“Keto Plus” (shampoo): reviews and instructions forapplication

Keto Shampoo Plus is a dermatological, antifungal Hair Care Product. Effective medicine removes uncomfortable sensations, restores sebum production, stops hair loss after the first application. It is used in as a medicinal and prophylactic drug for children and adults.

"Keto Plus" (shampoo): reviews and instructions forapplication


Composition Keto Plus

В состав средства входит:

  • Ketoconazole. Fights fungal pathogens, has antimicrobial action;
  • Zinc increases the local defenses of the skin;
  • Coconut oil triggers hair epithelium regeneration, prevents falling out;
  • Additional components cleanse the scalp of dirt.

Шампунь от перхоти Кето Плюс имеет ярко-розовый цвет со specific smell. Photo funds can be viewed in the internet.


When is it recommended to use shampoo?

The main indication – fungal infection of the hairy part heads. Thanks to zinc and ketoconazole, Keto Plus normalizes the secretion of sebaceous secretions, enhances the local immunity of the skin, stops hair loss, triggers epithelial regeneration.

Показания к application:

  1. Oily or dry form of seborrhea.
  2. The defeat of the different stages of chiriform lichen.
  3. Dandruff.

The instruction insert tells in detail about therapy and prevention. skin diseases. Keto Plus can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Contraindications: allergy to components.

Инструкция по application

Treatment and prevention of diseases of the scalp, depends on the stage and nature of the disease. Согласно инструкции по application, Кето Плюс используют ежедневно при перхоте и себорейном дерматите. Dandruff therapy lasts 7 days, and prevention 1 month. With seborrheic dermatitis, the duration of treatment is 4 weeks. And as a preventive measure, the remedy is applied on the head 2 times a week for 60 days. Pityriasis versicolor treat 5 days.

"Keto Plus" (shampoo): reviews and instructions forapplication

Способ применения Кето Плюс:

  1. Before applying the product, wash your head from contamination, dust and grease with ordinary shampoo. < / li>
  2. Rinse with water. < / li>
  3. Apply Keto Plus to the head. Dosage: for children – 5 ml, for adults – 10 ml. Foam well, evenly distribute the product over the entire surface. < / Li>
  4. Leave for 5 minutes. < / li>
  5. Wash your head well under running water. < / li>
  6. During antifungal therapy is not recommended to use hair masks, balms and rinses. < / li>
  7. If shampoo gets into your eyes, rinse with running water at room temperature. < / li> < / ol>

    Price < / h2>

    How much does Keto Plus shampoo cost? The price in pharmacies in Russia depends on the volume of the bottle. At a dosage of 60 ml, the cost varies from 350 to 400 rubles, at 150 ml – 840-900 rubles. On the websites of online pharmacies, the tool can be ordered by telephone for home delivery. При этом цена увеличивается на 100-200 рублей.

    Reviews < / h2>

    Anna, 30 years < / strong> : “For a long time I was tormented with pityriasis versicolor on the scalp, peeling and oily hair. Hearing a positive feedback from a friend on the drug, I decided to buy a bottle. Все проблемы ушли с первого раза.»

    Maria, 35 years old < / strong> : “Seborrheic dermatitis caused discomfort to her husband and child. После 2-3 использований уже заметен положительный результат.»

    Anatoly, 40 years < / strong> : “Dandruff from a business man is a blow to the image, and lately the face has also begun to peel off. A dermatologist advised the antifungal drug Keto Plus. Он хорошо пенится, быстро снимает зуд, помогает побороть себорею.»

    Виктор, 37 лет: «У меня проблемная кожа heads. Dandruff treatment does not bring positive results. Действие же было мгновенным, а результат – длительным.»


    Analogs of Keto Plus < / h2>

    The pharmacy network presents multicomponent analogues of the shampoo. Their basis is ketoconazole and additional medicinal components. The release form is a gel-like substance. Analogue may vary significantly in price or have a similar cost. Это зависит использовал ли производитель вспомогательные компоненты или нет.

    Популярные противогрибковые шампуни:

    1. Низорал,< / li>
    2. Себозол,< / li>
    3. Микозорал.< / li>

    Их производитель: Германия, Украина, Индия и другие страны.


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