Jump rope for weight loss

on a rope … Eh, how do we often forget about it.

Remembering the rope now, in my memory immediately pop up
images of happy childhood, when we frolicked all day long
playing in the yard, and the jump rope was something familiar and

But the idea of ​​making a slimming rope is part of our
exercises to combat extra pounds in adult life sometimes
does not want to fit into our modern fitness program.

In fact, exercises with a rope carry a colossal
practical effect for our body. Help improve our
agility and mobility, coordination and metabolic processes, not to mention
already about training the cardiovascular system and muscle

Recent studies prove that jumping rope
have a beneficial effect on maintaining a healthy bone system. AND
The great advantage of such exercises is that their cost
organization is minimal. All you need is a small place to
jump, good jump rope and a pair of sports shoes!

Jumps через скакалку, безусловно, являются одной из лучших
cardio to combat fatty deposits. Average
tempo (120 jumps per minute) 11 calories are burned in
a minute, and if you train almost at the maximum – about 20

Important! In view of its high intensity workouts (because
is it really impossible to jump less than 60-70 times a minute?)
Restrictions on jumping rope:

  • people suffering from cardiovascular disease with
    which is unacceptable increase in pressure and pulse rate;
  • people with spinal problems, intervertebral cartilage
    and the main joints, because it is on these parts that the main
    load when jumping;
  • people with initially overweight are not
    It is recommended to start burning fat tissue from classes with
    rope because of the existing considerable load on the heart from


Choosing rope for weight loss

skakalka-dlya-pohudeniyaIn most good sports
shops, you can easily find a huge selection of skipping ropes from different
manufacturers – plastic or leather, heavy or light, with
counter jumps (calories) or without.

Prices for them are quite affordable, and start with, about $ 1.
and reach, for some professional types, and up to $ 20 for
a piece.

AND независимо от того, на каком экземпляре вы остановитесь –
the result of working with a rope will surely please you, and her
the purchase will be a good investment in your future mind blowing

But for the convenience and safety of you and all items in
the room you define for future classes should
choose a high-quality rope and best match your

I recommend to stop your choice on an easy high-speed rope.
from plastic. In my opinion, it is more effective in comparison with
heavy samples from other materials. AND позволяет легко
Maintain any rate of rotation from beginners to professionals.

The next point to pay attention to is
length. There are three main options: 8, 9 and 10 feet (remember,
one foot equals, round, 30cm.). Most common
for girls it’s 8 feet – this jump rope will suit most
customers, and corresponds to an increase of 167cm. If your height
strive for a model, then you already need a 9 foot.

A good plus is the ability to independently regulate
length I remember my childhood – then almost every jump rope
had collapsible handles, which allowed to put the most optimal
length for “poskakushek”.

When adjusting try not to cut the rope at first
large parts, it is better to leave the stock in handles (so as not to
then sew back), because perhaps at first you did not immediately
determine which length is most convenient for you.


To determine how long to start experimenting,
Take the rope in your hands and stand in the middle with one (!) foot.
Pull it along the body – perfect when the handles
are at chest level. If the length is longer, the rope will be
touch the floor, if short – you will constantly press

Incorrectly chosen length significantly reduces efficiency.
workouts and can cause various injuries. Optimal
cord thickness about 8-9mm.

After use, hang the rope, for example, on a hook in
closet, it will not allow her to get confused and will not take away your time before
next workout.

Clothing for training with a rope

Clothes for training, choose a fitting, a good option would be
special shorts and T-shirt. The main thing that she did not constrain your
movement and did not create interference during rotation of the rope.

Being engaged at home, you can use as little clothing as
allows the situation. During training, it is recommended to use
bra regardless of the frequency of its use in everyday
the life and size of your breasts.

For training it is better to get a pair of good sports shoes,
for example lightweight running shoes with ankle fixation, this will allow you
gain lateral stability and keep your precious legs and
joints from excessive stress and damage, but you can do and

Training place

In order not to feel limited, to practice
enough free space in the apartment 1m. x 2m. and 30 – 40
see above the head – so this training fits perfectly into
sizes of almost any apartment and is available for everyone.

For the flooring is well suited to any soft and
springy, shock absorbing surface that acts more
Sparing your feet and joints. You can use special
rubberized mats for fitness.

If you decide to work out on some of the warm days
do not train on asphalt, concrete or grass,
avoid possible injury.


How to spend your first training with a rope?

Before the rope becomes your usual tool for
achieve optimal weight, you should gain the skills of its correct
of use. ANDначе, вы можете и не получить ожидаемые результаты
from training with a rope and be disappointed in this simulator before
how it starts to bring a terrific effect.

If you last jumped on a rope in childhood, then for
beginning to coordinate the movements of your arms and legs.

For this:

1. First, take both handles of the rope in one hand and twist it
some time to feel the rhythm of movement;

2. Then practice jumping on the spot without using
jump ropes;

3. AND после этого попробуйте совместить первые два упражнения

Start with frequent, but short in duration, approaches.
For example, from the 20-second interval – 20 seconds you jump, 20
seconds rest. Gradually increase the duration of each.
repetitions and after a time you will be able to jump and over 30
minutes non-stop.

For the first trainings, the total duration and
5-10 minutes a day.

Since the exercise rope is a high-intensity type
workout, then for maximum effects you need to follow
the frequency of your pulse.

To determine the maximum allowed heart rate during
workouts, from 220 subtract your age. Your working pulse when
which is the most intense fat burning, lies in
range of 70-80% of the maximum.

That is, if your age is 25 years old, then your maximum frequency
heart rate 195, and the working pulse lies in the interval between
136 and 156 beats per minute.

Types of jumping rope

skakalka-dlya-pohudeniyaThere are many options and techniques.
for exercises with a skipping rope. The most basic ones that
suitable for use by almost everyone:

Simple (single) jumps. Is one of the easiest
items to learn when exercising with a rope. Arms bent in
elbows, keep the hips. Legs together knees slightly
bent to absorb shock when jumping, push off toes
feet. One bouncing – one lap jump rope.

Double jumps. One of the most popular types. For execution
double jump you make two turns of the rope for each
bouncing. This is a more difficult option than single jumps,
so go to him when fully familiar with the technique
perform simple jumps.

At first, you will lose control of the rope after
doing a double jump, but after a few workouts, you
be able to do several doubles in a row without changing the pace

Crosswise. ANDспользуйте этот вариант, когда достаточно
get comfortable in single and double jump rope. Principle
is that when the rope reaches its highest
positions above your head, you cross your arms at elbow level and
jump into the resulting loop of rope in front of you. On
the next lap of the rope hands straighten.

It turns out that the first jump is done crosswise, and the second
the usual simple, then again crosswise and simple again, etc.
This combination can also be used in double jumps, which of course
requires some skill and is quite difficult to perform.

Video exercises with a rope for weight loss

(больше видео занятий в категории Полезное видео для
,статья «Скакалка. Exercise videos “)

These are just three basic ways to work with a rope of considerable
numbers of options and you can use all the variety

It can be jumping on one leg, alternating their alternation,
jumping left-right, back and forth. Or intense running with
rope, rotation of the rope in the opposite direction, alternately
raising your knees during the jump.

Are you still rereading the article? Get down to finally
exercises with a rope. :)

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