Kisses strengthen the immune systempartners

Tue, Nov 18, 2014

Scientists from the Netherlands have determined that even in 10 seconds
kiss from one mouth to another have time to move up to 80 million
bacteria. However, contrary to expectations, a similar exchange of bacteria
proved useful, able to strengthen the immune system.

The fact that during the kisses there is a transfer of bacteria was
known for a long time. True, for a long time it was believed that most of
they are harmful. Especially to establish the authenticity of this fact.
a study was conducted in which 21 couples took part,
who were asked to kiss with different duration and

In case the partners did not have any bacterial
infections and did not suffer from immunodeficiency, the chance of being infected was
zero. Moreover, it turned out that alien flora can strengthen
immunity, preventing the development of various infections. Also need
note that 80 million bacteria is not as much as it seems on
first glance. Indeed, in the body of each person are up to a trillion
unicellular microorganisms.

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