Kinesis: features, benefits +reviews

trenazher-kinesis-polza-i-otzyvyThe very word “Kinesis” by
its origin has Greek roots and denotes a process

In fact, this is a unique power plant capable
to imitate more than 500 natural movements in various planes,
which can be adapted for each student: from
beginner to advanced fitness enthusiast.

Work with the Kinesis simulator can be supplemented using
athletic bench, fitball or movable disc, which is essential
affects the complexity, effectiveness and variety of workout

Technically, the Kinesis is a system of cords (hidden
behind special panels) and floating arms capable of transmitting
clearly accentuated load on each muscle group under any
angle that you can swap in one instant, keeping at
this is constant resistance.

Classes with a simulator are held in a relaxed atmosphere without
distractions on those present, allowing you to focus entirely
on the development of three main components: coordination, flexibility and
muscle strength.

Ten reasons why you should pay attention to Kinesis:

1. how мы уже говори�”и, тренажер позво�”яет выпо�”нять
about 500 movements in a different plane and range, which will help
Diversify your training and avoid the plateau.

2. По мнению экспертов, вы сможете сжигать на 30 – 35 %
more calories than during a traditional workout.

3. Kинезис проповедует те же основы и принципы, что и

4. Си�”овые упражнения йоги, пи�”атеса и�”и ка�”�”анетики
can be performed with Kinesis simulator.

5. Каждое движение помимо основных групп мышц также
задействует мышцы-стаби�”изаторы body.

6. Д�”я повышения си�”ы и мощности тренажер можно
use to perform various plyometrics

7. Вектор нагрузки может быть направ�”ен в преде�”ах всех
360 degrees.

8. Тренажер перед испо�”ьзованием абсо�”ютно не требует

9. Сопротив�”ение движению рукоятям может быть уве�”ичено
Adjusting the distance to Kinesis.

10. Возможно выпо�”нение упражнений, одновременно
aimed at several muscle groups, which reduces your total time,
spent in the gym, without loss of quality workout.


The main advantages of working with Kinesis

  • Increase strength and endurance. Like a regular simulator, Kinesis
    can be used to create significant muscle load
    во время выпо�”нения физических exercise. Your body in response to that
    responds with an increase in the volume and performance of “working” muscles,
    which greatly facilitates the exercise of your daily activities.
    In addition, along with muscles, bones, ligaments and
  • The development of muscle stabilizers. Work on many sports
    simulators performed strictly on a fixed trajectory that
    leads to a weakening of the stabilizing muscles and the appearance of an imbalance.
    Kinesis has two independent arms that you can push
    or pull on any curve that is acceptable to you, which will allow you to easily
    поддерживать тонус мышц-стаби�”изаторов body.
  • Improved coordination. Ability of synchronous movement of hands and
    feet is called coordination. Habitual simulators are mediocre
    affect the development of this function of the body, but the independent course
    Kinesis grip leads to an improvement in the activity of the nervous system
    and, as a result, coordination, which is very important
    feature, both for everyday life and for most
    kinds of sports.
  • Increased flexibility. Kinesis has completely unlimited
    range of motion, unlike all other simulators,
    which lead to adaptive muscle contractions, which translates into
    gradual decrease in flexibility.

What can be useful Kinesis simulator?

For athletes

Working with Kinesis can significantly improve sports.
achievements of the student due to the fact that many trajectories
movements can be copied on this simulator.

For example, skiers may do limited side slopes,
as during the descent, and the runners to work out the muscles of the legs using
multi-dimensional lunge golfers or baseball thanks to
360-degree range of Kinesis can simulate gaming
movement, the same goes for swimmers, soccer players,
basketball players and many other athletes.

Each such movement improves their strength and endurance, as well as
is an excellent prevention of possible injuries. Desirable
use of additional props: medbola, fitball or disk


During rehabilitation

Many rehabilitation exercises can be easily performed.
on this simulator. In addition, in the ordinary sports
the hall is difficult to assess the real indicators of strength, endurance, balance
and the range of motion of each individual limb. Constructive
Features Kinesis and the principle of constant resistance (without
inertial component) provide ideal conditions for
quick recovery of old injuries and avoid receiving
new ones.

Before you start classes, we recommend
seek advice from a physiotherapist or
orthopedic surgeon.

In everyday life

how we have already noted above, Kinesis is simply an indispensable assistant
for the development of overall coordination, endurance and muscle strength
human, which greatly facilitates the implementation of such familiar
us actions, such as holding a child or lifting
floor shopping bags.

The training philosophy is intentional direction.
load vectors strictly along the paths that you normally
use in everyday life.

For circuit training

Kinesis provides great opportunities for
circuit training (alternate performance of various types
exercises with short periods of rest). Training can be
directed to one muscle group, antagonist muscles (for example,
biceps and triceps) or immediately on the whole body (both upper and lower

Due to its technological features, the transition from exercise
to exercise can be as smooth as possible. Such training
allows you to develop strength, as well as muscle and cardiovascular
endurance, plus easy to burn calories.

Reader reviews after classes at Kinesis

Alla: “… I want to tell about my positive training experience
with Kinesis. Personally, I can only give him a grade of 12
5-point scale. After a month my belly returned its old
form, became more taut, arms and legs came to tone. And this
moreover, that I did not particularly strain myself. I advise everyone !!! Besides, not
by hearsay I see how he really helps many women, in that
including after childbirth … “

Dory: “… I decided to go through a monthly training course before winter
vacation, which out of habit I spend in the Carpathians. Comparing yourself with
previous years, there was a tangible endurance when riding on
skiing, and also Kinesis had a positive effect on my immunity, that I even
I didn’t get sick in the mountains (although it’s not like me). Also me
I liked that, unlike the usual hall, the instructor is obligatory
you pick up a list of movements and load, depending on your
physical preparation … “

Maxim: “… My wife gave me a subscription for one month, but I
it did not reach … Something I did not like Kinesis. I like
more active training, but here it looks more like an ordinary
rocking chair In the course of each his own. I understand if someone like it. BUT
in general, sport is good in all its manifestations! �”

Kinesis: training video

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