Itches under the arms – how to get rid oftrouble What if there are red spots under the arms and theyare itching

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The red spots under the armpits that occur in humans are always
cause discomfort, especially if they itch.

This is not only unpleasant, but incomprehensible at first
glance reason.

The skin always talks about the state of our body, so even
minor inflammations make us think that
something is wrong.

Itches under the arms: causes

Red spots arising under the armpits, always say that
The work of some internal body is broken. Affect such
skin rashes can and already existing diseases. After
You have noticed that you have spots under your arms, you need to
rather visit a dermatologist who will examine you and find out the exact
the cause of the condition.

Armpit spots may indicate serious
diseases, which means treatment should begin as soon as possible. But
even if the armpit spots are not the result of a complication,
they still need to get rid of in order to avoid negative

Our armpits are a weak spot on the whole body, where
sensitive skin, any irritation can cause skin
rash. The main causes of armpit spots

1. Allergic reaction of the body. Allergies can occur
due to eating certain foods. Most often to them
include spicy food, sweet or citrus. Organism
is saturated with certain ingredients, and the skin is in sensitive
The spot reacts with the appearance of red spots.

2. Cosmetics used for body care,
substandard. Before using lotion or deodorant,
pay attention to its expiration date, and also conduct a test on
sensitivity. If you neglect this rule, you may receive
red spots that will strongly and constantly itch, thereby
bringing you discomfort.

3. Sweating profuse. Pot is an ideal environment in which
harmful microorganisms and bacteria can multiply. Exactly
so red spots appear so often in the armpit
purulent formations or common pimples.

4. Hydradenitis. It is a skin disease in which
inflammation of sweat glands. It can occur for various reasons
for example, due to staph virus. Another cause
diseases – poor hygiene.

5. Depilation. Many modern women and men get rid
from the hair under the arms. But если проводить процедуру неправильно, то
blemishes and itching may occur. After you
make depilation, be sure to use the cream.
Depilate on time as hair grows back.

6. Fungus. After the onset of the disease, under the arms
itching and rash occur. A fungus can occur when the wrong
hygiene. In addition, the fungus can be “picked up” by visiting
public baths or saunas. If you do not do timely
treatment, he can move to other organs.

If you have red spots and itch under your arms, be sure
visit a dermatologist in order to inspect and appoint
appropriate treatment.

Red spots are scratched under the arms: how to get rid of them

Red spots are scratched under the arms, how to cure irritation and
remove itching? The question worries many, but, unfortunately, not everyone knows
the answer to it. In order to get rid of red spots and remove
itching, you first need to identify the exact cause of this
states. If red spots are associated with
substandard cosmetics, you need to exclude them, or
give preference to other means that affect the skin

The first step towards recovery is daily compliance.
hygiene procedures. Wash your underarms with products that
Suitable for your skin type. With excessive sweating in
summer season, it is recommended to use saline (on
one liter of water, take two tablespoons of salt).

In order to cure severe irritation, at which red
the spots are large, and the itch is hardly tolerated;
following means:

1. Vaseline.

2. An ointment containing cortisone, for example, Fluvet,

3. Preparations with zinc oxide (Zindol, Diaderm).

As a result of using too much fat in the area where
strong hair, follicle blockage may occur,
This will further affect the already unpleasant situation.

In case of fungal infection, it is enough to use ordinary local ones.

1. Lamicone.

2. Lamisil.

3. Clotrimazole.

If the form of the fungal infection is more severe, then without taking
antibiotics can not do:

1. Levorin.

2. Nystatin

When a complex form of dermatitis is necessary to use hormonal

1. Akriderm.

2. Pimafukort.

3. Lorinden.

In addition, corticosteroids may contain antibacterial agents.
or antifungal drugs. If red spots occur due to
irritation which caused by fungi and bacteria, then the treatment
should take place under the strict supervision of a physician.

Антигистаминные facilities:

1. Citrine.

2. Zodak.

3. Claretin.

In order to get rid of excessive sweating, you need
use botox injections as well as laser lipoxing.

There may be irritation even due to the fact that blood is
increased sugar. Exactly поэтому не всегда местные средства приносят
desired effect. After the occurrence of red spots under the arms, you need
follow a certain diet, take vitamins and follow
correct lifestyle.

Allergy Therapy

In order to get rid of red spots that have arisen
due to an allergic reaction, you need to take antihistamines
drugs. Then you need to identify the reason for which the body
gave such a reaction. For some, it’s all about using
hygiene products, and someone suffers from eating
substandard products.

To get rid of the problem, you can use folk
facilities. In this case, various gadgets from
birch broth. As a result, you can remove redness,
get rid of severe itching. But главный плюс в таком методе – это
availability. You can buy herbs from any pharmacy.

Many doctors recommend rubbing the armpit area with lemon
juice, but first you need to dilute it with water. Exactly the same
effect has a solution of soda.

In order to avoid clogging of pores in the future,
use deodorants correctly:

1. Spray personal hygiene products at least
5 cm

2. Before you go to sleep, take a shower in order to wash off
off all the sweat.

3. An antiperspirant is allowed to use no more than once.
in a day.

Itches under the arms: folk remedies

If the red spots formed under the arms are due to
excessive sweating, you can try to get rid of them tincture
from chamomile. Take one spoon of grass and fill it with a glass.
boiling water. Put to insist for 20 minutes, then strain.
In the resulting tool, add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and
wipe the affected places several times a day.

When irritated by substandard deodorants, effectively
apply tincture of Hypericum. For the preparation of the means to you
need two spoons of the plant. Fill them with hot water, wait
20 minutes until all infused, and then wipe the armpit area
три раза in a day.

In the hot season it is useful to wipe the armpits with a decoction of bark
of oak. Under the influence of the drug, sweat glands
will start working as before.

All folk remedies have a sparing effect on the armpits,
You can even use them without the permission of the doctor. But посетить
the medical facility is still worth it, since you know the reason
the occurrence of stains is imperative.

Red spots are scratched under the arms: prevention

In order not to face such a problem as red
armpit spots, you need to carry out preventive
events, and follow the basic rules:

• try to wear only loose clothing that will not
fit to the skin. With excessive sweating, get things.
only from high-quality materials, such as silk or linen;

• Sweat is a good breeding ground for bacteria. Exactly
therefore, the armpit area should be well treated. Neglect
hygiene procedures in any case is impossible;

• before you make depilation, be sure to moisturize the skin,
as severe irritation may occur;

• after the hair under the arms shaved, be sure
moisturize the skin with a special softening cream, if suddenly the skin
damaged – carefully treat everything with alcohol or any other

• do not use antiperspirants right after
depilation carried out;

• in order to minimize the risk of damage, use
chemical depilation (but only if you don’t have
allergies to it).

Red spots under the armpits can form in different ways.
reasons. In most cases, the problem is easily fixed by ordinary
folk remedies that every patient can use
houses. But конечно делать это разрешается только в том случае, если
точно известна причина такого states. For more serious
cases, of course, you must go through more thorough medical

Important! Allowed to self-medicate
only after consulting a dermatologist. If funds for treatment
chosen wrong, but the treatment was not completed until the end, then to
drugs may be resistant, and therefore side

You need to take care of your body so that it does not arise.
unpleasant diseases.

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