Is it possible to reduce cholesterol in the home?conditions? Why doctors forbid trying to lower cholesterolhouses?

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Cholesterol is necessary for every organism, be it a child or

Thanks to him, new cells, hormones are formed.

His indicators in the body should always be normal.

Increased level indicates the presence of any disruptions in the body
or diseases.

Everyone should know how to quickly reduce the level
холестерина в домашних conditions.

Quickly reduce cholesterol at home, for what time –
it is possible

Cholesterol is a fat-like substance, an organism.
can not function without it. All cells of our body
contain it in themselves. If the blood level rises, then development
heart disease simply can not be avoided. In organs content
equal to about 200 grams.

All products containing large amounts of cholesterol
for many are a real source of evil. On everybody’s day
about 5 grams is synthesized per person. cholesterol. But куда все это
consumed? Approximately 20% is contained in the brain. Small part
goes to form sex hormones.

In no case should we allow situations in which
the level is greatly increased. The consequences in the body are sometimes
irreversible. Many believe that lower cholesterol in
home conditions can be just a couple of days. The main thing to exclude
harmful foods, stick to the right food and everything will be in
norm But мнение, к сожалению, ошибочно. Since the treatment and
Prevention sometimes lasts for several months.

You need to know what you can do and what not. Just so you
you can increase its blood level without serious consequences.

How to quickly reduce cholesterol at home, which
medications and remedies will help

What remedies can regulate the level of cholesterol in the blood?
This is quite an important question, because it concerns our body. But
First you need to understand what kind of body it is useful for, and which

1. Good. Thanks to him, the body undergoes a process of synthesis
and bile is formed.

2. Bad. Through the body, it is carried by low-density proteins.
It is deposited on the walls of blood vessels, thereby forming plaques.

Means to reduce its level

1. Диетотерапия. Need to eat
only certain products. But для этого нужно знать, в каких
foods contain good cholesterol, and in which bad:

  • Fat Since they are all different, you need to watch not for what
    the amount of fat enters the body, and for what he has

  • Carbohydrates. It is desirable that they have a low glycemic

  • Cellulose. Foods included in your diet should
    contain it in large quantities.

2. Folk remedies.

3. Лекарства. There is a special group.
drugs – statins. You need to remember to take such
medicine can only be prescribed by a doctor.

4. Other means:

• avoid stress whenever possible;

• completely abandon bad habits;

• try to play sports;

• with excess weight you need to get rid of excess

How to quickly reduce cholesterol at home:

Cholesterol can rise in the body for two reasons:
ration is a lot of food with its content going on
synthesis directly in the body. Therefore, you need to take
all measures, so that no second reason had place to be.
Many are concerned about how to quickly reduce cholesterol in
home conditions, and is it possible at all. Do it of course
can using the following methods:

1. Строгая диета. You need to be completely about
products that contain cholesterol, even in small
quantities. Diet therapy implies an exception: sour cream,
hard cheeses, fatty foods, white bread, eggs. But нужно не
only exclude products, but also include: vegetables, fruits,
seafood, unrefined oil. Buy bread made from
coarse flour. It will be better if it will be added

Good effect can be achieved from those products that
rich in plant fiber. After conducting numerous
research we can conclude that in ethnic races
There is practically no atherosclerosis. And the thing is that in their
The diet is dominated by leguminous plants.

You also need to eat fish oil. This can be done as in pure
in the form of, and as additives in food.

Quite often, proper nutrition, smoking cessation and
alcohol, allows you to get rid of cholesterol at home
without pills.

2. Применение лекарственных средств. But они
must have a lipid-lowering effect. Reduce
Synthesis is possible after taking the following drugs:

• a nicotinic acid. The drug is contained in vitamins or
antispasmodic drugs. Per day maximum dose
makes 1,5-0,3 grams. Overdose will result in
heat. In order to prevent this, it is recommended not to drink
tea facility or coffee.

• fibrates: clofibrate, atromide, gevilon. The drugs do not possess
such a pronounced effect as nicotinic acid, which is why
they can not be taken with cholecystitis.

• sequestrants. The drugs in this group contribute to
removal of lipids from the body.

• Statins: Fluvastatin, Pravastatin. Thanks to their action
there is a decrease in the production of cholesterol by the liver fiber.
The level of cholesterol in the blood is under a kind of seizure.
It is better to take drugs before bedtime, since at night
production of cholesterol increases.

Folk remedies

The most popular herbs that are used to reduce the level
cholesterol following:

• tincture of calendula. Per day you need to take 25 drops
marigold no more times. The course of treatment is at least one month.
You can also cook broths based on it.

• alfalfa. For this you need to use only a young plant.
Sprouts can be eaten, a day for twenty pieces. Many grandmothers
advised to squeeze the juice from the plant and drink it.

• flax seed. You can buy seeds at almost every pharmacy
this plant. You need to add it to the food.

• dandelion. Take not the flower itself, but its roots. Pre
grind well. Before you are going to have to eat,
take one teaspoon.

• Golden mustache. Use the plant, you need to accurately accurately
observing all dosages. Prepare the tincture as follows.
way: take one leaf of the plant and chop finely. Then
fill with 1 liter of boiling water. Put the tin container in the dark
place and let it brew for one day. Within 2-3 months
take one tablespoon before each dose

Bee products are in great demand, especially for
cholesterol lowering – perga, propolis. Take them in the morning
on empty stomach. Another proven remedy is garlic and
lemon. In order to prepare a useful tool from them, you need
do the following: chop a lemon with the peel and a head of garlic in
blender. After a homogeneous mass is formed, pour all
it’s cold water. Let it stand for 3 days. Then нужно принимать
the mixture three times a day, 50 ml.

All the listed methods of traditional medicine are safe.
Of course, to increase cholesterol in a few days
work out, but after a few months you can count on
good result.

Want to quickly reduce cholesterol at home? Doctor

High cholesterol is a signal to the body that
vascular atherosclerosis will come soon. Many people make a diagnosis
themselves. After they began to feel bad, the first
The measures taken are of course a visit to the Internet. Patients
begin to describe their symptom and look for possible diseases. On
The forums have many tips on how to deal with this or that pathology.
Let’s say the diagnosis is made correctly, and you really
high cholesterol. Next comes the most dangerous thing:
looking for how to quickly lower cholesterol in the home
conditions. On женских форумах, что только не предлагают. Far from
everyone decides to go to the hospital and begins to be treated independently.
Prepare special folk remedies, buy pills. But
thereby only worsen their condition.

Before you begin treatment, you must go through a full
examination. Pass tests, get their results. Doctorи выяснять
clinical picture and only after that, the necessary

That is why doctors forbid self-medicating. After all
if you do not take the right methods of treatment on time, then
the consequences may not be comforting. Onверняка не каждый человек,
studying ways to combat cholesterol levels, reads what he faces
to the body. And absolutely in vain. After all его повышенный уровень может
provoke angina, ischemic heart disease, hypertension,
disturbances in the cerebral circulation. And this is not the whole list.
hazards. If you do not turn to specialists in time, then many
such diseases can cause the patient to die.

That is why doctors strongly recommend not to look for methods.
increase cholesterol independently, and especially not to put
diagnose yourself. Such measures only harm you.

After 20 years, it is recommended to donate blood every six months.
analyzes. In order to control cholesterol levels. Do
this is necessary even if you are doing well. After all чем внимательнее вы
treat your body, the less problems and troubles it has for you
will deliver.

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