Is it safe to induce vomiting for weight loss !?

rvota-dlya-pohudeniya-est-li-tolkAccording to many girls,
ideal weight loss is a quick result without much effort and

But does it happen that a person lives without thinking about
the importance of your diet and the need for periodic
playing sports, and at the same time still manages to lose weight?

It turns out, yes! Surprisingly, most people don’t even
suspect what the fair sex is capable of
for the sake of a beautiful and slim body.

The result of their ordeal was the birth of not quite adequate
a way that has become for some magic pill to combat
overweight is losing weight with the help of vomiting.

Of course, for many losers, this approach is given significantly
easier than meeting the requirements of a rational diet and
set of exercises for weight loss. But let’s try now
find out how “emetic” is harmful to
effects of the organism in the future.

Features vomiting for weight loss and its consequences

The fact is that, according to experts, this method of correction
weight is not just harmful, but extremely dangerous because of the hardest
health effects caused by physical and
psychological state of the body.

And everything looks like this: a person who wants to lose weight, eats everything that
he wants, without regard to the amount of food eaten, its fat content and
calorie content. After that, empty your stomach with
gag reflex, not allowing nutrients to digest
through the digestive tract.

At first glance, it’s pretty easy and simple – went to
bathroom, pulled out everything that was in the stomach, and free. After
the girl’s body begins to receive less important for normal
vital activity of the substance, is initiated by their gradual
release from pre-existing stocks, which leads to a dramatic
weight loss.

The worst thing is that the first results of such a slimming vomit
lead many girls into a frenzy of delight. Still 15 kg and without
special effort! And they continue to ruin themselves, not thinking at all
about the possible consequences.

And everything begins with the fact that as a result of such experiments
the frontier of understanding the distinction between healthy harmony and
painful exhaustion.


Girls do not notice that their previous diet is essential
has changed. If earlier they ate in small portions, controlling
reception of sweet and fat, now constant hunger has become for them
habitual feeling, forcing to eat much more volume
food. This is the first bell when urgently needed.
stop because the normal call of vomiting gradually turns into
the development of a serious disease – bulimia.

It is a psychological and physical disorder of the body, which
accompanied by constant attacks of the “wolf” hunger, forcing
human to consume more and more food after
what comes spontaneous emetic process. And so on
circle …

The reason for this cyclicality is that the stomach
is a special muscular organ, which tend to lengthen
or vice versa shrink. During the frequent vomiting processes
the walls weaken and gradually stretch, which subsequently and
leads to a greater sense of hunger. As a result of the development
bulimia skin loses its elasticity, hair and nails become
brittle and lifeless, teeth begin to crumble, as with
vomiting of the stomach comes out and acid, which destroys the dental
enamel. The gastrointestinal tract is impaired, leading to
persistent constipation, gastritis may develop, worsens
digestion in general, there is an unpleasant smell from the mouth and

In a word, you can hardly call such girls beautiful! But even
such external changes do not stop many, because
the problem at a certain stage becomes not only
psychological, but also unconscious, when the mechanism of vomiting is already
запускается непроизвольно только лишь при виде или запахе food. AT
such a situation without the help of relatives and friends, and most importantly doctors,
no longer do.

The cause of uncontrolled emptying is a valve
restricting the entrance to the stomach. After frequent gagging his
walls stretch and weaken, as a result, food begins to
get back into the esophagus. This stage of the disease, along with
a rapid decrease in appetite is already turning into anorexia.


AT этот период внутренние органы начинают постепенно разрушаться,
total physical exhaustion occurs, menstruation stops,
There is rapid fatigue, depression, which can lead to

However, even at this stage of the disease, the girl can be helped, but,
Of course, the rehabilitation process will be difficult and can be delayed.
for a long time. In addition, none of the doctors will not guarantee
full recovery, because it often happens that not
it is given to everyone to regain their former form and with the consequences of the disease
have to fight all my life.

What can be offered as an alternative?

Whatever seductive did not seem to you this idea is not worth it
to experiment with it under any circumstances. It is better to give
their preference over the years proven methods – sport and
proper nutrition. This will help keep you healthy and bring your
forms in proper form.

It should be remembered forever that some ways to reduce weight
(including vomiting) for invented harmony require
high fees, sometimes at the cost of their own health.

ATыбор, конечно, за вами, но не стоит наивно рассчитывать, что вы
be able to lose some weight with the help of vomiting, and then on time
stop to continue after this to maintain the usual image
of life. ATедь никто не знает, как индивидуально может среагировать
your body on this or that change, which means it will be difficult for you
predict his response.

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