Is it possible to quit smoking? The reasons,possible consequences, is it possible to quit smoking?

Вт, 31 май 2016 Автор: Виталий Шеломидо

Smoking addiction is a problem that more than one struggled with
a generation of smokers, and it is far from overcoming its strength
to each.

Some try to solve it on their own, others use
special aids (pills, sprays), and still others
decide to quit without swinging, immediately and forever.

But can you give up cigarettes abruptly?

This question is quite ambiguous, and on this occasion there is
many opinions.

Let’s figure it out.


Types of Smokers

Smokers can be divided into 2 groups:

1) avid (everyday);

2) non-permanent.

People in the second category are actually quite
a lot, they make up about 1/3 of the total mass of smokers. In any
If the desire to give up cigarettes should be many times higher
It is the first group of people, which is quite logical.

Is it possible to quit smoking: possible consequences

Many are trying to get rid of tobacco addiction, but
Unfortunately, not everyone is able to bring this matter to
victory A part of heavy smokers cannot even think
imagine how they will live without the usual cigarette in his hand.
And even the fact that their bad habit causes a significant
the harm of their loved ones to people and children is in no way capable of persuading them to
side of life “without smoke.”

But if, after all, a person with a long smoking period solves once and for all
forever refuse cigarettes, you can’t do it sharply, because
this is fraught with the following pathologies:

  • weakened immunity;

  • cough in the morning;

  • sharp weight gain;

  • irritability, depression.

However, each of these negative effects can be alleviated,
if you solve this problem under the supervision of highly qualified
specialist. The doctor will be able to provide the necessary support at any time.
medicines of a person who decided to give up nicotine
dependencies. In any случае главным в данном процессе является
non-use of various aids, and conscious
and the serious intent of the person to quit smoking.

To date, not a single method has been devised by which
it would be possible once and for all to rid a person of tobacco
dependency without the desire of the smoker, and this is hardly
tool will ever appear.

At first, each of the tools will provide some support, but
over time, under the pressure of psychological dissonance, man
breaks down and again reaches for a cigarette, and can stop it
only own will power. The smoker will take the nerves, he
may become depressed and it will be difficult for him to concentrate on
work, if forced to quit smoking,
it is better that he himself came to such a decision, only so it will be possible
achieve the desired result.

So that the body can get used to the changes, it will need
some time to adapt. Since quitting smoking
suggests changes in psychophysiological terms, then
it takes time to make and adjust for such changes.

Is it possible to quit smoking abruptly: what happens in the body?

It is considered that people with a small smoking history (less than
three to five years) you can get rid of addiction, although it may
turn out not immediately. If the dependence on cigarette smoke is over
ten years, it is not recommended to give up sharply, as this may
cause many problems with the body. The reason for this is
physically induced nicotine addiction forming
more than five years. As for the shorter dependency periods
(less than five years), then the problem of quitting smoking has more
psychological than psychophysiological connection.

In a person who decides to abruptly get rid of this habit,
In a few days, the breaking will probably start, the main reason
which is a large deficiency of acetylcholine in the body. As a result
– the emergence of all sorts of ailments, a person can begin
dizziness, unreasonable anxiety, depressive state, and
also gluttony. Each of these manifestations is somehow connected
with acute acetylcholine deficiency.

Is it possible to quit smoking abruptly: how to do it?

There are a huge number of programs that allow dramatically
get rid of addiction, but they will end up
useless without the will and willpower of the smoker. In these programs
An hourly daily schedule is often prescribed to
several times to reduce craving for cigarettes. Part of people trying
stop smoking, talk about problems that arise
lack of nicotine in the body, but here in the first place
works a clear dependence on it.

Nicotine “breaking” in its essence is not serious
threat, rather, it has a great similarity with the usual food
hunger, it is precisely due to the emergence of the stereotype
smoking and dramatically gained weight. ” It’s not the cigarettes themselves,
but in the inability to control oneself, since after refusing nicotine
man begins to work out this feeling is similar to hunger, and
He begins to eat many times more than before. In the end, just a couple
months, he can see a rapid weight gain of 10-15 kg.

As for people with a long smoking history (from 10 years),
there are quite serious consequences caused by a sharp
giving up cigarettes. In this case, it would be right to start
get rid of nicotine addiction under the supervision of a doctor in
especially it concerns older people. Disposal time
it doesn’t change much from habit, but for heavy smokers
There will be medical and psychological assistance. The patient will receive
nicotine in various patches, pills, will visit different
trainings that help to tune in to a healthy lifestyle and bring
him from a depressive state.

In any случае избавляться от этой вредной привычки нужно не
only for my own sake, but also for my loved ones. Be
are healthy!

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