female
plant. With it, you can treat many diseases. And even help
during painful periods. Generally, as I read, precisely
gynecological plants very much. Choose, and do not suffer.
Lyudmila 04/26/2016 Interestingly, in connection with which this plant has received
такое не очень приятное title. Most likely, it was used
to fight bedbugs, probably this
peculiar smell that bugs do not tolerate. Here I did not know, but
in her dorm would try))

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