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One of the most common and insidious human diseases –
stones in the kidneys.

People suffer from them in one form or another practically from
newborn age to old age. Disease itself
curable, especially if detected in a timely manner – here come
even the methods of traditional medicine. But if kidney stones
accompanied by infection, then trouble can not be avoided.

Why do kidney stones occur?

Small amount in the diet of citrus fruits, lack
fluid intake, excess salt, calcium, oxalate and purine –
these are “food” causes of kidney stones. Also proven
the effect of ultraviolet radiation.

For other reasons, the formation of kidney stones
usually occurs in people with impaired metabolism, excessive
weight and sedentary lifestyle.

How to recognize urolithiasis

The main symptom is pain, which can be added
urination disorder with blood in the urine. Urolithic
the disease is necessarily accompanied by the discharge of stones and crystals
urine salts. If inflammation is added to the formation of stones,
the urinary tracts are blocked, the temperature will certainly rise.

The doctor makes a diagnosis based on the results of urinalysis and ultrasound
urinary tract. Treatment depends on many reasons – shape, size,
structure, density and localization of stones, as well as the presence of infection
and related diseases.

The basic principles of the treatment of kidney stones

The main task here is the removal of stones, and effective methods
medicine knows a lot. The smallest stones (up to 6 mm) successfully
are displayed by increasing the volume of fluid consumed and increasing
physical activity.

If the previous method did not help, stones try to dissolve
special preparations. Their reception lasts up to 6 months, but far
not all stones can be dissolved.

After the measures taken, the following treatment method will be
surgery for crushing stones. Medicine on
today operates with many low-impact methods
removal of stones, and after the procedure, the patient in the shortest possible time
returns to a full life.

How to treat kidney stones, traditional medicine

Many completely different, often contradictory
remedies offers today traditional medicine. Important
know that no folk remedy can crush or
dissolve stones (exception in some cases – urates). Than in
people are “removed” stones from the kidneys, what they are trying to crush, and that
really helps?

Kidney stones: herbal infusions

Popular recipe. Horsetail, burdock root,
Wood and elderberry flowers to take in equal parts and mix. One
a tablespoon of the mixture insist two hours in a glass of boiling water and drink
1/3 cup three times a day.

Will the effect. At very early
stages with urate stones of small (up to 0.8 mm) size of decoctions from
horsetail really recommended by doctors official
medicine. Horsetail helps to dissolve small stones and
facilitates the patient’s condition.

As for the rest of the ingredients in the collection, they’re just there.
are present, nothing more. Possible for the treatment of concomitant
diseases in a particular person would be appropriate to use other
herbs, but it can only recommend a doctor, as well as the dosage
and the duration of such treatment.

Being sure that there is a pebble in your kidneys, self-healing
herbs you can miss a dangerous disease that
possibly not related to the kidneys. Or naively hope for advice
folk healers or “authoritative” Internet, dissolve stones
grass, and the stones themselves grow to such size, bring
which without surgery is no longer possible.

Cleaning the intestines with kidney stones

An interesting way to explain the origin of kidney problems:
slagging of the intestines. Colonotherapy supporters believe that
such slags “clog up” the entire body, including provoke
different formations in the kidneys. And, although no pathologist
still found in one intestine like “slags”, people all
They also “treat” themselves with enemas and deep intestinal lavage.

What is dangerous colonoscopy. Unequivocally
There is no benefit from such a method, you can ask any
the doctor. They are the ones who rescue such “washers” from the terrible
consequences: the intestines are irritated, full dysbacteriosis, even
hemorrhoids. And the stones “and now there.” Do an enema with kidney stones
as effective as punching the toilet by washing
shells. Although not: the sink in this case will be cleaner, but
intestines from frequent enemas “sick”.

Kidney Stones: Caraway Oil

Recipe. 0.5 cups crushed cumin seeds
mix with a glass of honey, 0.5 cups of ginger root (it does not matter
fresh or dry). Take the drug in the morning on an empty stomach for two
teaspoons. Ginger can be replaced with the same amount of fresh

Will the remedy work? So far none
scientific research in the field of medicine is not confirmed
efficiency of none of the listed components in crushing
stones. But traditional medicine, especially in recent times, has lifted
cumin oil almost to the rank of panacea “from everything”. No doctor
will take responsibility to recommend such a recipe,
especially with so much honey (it is the strongest allergen).

Cumin is very dangerous for people with stomach ulcers, gastritis, or
stones in the gall bladder. Cores, diabetics and pregnant
women decoction, tincture and other types of cooking cumin
contraindicated. It can only be used as a spice.
in small quantities.

Despite the fact that kidney stones have completely different
composition, it is this tool in this dosage, according to
adherents, heal the kidneys in the shortest possible time. What are these terms –
no one can answer. And it won’t tell you how long you can
run to the hospital in order to have time to escape after taking the “remedy”.
It is also interesting the authors’ proposal to replace fresh ginger with dry,
or add garlic. These are two completely different in composition,
neither by properties, product, and both on the urinary system of direct influence
do not render.

Dissolution of kidney stones with apple juice

Схема «лечения»: утром выпить стакан яблочного
juice, then every two hours drink 480 ml of apple juice,
The last reception is at 20:00. The first two days of “therapy” can not be anything
there is. At the end of the day, do an enema or drink a herbal laxative.
Take a hot bath.

Start the third day with 480 ml of apple juice, after half an hour drink
120 ml of olive oil and drink a glass of juice. The author of the method
asserts that on the third day the stones will come out of the kidneys.

What you can “earn” in reality.
Exacerbation of chronic diseases of the digestive tract and the emergence of new pathologies.
Excess acid in such quantity is destructive for mucous membranes.
stomach and intestines. Apples are generally not recommended for use.
inflammation of the pancreas, and the number
the concentrate specified by the author for such patients may lead to
severe pancreatitis and pancreas may
to refuse

In addition, with renal colic is strictly prohibited.
eating vitamin C, which is more than apples

No fruit, unfortunately, is able to destroy and remove
stones from the kidneys, as well as to have on them any healing effect.
However, citrus fruit juices prevent the development of undesirable
processes in the urine, but these are only preventive measures, and only when
use no more than 0.5 liters per day. Available education
thus no longer destroy, and with an excess of juice you can
provoke the formation of new oxalates.

The urolithiasis is popularly treated with sex!

The people probably always argued about the benefits of regular
sexual intercourse for both women and men. As it turned out,
men are relevant not only to maintain sexual function,
cardiovascular system, and stress relief. Regular sex
can really work as a folk remedy for treating stones
the kidneys.

Turkish scientists conducted a study, the results of which
men with urolithiasis who had sex for 3 or more days
a week, for two weeks, they got rid of kidney stones (89%
test groups). The effect was even better than that of the compared
groups taking appropriate medications for
treat this disease.

Surprisingly, it is really

In general, for the prevention of kidney stones is enough to lead.
active lifestyle, maintain a normal weight, eat healthy
food and do not forget to drink – you need to drink at least one and a half a day
liters of water. And try to be treated with dried blood of a kid,
tangerine crusts, pepper with flour or beans, it is dangerous for
life occupation.

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