Is kefir effective for weight loss?

kefir-dlya-pohudeniyaKefir is a fermented milk
a drink that contains proteins, calcium, vitamin D, probiotics and
contributes to managing your body weight.

Kefir has a positive effect on the fight against excess
kilograms due to their dairy and probiotic properties,
that help maintain healthy bowel function.

Of course, everyone on a diet is looking for that product (for example,
kefir for weight loss), which will help him successfully remove fat by
but it’s still worth noting that it’s not food that burns calories and
melts fat.

Only a properly selected list of healthy foods.
used in moderation, and a regular workout plan
will give a guaranteed result in the long term.

But in this article we will fully pay tribute to kefir, get acquainted with
its beneficial properties and role in terms of
healthy weight loss.


How effective is kefir for weight loss?


Like every dairy product, kefir also contains calcium.
Although calcium and does not apply to those additives that have high
effectiveness in the fight against excess weight, but there is evidence
high or moderate levels of calcium can still help
you lose pounds.

According to US researchers, calcium allows
the body burn more calories than usual, and when it is high
consumption level prevents the accumulation of excess calories in the form
fat Ideally, you should get about 1000 mg of calcium per day for
maintaining healthy teeth and bones, but an additional 200 mg can
help you in healthy weight loss.



Kefir contains significantly more probiotics than
yogurt, and they can help you lose weight. But how is it
is going on?

  • First, they help your digestive system.
    function more efficiently – for example, if you suffer from
    chronic constipation, you can quickly notice a slight decrease
    in weight as soon as your intestines begin normally
  • Secondly, there is also a theory that the type of bacteria in
    intestines can affect your weight. A study was conducted in
    which patients who received probiotic supplements lost by 12
    % more weight than others. Experts have suggested that
    �The “right” probiotic supplements pushed aside the bacteria that,
    may have prevented weight loss. But more is needed.
    research to finally prove or disprove this

Use kefir for weight loss

Use kefir as a drink for breakfast or lunch, to
same kefir cocktail will be the best option if you have in the morning
not enough time for a full meal. To do this, mix
kefir and pieces of fruit to choose from in a blender and add to taste
a bit of sugar (or better, a substitute – inulin).

Carry kefir with you everywhere – at school or at work, this
will help you cope with temptations that can undermine your
weight normalization plans, such as eating fast food,
sweets, cookies, donuts and empty calories soda.


Despite the fact that calcium and probiotics in the composition of kefir can
help you lose weight, it does not mean that you
must ignore the rest of the food. In fact, this approach
can thwart your plans for successful weight loss.

After all, the nutritional value of kefir varies depending on
the type of milk from which it is made, and an average of 162
calories, 8 grams of fat and 15 grams of carbohydrates for 1 cup. But only three
gram of these carbohydrate fiber, the rest is sugar, which
is about half the daily recommended dose for

Based on this, in addition to kefir for weight loss is very important
plan a healthy, balanced diet and moderate
physical exercise. And you will definitely succeed!

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