Is there the most effective diet inthe world?

In achieving its ideal, all means are good! Is not
quite right, because sometimes we lose not only excess weight, but also
head, trying to follow a fashionable diet. Deciding
lose weight, we often choose the wrong diet, which involves
lasting effective weight loss without creating stress
situations for the body, and the one that guarantees instant
weight loss, albeit by incredible sacrifices!

Despite the nutritionists ’warnings that instant
diets are harmful, destructive, harm both physiology and psyche,
women again and again choose the “flour” for the sake of beauty, neglecting
proper nutrition, regimen and recovery.

What are dangerous “hard” diet?

No, even the most effective diet in the world is not capable
to consolidate the result, to ensure weight loss without re-
recruitment and doubling, if you do not revise your power system and

Having dropped 10-15 kg in a relatively short time, you
inject your body into a state of stress, panic, and, feeling
�“Loss” it starts working in compensation mode, picking up
lost pounds literally out of thin air. Besides, any, let
and the most effective diet in the world, following which you can lose
up to 20 kg, but in a short period, involves the loss of minerals and
vitamins, weakening of immunity.

Of course, if we are talking about a loss of 3-5 kg, then
short-term tight diet, no. Short “hungry
mode ”is able to activate the work of all systems, the body is easy and
gladly gets rid of excess. But if you continue
eat in the same “key” much longer, then nothing but harm you
don’t get it.

Do not forget that radical diets that last
longer than two weeks, cause not only “internal” harm, forcing
strain all organs and systems, but also affect the appearance. Women
after 30 years, on long-term destructive diets,
significantly lose weight, but also note significant negative
changes in appearance – the appearance of circles under the eyes, the appearance
small and mimic wrinkles, sagging breasts, loss of its elasticity, and
how not paradoxical, the intensification of cellulite.

Trying to lose weight in a short time, women forget that the full
avoiding fat consumption dries out the skin and leads to
premature aging. A woman’s breasts are made up of fat tissue.
and drastic weight loss always leads to sagging, since the skin does not
manages to shrink. Aggressive diets harm the general exchange
processes in the body, and often inhibit them, which is why, on
background weight loss, cellulite appears much brighter, arising
in violation of the outflow of fluid in the tissues.

Правильное питание - основа быстрого похудения без вреда для health!

Proper nutrition – the basis of rapid weight loss without harm to

What diets will help to lose weight without harm to health?

In order to achieve the desired weight loss and not apply
harm to health or appearance, you should choose one of
long-term balanced diets that reduce weight and
will allow for years to maintain the achieved result. Options for such
diets are many, but by far the most popular and
effective recognized water diet, Kim Protasov diet and
�”Kremlin”, protein, or, as it is also called, “spectacled

  1. The basis of the aquatic diet is the increased use of clean
    drinking water before each of the meals and during the day, and
    eating foods from your daily diet.
  2. Diet Kim Protasov involves the use of certain
    product type and in sequence for five
    weeks, after which the body not only loses excess weight, but also
    getting healthier.
  3. �”Kremlin diet” – the most effective diet in the world,
    practically knows no restrictions on the use of products,
    the only condition is the scoring of special points.
    table, with a minimum number of points have proteins and

The desire to become more attractive – the most natural for women
but in the pursuit of beauty, do not forget about health and mental

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