Khashlama with potatoes is a hearty oriental dish.Recipes хашламы с картофелем и говядиной, бараниной, курицей иpork

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There are still disputes about the origin of Khashlama.

Some argue that this is a classic Armenian
a dish, others are sure that Georgia is his birthplace. that his
Georgia is the birthplace. This is a hearty dish made from meat and


Hashlama with potatoes – the basic principles of cooking

The main ingredient of this dish is meat. Traditionally this is beef
or lamb, but if you like pork, you can use it.
Those who are contraindicated in fatty foods can make khashlama from

In addition to meat, you will need vegetables and greens. This is the case when
when cooking there is no need to adhere to exact
quantities of ingredients. The main thing is that there is a lot – meat,
зелени и vegetables.

To prepare take the tenderloin or ribs. Concerning
vegetables, they must be fresh and fleshy.

Prepare khashlama in a cauldron or saucepan with a wide bottom.

Vegetables are peeled and cut into fairly large chunks. The meat is washed
cut off all the excess and cut into portions.

Onions cut into thick half rings, pepper strips, potatoes
slices, tomatoes rings or half rings.

In the cauldron spread vegetables and meat layers. Each pepper and salt.
Cover all with a lid and set on slow fire. Vegetables and meat
make juice in which ingredients will be stewed throughout
two to three hours.

Recipe 1. Khashlama with potatoes and veal


kg veal fillet;

four large potato tubers;

eight fresh tomatoes;


four medium onion heads;


drinking water – 200 ml;

two pods of Bulgarian pepper;

a glass of beer;

garlic – head;

two sprigs of basil;

bunch of parsley;

half a bunch of cilantro.

Cooking method

1. • Wash veal and cut into chunks.

2. • Clean, wash, and grind vegetables: tomatoes – medium
rings, pepper crumbled thin straws, cut into onions
half rings, potatoes leave entirely, the greens finely

3. • Put the tomato slices in three layers in the pan
centimeter, put onions on top of them, then Bulgarian pepper and

4. • Salt the veal and season with spices, spread on top
greenery. Meat shifts garlic, chopped plates.

5. • Over the meat again lay out the layers of vegetables: greens, peppers,
onions, tomatoes. Beer stir with juice from tomatoes and water.
The resulting mixture pour the contents of the pan.

6. • We put on a slow fire. As soon as the content starts
boil, cover and simmer for two or three hours. Potatoes put in
whole pot an hour after the start of cooking. Ready
Spread the dish in plates and serve hot.

Рецепт 2. Хашлама с картофелем и pork


one and a half kg of pork ribs or pork;

морская salt;

seven potatoes;


two eggplants;

half a liter of drinking water;

three pods of sweet pepper;

six cloves of garlic;

six tomatoes;

two bulbs;

carrot – two pieces.

Cooking method

1. • Pork rinse under the tap. Cut the meat into small
pieces, if we use ribs, cut them along the bone. Kazan
or put the pot on the fire. When the dishes are hot,
pour vegetable oil and warm. We lay out the meat, generously
season with spices and brown.

2. • Remove the cauldron from fire. Meat salt.

3. • We clean, wash and chop vegetables: onions – large rings,
carrot – thin circles, garlic – slices, potatoes – large
slices, eggplants and tomatoes – circles of medium thickness.
Sprinkle eggplants with salt and leave for half an hour. Thereafter
rinse and squeeze.

4. • Place onion rings on top of the meat. Putting vegetables
layer by layer – carrot, garlic, potato wedges (salt),

5. • We continue to lay out vegetables – eggplants, fresh tomatoes,
we salt again. Fill with drinking water, tightly cover and
put on a low fire.

6. • After two hours add chopped garlic, stir
dish and turn off the fire. Give brew for about ten minutes and served with

Recipe 3. Khashlama with potatoes and chicken


one and a half kg chicken carcass;

поваренная salt;

three onions;

freshly ground pepper;

six tomatoes;

drinking water – 100 ml;

three pods of Bulgarian pepper;

white wine – 100 ml;

six potatoes;

four cloves of garlic;

parsley, cilantro and basil;


Cooking method

1. • Rinse the chicken carcass under running water. Cut it
in portions. Salt, pepper, mix with hands and
leave for half an hour.

2. • Peel and wash the vegetables. Bulbs, Tomatoes and Zucchini
cut enough thick rings, chop the pepper thin
strips, garlic and greens crumble melenko.

3. • Put a layer of onion into a deep pan with a wide bottom.
rings. Поверх него разложите куски Chicken. Lay on the meat layers
vegetables in the following order: bell peppers, fresh tomatoes, zucchini.
On top, all trout with greens and garlic.

