Is there a friendship between a man and a woman?What do women think?

Пт, 08 янв 2016 Автор: Галина Правдина

�“Friendship is not a job! Friends have no holidays! ”- Sings
popular children group. �”Friends do not need to have, with them it is necessary
to be friends “- says modern popular wisdom. With no allegations
argue when it comes to friendship between two men or two
by women. But when it comes to the heterosexual friendship between
man and woman, many questions arise and many
opposing opinions. Let’s try to figure it out and we
a controversial question: is there a friendship between a man and
a woman?

Psychologists claim that friendship between a man and a woman either
begins or ends with sex. That is, either a man with
the woman was initially lovers, and then for some reason
parted, but remained friendly or even friendly
relationship. Psychologists call such friendship the most

If a man and a woman are friends, but they did not have intimate
relations, then sooner or later, according to the predictions of specialists, they
will be Only in this case, after the near friendship, more often than not,
the end comes: either it develops into a love relationship, or
there is a complete rupture of any relationship at all. More complicated
a situation arises when a married woman and a married woman are friends
the man. In this case, the spouses of friends who have crossed over
threshold allowed from the point of view of moral principles.

Still psychologists distinguish the third type of friendship between a man and
woman, calling it “unnatural form of relationship.” It is when
people like each other, but for some reason they can’t
become lovers. Most often this kind of friendship happens among
colleagues, colleagues for some interests or hobbies,
and also between two couples, the so-called friendship
�”Houses”. Such a friendship can be quite long.

At the same time, there are psychologists who believe that “to experience
being attracted to one another does not mean being incapable of friendship. ” It,
in their opinion, the natural reaction of the body, characteristic of
friendship between a man and a woman.

Most men are by nature males, conquerors. Any
an attractive woman for them they see as potential
for yourself couples (for the night, for the month, for the whole life). Friendship with their
the parties always have a slight (and sometimes unambiguous) hint at
Flirt and willingness to intimacy is not at all friendly. And women in
their majority, on the contrary, can enjoy
simple communication. The male friend interests them exclusively from the point
view of the individual, and not in terms of belonging to the floor. But,
there are very few men who like just talking to a woman.
Perhaps that is why so rare is true friendship between
man and woman.

Is there a friendship between a man and a woman – everyone responds
to this question from personal experience. And those women who have
there are male friends and they want to keep them for a long time, psychologists
advised to follow a number of rules:

– First, you should try not to excite in yourself and in your friend
romantic feelings. Frequent friendly hugging, gentle kissing
touch, etc. are excluded. Even romantic dreams by
about a male friend you can not afford.

– Secondly, it is necessary to avoid ambiguous words and situations.
In particular, spend as little time alone as possible and communicate
better in the circle of other people. Talk on too frank themes
it is also better not to start – they are fraught with danger.

– And thirdly, not to give jealousy the will, but to respect the personal
the life of his male friend.

Лариса 32 года, менеджер по туризму:Да, дружба
between man and woman there is. I know for sure. I have
male friend (not gay, but heterosexual male). we
met 15 years ago at the institute. Never between us was
and a hint of flirting, never made eyes at each other …. and
comforted in the arms. Fall in love with someone, everyone knew each about
friend always, all the novels were in front of each other. He is like me
brother. It is important. You can consult with him – get a man
look at the situation, the problem and feasible help in solving it. is he
often helps me with completely non-standard advice, supports me
difficult situations. is he счастливо женат. Married not so long ago. And I
she was afraid that his wife would not accept her friend. Worried about communicating
let’s stop … But everything worked out, he introduced me to his wife and she,
an intelligent woman, perceives our friendship in a completely normal manner.

Татьяна 31 год, продавец:Да существует! But this
it happens very, very rarely. I have друг. It’s like with a brother
even you can tell him what your brother shouldn’t tell.
Friendship between a woman and a man maybe if they grew up
together. Like mine.

Алина 30 лет, домохозяйка:В общем, мое твердое
the belief that friendship between a man and a woman exists, but either
It began with sex, or it will definitely end. Anyway –
sex was or will be !!! Male friends were always there, but after
got married, try not to communicate with them, but no longer new
start up

Ольга 26 лет, юрист:I have мужчина-друг!
is he самый лучший! There is only friendship between us, but it is very strong. we
We have been friends for a long time, for many years, our second half is also best friend.
But true friendship is possible only if certain
conditions, there should be no threat of destruction of marriage and jealousy, and
same confidence in your loved one and trust!

Илона 32 года, домохозяйка:Уверенна, что дружбы
between a man and a woman does not exist, not for the nature so
conceived. Any friendship sooner or later grow into something

Елена28 лет, учитель:Считаю, что межполовой
friendship does not exist. That’s for sure! One way or another, you will experience feelings.
not at all friendly. Checked on yourself.

Оксана 32 года, домохозяйка:У меня были и до
still have male friends. One of them is my godfather, my godfather
daughters. My husband’s brother is now my relative. Our
friendship in the past has now grown into a family relationship. is heи уже
me like brothers What is the friendship – in what is it and
must manifest – in mutual assistance and support.

Юлия 30 лет, менеджер:Думаю, что искренней
There is no friendship between a man and a woman. At least on my
experience. All my friendly impulses with men came down to
that they needed to be continued, but rarely remain just friends
men agree. Although, there is one copy – my husband. Him
a lot of women with whom he is friends and helps them, and they him
help and they are friends with me.

Лариса 31 год, домохозяйка:Считаю,
friends, comrades are yes. But a friend, just like a friend, with
which can all discuss and cry, this from a man is not
you will wait. I have such friends and comrades from the institute. we
always happy to see each other, always hugging you when we meet,
kiss on the cheek, talk about the brightest and most pleasant minutes
his life, but never frank. And friendship is in full
sense of the word, in my opinion, can not be, because at one of
parties will still have some feelings, because a friend is he
more than a relative, closer than parents, he is almost 24 hours

Инга 43 года, учитель:У меня мужчин друзей
lot. Friendship with everyone is different, it all depends on the man with whom
are friends It turns out that for them you set the distance in
communicating, because men still somehow start you
regarded as an object with which you can spend not only
friendly meetings. It all depends on the woman herself – to let
or keep at a friendly distance.

On the vast expanses of the Internet, one thing happened
quatrain Unfortunately, the author could not be installed. On my
look, this little rhyme very well describes the specifics
friendship between a man and a woman.

When a man and a woman are friends, Everything is very simple, but crazy
difficult. Much is almost impossible, Although, theoretically


Lera on 11/29/2016 my husband is friends with his classmate several
years .. assures that this is friendship and only, but I often have
doubt and some kind of dull irritation, I do not believe … everyone communicates
day, sms, email, day can not live without communication, in
business trips him wrote, on vacation … and it seems to work for him
helps, gives advice and advice … but something has become very much
in our life … it happens? Katya 06/19/2016 I think that friendship
between a man and a woman does exist. Here is another good
article on this topic
Olga 06/09/2016 No man wrote Yulka 05/11/2016 No, not
I believe in this so-called “friendship” … No Kusya 04/30/2016 Friendship
between a man and a woman, this is a Sax laid down for later.

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