It would be desirable, but it is not possible: whether the people will helpfunds for potency? What are folk remedies for potencyeffective and which not

ATс, 08 ноя 2015 Автор: Анастасия Жарикова

How long will mankind live, so much male will
try to “raise”, “hold”, increase in length and thickness its

Despite the opinions of women, guys from young to old want
improve your genital any way you like.

Some even resort to folk remedies for potency,
go to the “folk healers” who whisper, roll out eggs,
burned out with candles, and produce many other impressive actions.
Often after that, the man feels a surge of strength, he even seems
enlarged his dick. Strange, but there is some truth in this. AT
what case “work” folk remedies for potency – read

AT чем суть проблемы

Almost every man of twenty years had to experience
Erectile dysfunction. AT народе это состояние называют отчаянным словом
�”Hanging”. If it is repeated no more than 25% of the total number of genital
acts, then doctors do not consider this a pathology. If not regularly
It turns out to have sexual intercourse due to lack of erection, they say
about erectile dysfunction.

Usually, a man who has encountered a problem is not even aware of
her reason. Such a disorder can never be
self-inflicted disease – it is only a “side effect” of others, not
less dangerous problems.

Impaired potency cause:

• organic causes – endocrine and urological
diseases, or lesions of the centers of regulation of sexual functions in

• neuropsychiatric disorders (in most cases) –
depression, neurosis, neurotic disorders, and others;

• medication – psychotropic, anti-cancer,
antihypertensives, and other medicines that affect
The central nervous system causes erection problems in absolutely healthy men.

AT зависимости от причин, вызывающих нарушение potency, разнятся
its manifestations and method of treatment, including folk remedies
for potency.

The most famous folk remedies for potency

«ATыбирай себе любой!» — предлагает детский стишок. So u
men – until they decide to go to the doctor, try a bunch of ways. AND
not always in vain!

Contrast shower for potency

Twice a day, morning and evening, pour water from the shower,
alternating with warm and cold water – wonderful folk
recipe. Even if the potency does not improve (which is very likely with
organic erectile dysfunction), fortifying effect on
The body procedure will render. Blood circulation improves
spasms, spirits appear. If the problem with potency
psychological nature, then a douche can help
relax, get distracted, and she will decide herself.

Barefoot walks – “the key to success”?

It is not known who made this discovery first, but now his
picked up everything: if you walk barefoot every day, then the potency
will increase quickly and forever. But here’s the paradox: the majority
men and so go home barefoot, rarely wear socks or sneakers.
But the problem arises and does not go anywhere – even go to the sneakers,
even in shoes, barefoot though, – biologically active points on
feet do not want to “massage” on their own!

Diet and diet – the main folk remedies for

Частота нарушения половой potency у полных мужчин гораздо выше,
than individuals in a healthy weight. This inevitably suggests how
doctors and every conscious person: you need to lose weight and
improve physical fitness. ANDстина стара как мир.

The diet of a man with an erection disorder should be reviewed.
Complete elimination of alcohol is the first and basic rule.
Drinking alcohol only exacerbates the problem.

ANDсключение легкоусвояемых углеводов — не менее важный moment.
You need to minimize sugar, baking, and fast food.
cooking With protein food is the opposite: plenty of meat and
кисломолочных продуктов могут очень помочь при нарушении potency и

Protein diet is necessarily complemented by vegetables and fruits in
large quantities. Greens and vegetables are said to be bright green
способствуют повышению potency. These properties are assigned to asparagus,
celery and spinach (think about sailor Papaya). Science is not yet
can confirm the stimulating effect of these products, but superfluous
in the diet of men they will not.

Products with a “healing” effect

There are rumors about the powerful effect of a number of products and their combinations in
treatment of potency problems.

Honey with fat milk. Advise different proportions
combinations of these products, none of them in any way
confirmed. Fatty foods are needed by the body, but nutrition must
be full-fledged, replace with fatty milk some of the meals

Honey also has a strong allergenic effect. With regular
its use by a person prone to allergies is possible
even anaphylactic shock. Therefore, the recipe is far from perfect.

Beer with sour cream. Probably every man yes
and the woman heard about this method of “raising the spirit.” Often women
are the initiators of such a “treat”, not knowing what it is
can turn around.

ANDтак, о жирных молочных продуктах мы говорили, они нужны мужчине
in the daily diet. As for beer, here is absurd.
situation. Even in a completely healthy man, the sexual response
systems on alcohol can be unpredictably unpleasant, that
talk about the “wilted” instance. And if you drink beer sour cream, then
surprise can be not only in terms of erection, but also from the side
gastrointestinal tract. Besides nausea and diarrhea, simultaneous
drinking beer with sour cream can cause a strong liver
colic, or other liver problems (regular complaints
�”Experimenters” at the reception of doctors).

This popular way will work only in the case of psychological
problems, but not at the organic level.

Garlic. Garlic Recipes – Huge
quantity. If you take “monotherapy”, the scheme is as follows: a kilogram
chop garlic and put into a jar in three liters, and fill up to
top boiled water. Insist a month, shakes every day.
You need to use the entire mixture to the remainder, the dosage is 1 tsp.

Garlic is a very useful product. When ingested it
prevents some inflammatory diseases, including
viral nature. But, unfortunately, neither with water, nor with honey, nor with
lemon, or in other combinations garlic does not help in the absence of

If we talk in general about nutrition, then none specifically taken
the product will not be able to add strength in intimate matters. The only thing
действенное народное средство для potency — не переедать и не
drink alcohol shortly before planned sexual intercourse. AT
in some cases this method will work.

Народные фито-средства для potency

Pleasant difference of herbal methods of treatment from medications
is a rare occurrence of side effects. But also
healthful they are far from always, especially when
problems with potency. Folk healers say they need
use herbs only with psychological abnormalities. But
and then the grass here? Let’s see.

Folk healers claim that herbal remedies can improve
blood circulation, relax smooth muscles, dilate blood vessels,
treat endocrine diseases and kill germs, render
anti-inflammatory effect. This statement is true, the official
medicine uses many herbs in its arsenal, but there is one

ATсе рекомендуемые для potency травы имеют противопоказания и
side effects:

• hops – vomiting, headache, nausea, abdominal pain,
causeless fatigue;

• yellow jug – used as a sleeping and sedative,
is a strong poison;

• lovage – recommended in the form of tincture with intoxication
nicotine or alcohol, but it burns mucous membranes and
has a strong diuretic effect, is very dangerous with stones in
the kidneys;

• алоэ — со слов народа стопроцентное средство для potency
(the effect is not confirmed by anything), aloe leaf juice is categorically
It is forbidden to take with diseases of the genitourinary system.

Let it sound surprising to many, but rumors of “harmful”
effects of mint on male potency – a myth. A glass of weak mint
tea a day not only does not harm, but also contributes to an erection with
nervous tension. ATсе благодаря расслабляющему действию. But
if you use a rich mint infusion regularly in considerable
doses, the problem with potency is inevitable.

Healthy food, moderate exercise,
lack of stress and bad habits are the main helpers for
intimate health and regular sex.

And if you have any problems, it is better to consult a doctor. ATозможно,
several counseling psychologist will help forget about erectile
dysfunction forever!

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