Jammed neck, what to do – how to remove unpleasantthe symptoms. What you can not do when suddenly squeezed neck

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Many patients go to the medical facility with complaints
to the fact that they have a pinched neck.

Pain is caused by squeezing of nerves or arteries. Wherein
impulses are transmitted through the nervous system, the blood flow is disturbed. From here
there is a feeling that it is difficult and painful to turn the neck.

Neck pinched, what to do: reasons

In fact, the reasons for which neck pinching occurs,
quite a lot, sometimes it takes a single day to
make an accurate diagnosis. First try to remember not
did any event occur as a result of which integrity
vertebrae or tissue disrupted. It can be anything:
bounce, sudden movements, lifting heavy objects,
failure to comply with any safety rules and much more. If a
none of the above has happened, which means that the reason
which you can not turn the neck, lies much deeper.

Below are the main factors affecting the work
cervical in our spine:

1. Osteochondrosis.

2. Connective tissue is spread a little more than
it is necessary.

3. Fibrosis.

4. The development of such an unpleasant and dangerous disease as
intervertebral hernia.

5. The cartilage tissue located between the vertebrae is depleted.

6. There was a shift or complete loss of the disk.

7. Muscle spasm.

8. Any mechanical damage to the back or neck.

If a у вас защемило шею, и вы не знаете что делать, нужно
be sure to visit the medical facility for examination.

Neck soreness what to do: symptoms

As you can see there are many reasons for the development of such unpleasant
conditions, but if there are any symptoms that are inherent
pinching? To answer this question, you need
consider how our neck works.

In the cervical region there are 8 major nerves, if any.
pinching at least one of them, the patient will experience severe pain.
Since our spine completes the cervical region, even
slight damage in it can lead to
serious problems will arise.

You can highlight the main symptoms that will be
it is clear that a pinched nerve has occurred:

1. Severe pain in the shoulder joint indicates pinching
Nervous With 5.

2. If a задет нерв С 6, происходит онемение рук. Wherein руки
may have tingling or occasionally hurt. Depending on the
how badly a nerve is struck like the whole arm,
and a few fingers.

3. A throbbing pain that gives slightly to the fingers speaks of
pinching the nerve C 7.

4. If you experience severe dizziness or headaches,
You can judge the hypertonicity of the muscles, or about pinching. Going on
circulatory disturbance, and this is quite a dangerous phenomenon, which
must be cured as soon as possible.

5. Due to the fact that the neck is clamped, it cannot be turned into one
side, when you try to do this, there is severe pain.

6. In the muscles weakness, hands begin to lose their strength, there is
feeling that you can not lift the object and hold it.

If at least one symptom occurs, visit the medical
an institution.

Jammed neck, what to do: diagnosis

Only a doctor can make an accurate diagnosis, and
after the first dose can not. If a вам ставят диагноз, и при этом не
do no research, and do not take tests, it is better for you
find another specialist. A qualified therapist is simply obliged
refer you either to a traumatologist or neuropathologist who
will select a treatment for you against the disease, not against
relief of symptoms.

In order to identify the disease and prescribe
necessary treatment, you should spend the following

1. Computed tomography. The procedure has no
similarities with x-rays. CT is prescribed if pain
occurs due to changes in bone or degenerative tissue.

2. MRI is quite informative, but worth it
it accordingly. The procedure is carried out for 30-40 minutes, its
the bottom line is that under the influence of magnetic waves your organs
will resonate, and an image will appear on the device. Doctor can
see the state of your bones, tissues, visible
even minor changes in their structure.

Many have a question, is it possible to somehow render yourself the first
help at home, if possible to see a doctor at this particular
moment not. Do it really possible, accept
anesthetic. In rare cases, neck fixation is necessary.
in order to further deterioration.

Neck pinched, what to do: treatment

Treatment depends on what diagnosis was made to the patient.
Still, several important actions can be noted.
which can be called universal:

1. The affected area should be limited in mobility.
Of course, no one argues that our life is a complete movement,
but sometimes it is worth limiting even mobility. No need to knead
neck especially do it’s on your own don’t lift heavy
objects, hands should be in the lowered state.

2. Physiotherapy. This may include warming procedures,
electrophoresis and much more. But physiotherapy is rather
prevention, rather than the main treatment. Assign her after
the disease begins to recede.

3. Nonsteroidal means – help relieve pain,
reduce the inflammatory process.

4. If a шея не поворачивается из-за того, что наблюдается
lack of cartilage, it is necessary to take measures for its
building up. For this, doctors prescribe their patients.
chondroprotectors, as well as a diet that should be sufficient
gelatin and calcium.

5. If a повреждение серьезное, то пациентам могут
recommend corticosteroids. But, as a rule, doctors try
replace such radical measures with other drugs.

6. Not always conservative methods give the desired results.
therefore, the doctor may insist on surgery.

Many can not turn the neck and try to own
cope with the disease, using warming procedures, rubbed
sore spot ointments, tinctures, but in no case
can not. Treatment can begin only after it passes.
examination. Any independent intervention can bring
even more harm.

Jammed neck, what to do: prevention

If a ранее вы сталкивались с такой неприятной ситуацией, когда
you can not turn the neck because of its pinching, you need to
perform preventive actions that will help in the future
avoid relapse So, to preventive measures can
include the following:

1. Strengthen your muscle corset. Thanks
this can hold vertebrae on the meteo, even if
already managed to fail. Muscles are what you need.
take care constantly. And they need not just swing, namely

2. Rest not only often, but also correctly. Buy for sleep
the right pillow – it should be moderately soft, but of course
it is not necessary to sleep on a stone either. Doctors recommend to acquire
roller-shaped pillows, their neck is well kept.

3. Eat right. The food you eat should be
enough vitamins, protein, calcium. Remember that
that excessive salt intake causes severe harm to health and

Are physical activities helpful? Sure, sport is the best.
prophylaxis for our musculoskeletal system. But if
jamming has already happened, then catch up with all missed workouts
can not.

Wait until the inflammatory process is stopped, and only
then ask the doctor to choose the best sport. Not
be sure to try to set records, just a few times a week
do yoga or fitness for example.

Doing sports can be both in the gym and being
houses. Spending only 20-30 minutes of active work will lower your chances.
get sick again. But once again it is worth repeating that
переусердствовать, ни в коем случае can not.

Any problems with the spine can adversely affect
quality of life, which is why try to follow him and
support. If a каждый день вы будете уделять хотя бы немного
time to maintain your health, then most likely in the future
you will not have such trouble. But even if it happened
relapse, be sure to check again and do everything
recommendations of your doctor.

Watch your health and be
are healthy!

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