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Today, signs are perceived by man as some kind of superstition,
which at the same time have a long history.

Body itch has always been perceived by our ancestors as a signal to
the onset of certain landmark events in a person’s life. For example,
itchy upper lip omen, what can it mean?


Superstitions and omens – how to treat them? Scratched lower lip

It would seem that in times of highly intellectual society,
the rapid development of technology a person should not pay
attention to such trifles as omens and superstitions. But in reality everything
It is completely different. What omens that superstitions have
a long history. It is necessary to distinguish them. So, omens are over the years
proven confluence of facts and circumstances. These are the signs of nature and
human body, which entail a series of certain
events and it is difficult to call them superstitions. Since these events
do occur systematically.

At the same time, superstitions have proven to be false facts,
for example, not every person who meets a black cat on his way
subsequently meet with a series of failures and troubles. Exist
even signs dedicated to certain calendar dates, and it is
over them, our ancestors for centuries determined what the harvest would be and what
expect from the weather.

The interpretation will take – the whole science, but it helps a person in his
unrestrained rhythm of life to find the right solutions that he
prompts its own organism, its surrounding world.

So, for example, the itch of the body always promised changes, trips,
various significant for the fate of man events. Can itch
any part of the body and not always for objective reasons. Precisely that one
itching, which occurs without apparent reason and sharply, as appeared –
disappears and is considered a signal for action. Signal to interpret
will take

What kind of action? Worth it
meticulously understand. It is said that if the lower lip itches
omen сулит разговоры и приятные знакомства. But does she always
itching for no apparent reason. Maybe just starting
develop a herpes viral disease and that is why lips
itch. In fact, herpes does not develop so often and has
spontaneous itching; rather, it causes systematic itching.

Lipstick and other cosmetic products can cause itching.
facilities. At the same time, girls do not always immediately understand the reason for it.
origin and often blamed on omens. But in the end everything
it becomes clear. There are also a lot of others.
factors that can cause itchy lips.

So, if the weather is bad, wind, snow, then lips can
weathered and itched because of drying out. Also because
dry lips itch if there is dry air in the room. If a
a person is prone to allergies – lips can also
itch, but this allergic manifestation is accompanied
often sneezing and acute rhinitis.

As you can see – no relation itching, foreshadowing new events
It does not have an itch that portends a disease. Superstitions also not
имеют прямого отношения к omenм, ведь приметы практически всегда
truly promise a person good or bad. So what does itch promise
upper and lower lips?

Scratched lower lip omen

Scratched lower lip omen:

• So, there will soon be a feast for the whole world;

• We should expect the arrival of guests with hotels;

• If a застолье запланировано, значит оно будет шумным и

These signs are connected with the fact that the lips are the main organ that
takes part in the meal. That is why it is believed that itching
lips entail such pleasant little things. Also lips are created for
kisses and when the lip itches, then the person involuntarily thinks that
Soon he will have a pleasant meeting and a mass of kisses and this,
certainly true.

In this case, it is necessary to distinguish itching of the upper lip and lower. Itches
нижняя губа omen несколько иная. Scratched lower lip omen
may mean that a person is expected to gossip and various peripetias.
This may mean that his plans will be drastically destroyed and upset,
all the agreements concluded earlier will be shattered. For a young couple
this can mean quarrels and discord. Of course, no one
I don’t want to believe in bad omens, but mostly – they
really implemented.

Scratched lower lip omen может говорить о том, что окружение
the person is clearly negative to him that in the near future
It is worth entering into contracts and transactions. Better to be warned and
be on the alert. Than suddenly get into a mess. Out of trouble
events that may accompany lip itching can also be distinguished
a fight in which a person will get a lip. Can also be held
empty scandal, the scandal that he himself provoked and after a very
much regret.

AT любом случае такая omen не сулит добра. But if already in advance
it is known that the storm is approaching, it is better to sit it out and not do it
nothing provoking trouble. This is the value
will take-they advance warning of the dangers.

Itches верхняя губа omen

Itches верхняя губа omen сулит поцелуй именно с мужчиной. AT
This is the whole secret. In this case, they will kiss you. Believed
that the upper lip itches for joyful events and this itch
promises just pleasant chores. She can itch for joyful
news, even to the housewife, which is to be found.

If a женщина никак не может забеременеть, значит она узнает
soon the good news. Some peoples believe that if
the upper lip is scratched, then some secrets will be revealed. For a scrambler
this may mean that all her machinations will come out, so she
should beware of frank conversations.

Itches верхняя губа omen:

• Good deals – they will be successful;

• perform well at open events in front of a large
audience – performance will be assessed as needed;

• Good love confession – relationships will be strong and

Also, on the expression of the face and the location of the lips can be guessed.
human mood Lips can itch in the corners. If a
itching in the right corner – to the joy and fun, if in the left – to
boredom and frustration. There are also complex
signs. For example, if we are talking about a person who has a pair,
itching may mean that he will get a tasty treat from his second
halves. If a зачесались обе губы — значит есть большая
probability of getting a lie on the lips.

If a у молодожёнов чешутся губы — то медовый месяц будет
long, if in addition also the chin was combed – then they will live
they are not long married. But when itching not only lips, but also
the tip of the nose is to be drunk. If a вдобавок зачесалась и шея —
spouses will have a long, joyful life.

ATерить в приметы или нет — каждый решает сам для себя, но то что
there is nothing wrong with following them
recommendations is a fact. But what to do if constantly
is it lower, then upper lip? It is necessary to exclude
a disease that could cause itching. Next is to interpret
I will take on the main descriptions. Most likely, nothing terrible
will happen, on the contrary – there may come joy and fun, in the house
can knock a holiday.

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