4. • Pour in drinking water and wine, cover tightly and simmer
for an hour. Gently mix the finished dish and serve

Recipe 4. Hashlama with potatoes and quince



kg of brisket;


eight tomatoes;

a glass of beer;

six onions;

spices for meat;

two pods of sweet pepper;

greens of basil, parsley and cilantro;

garlic – head.

Cooking method

1. • My tomatoes, wipe with a towel and cut into circles.
Cut the stalks of seeds from the pods of the peppers and cut the flesh
straws. Bulbs clean, wash and chop large rings or
semirings. Rinse greens, lightly dry and finely
crumble Clean potatoes and quince, wash and cut into slices.

2. • Wash the meat, dip it in napkins and cut into pieces,
the size of a matchbox.

3. • We take a cauldron and start putting ingredients into it in such
order: tomato rings, onion rings, sweet pepper,
измельченная greenery.

4. • Salt the meat, season with spices and mix. We spread
грудинку поверх greenery. Put chives on top. Now
we begin to lay the vegetables in reverse order. Fill all with beer,
here we send juice from tomatoes.

5. • Put the cauldron on medium fire. When the content starts
boil, twist the fire to a minimum, tightly cover the lid and
we torment two hours. Add to the cauldron potatoes, quince and cook more

Recipe 5. Khashlama with potatoes, lamb and mushrooms


1.5 kg of mutton ribs or pulp with bone;

крупная salt;

five fresh tomatoes;


five potatoes;

40 g fresh green onions, basil or cilantro4

four onions;

liter of light beer;

three pods of sweet pepper;

three large champignons;

garlic – three cloves.

Cooking method

1. • Start by carefully washing the lamb and chop it
in portions. Place half of the meat in the bottom of the pan.

2. • Rinse the tomatoes, cut them into circles. Half Tomatoes
Spread over the meat.

3. • On the tomatoes, put onions, chopped

4.•Болгарский перец очистите от семян и измельчите semirings.
Spread half of the pepper on top of the onion.

5. • Rinse and slice the mushrooms. Half
spread on the bow. Repeat layers of vegetables in the same manner.

6.•Now залейте мясо с овощами питьевой водой и пивом в
proportions 1: 1. The fluid level should not be less than 2 cm from
the edges of the dishes. Therefore, measure the amount of water and beer, focusing
on the size of your pan. Cover the pot with a lid and place it.
on a strong fire.

7. • Cook Khashlama on high heat for half an hour, then reduce
огонь до умеренного и тушите все еще for an hour.

8. • Peel the potatoes, wash and cut them into large chunks.
After an hour, make the minimum heat, salt and season.
spices. Cook the potatoes in a separate saucepan. Cook Khashlama
on low heat for another half hour, add garlic at the end.

9. • Remove pan from heat. Give the dish to stand under the lid
about ten minutes. Then put the meat with vegetables on a plate with a slotted spoon
добавьте вареный картофель и посыпаем все измельченной greens.

Recipe 6. Khashlama with potatoes in a slow cooker


beef ribs – 700 g;

30 ml of vegetable oil;

three onions;

адыгейская salt;

three tomatoes;

100 ml of semi-sweet red wine;

two pods of Bulgarian pepper;

six cloves of garlic;

five potatoes.

Cooking method

1. • Beef cut into large chunks. Add lemon to the water
juice, put meat in this liquid and leave in the cold for the night.

2. • Wash tomatoes, wipe with a napkin and cut thick
by circles. Smear the bottom of the pan multicooker with vegetable oil. Lay out
a layer of tomatoes.

3. • Lay the beef on top of the tomatoes.

4.•Луковицы очистите и измельчите semirings. Garlic
free from the husk, and cut the teeth into thin slices.

5.•Lay out поверх мяса лук, посыпьте чесноком и адыгейской
with salt.

6. • Release the Bulgarian pepper from the stem with seeds and
порежьте straws. Очищенную картошку нарежьте толстыми by circles.
Lay out слой болгарского перца, сверху картофель.

7.•Повторите слои vegetables. Place the mugs on top of the potatoes.
tomatoes, lightly salt it. Pour in the wine. Close the multicooker lid,
turn on quenching mode for a quarter of an hour. Then switch to mode
“Milk porridge” and cook another two or three hours.

Khashlama with katofel – tips and tricks

  • It is important to keep the proportions of the liquid. Water or broth taken from
    calculating a glass per kilogram of meat.
  • Formed when cutting tomatoes, add juice to the cauldron to
    the dish turned out juicy.
  • It is possible in the cauldron with the ingredients not to add liquid. In such
    if they put it on the slowest fire, they tormented for three hours.
  • Cook Khashlama, плотно накрыв кастрюлю или казан
    a lid.
  • Do not chop small potatoes, but add them

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