Is sugar substitute harmful?

All sweeteners are divided into natural and synthetic.
Natural sweeteners are stevia, fructose and products on
Its base is: sorbitol, xylitol and concentrated fruit syrups.

Стевия в магазине

Fructose is what is contained in fruits and makes them
sweet Michel Montignac enthusiastically argued the need for a complete
replacement of sugar with fructose. She really has a number
merits: in small quantities it stabilizes blood sugar
and helps to avoid tooth decay. Here are just lose weight with her
use will not succeed – because of the caloric content of fructose from sugar
no different. She is prescribed to diabetics as a substitute.
Sahara. Fructose does not cause a sharp release of insulin into the blood, and that’s
everything. But it also contributes to weight gain as sugar. On strict
New York type diets, it’s impossible to eat fruit because
the content of fructose in them.

Stevia is a sweet herb with zero calorie and many times
слаще Sahara. There is a huge industry in America right now,
producing sweeteners based on stevia. Syrups, tinctures
stevia, powders and tablets that need to be put in tea.

Stevia is natural, but not recommended for pregnant women due to
suspicion of the ability to cause a gene mutation (in fact, like
vitamin A in overdose). The second problem is that, cleared and
turned into a white powder, stevia is no longer the same
natural grass. Stevia extract extracted by
chemicals, refined and processed causes in many
nutritionists have big doubts. Therefore, it is better to buy
stevia in its natural form – for example, crushed to green
leaf powder or natural infusion of stevia leaves.

Artificial sugar substitutes

Artificial sweeteners have zero calorie and
surpass sugar in the degree of sweetness in the tens or even hundreds
time. Synthetic sweeteners cheat taste buds
tongue, causing a feeling of sweetness.

In our country, the list of permitted artificial
sugar substitutes approved by the RAMS. This list includes Aspartame,
Acesulfame Potassium, Sucralose and Sodium Cyclamate. Not very appetizing
titles, right?

1. Aspartame — самый популярный заменитель Sahara. Decaying he
turns into formaldehyde – the most dangerous carcinogen. Aspartame
It is forbidden to give to children under 4 years old due to the danger of overdose: this
is fraught with insomnia and headaches. However scientists
assure that, while respecting the norm of 30-40 mg per 1 kg of weight of aspartame
not carcinogenic. Let’s hope they are right.

2. Cyclamate – a substance that surpasses sugar by sweetness at 30
time. The US Department of Health banned in the 1990s
cyclamate as a carcinogen. In Russia, it is allowed, albeit with
restriction for pregnant women and children. One more
contraindication – kidney disease.

3. Acesulfame potassium. It is known that a substance can
cause allergies. Almost completely eliminated from the body. Not
recommended for people suffering from heart failure.

4. Sucralose. Perhaps the safest artificial substitute
sugar for today. It is allowed to use even
pregnant women. However, it is very expensive, and find it in the pharmacy
You can not always.

It must be said that only a healthy person can be harmed.
huge doses of artificial sugar substitutes, and a small
a tablet that is put in coffee or tea does not represent a big
danger. And yet, people who care about their health are not
drink neither diet cola nor other drinks with artificial
sugar substitutes. Make choices for you at the moment.
more important. If you need to lose weight, small doses of synthetic
sweeteners are not so harmful.

Notкоторые диетологи, правда, считают, что сахарозаменители не
promote weight loss. It is believed that when used
sweetener, the body takes artificial sweetness for
the real one. The result is insulin production for the breakdown of glucose,
which is not. The body is beginning to demand material for
recycling, and a person has a strong feeling of hunger. So
Thus, he eats much more than he could.

What to do? Use natural stevia and try
reduce the amount of sugar in your diet, get rid of cravings for
sweets and change food habits.

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