Is it possible to drink water before donating blood toanalyzes. Recommendations of experts: whether to drink water before deliveryof blood

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From a particular type of laboratory examinations depend
medical requirements for patients with
preparing for this research.

The main analyzes, most often prescribed by doctors,
являются забора of blood и мочи.

Due to the knowledge of the obtained laboratory examinations,
the medical professional can correctly assess the patient’s condition
identify a certain disease in the early stages and
controlled further medical cure
the patient.

But, the likelihood of improper laboratory preparation
surveys, may further distort the data obtained, on
based on which, of course, an incorrect and erroneous

Recommendations of medical workers before passing the general analysis
of blood

Процесс по изъятию of blood, является достаточно простым и
known to many. In laboratory analysis, medical professionals
based on the patient’s biomaterial, they can
конкретизировать информацию о клеточном составе человеческой of blood,
and determine the significance of indicators such as pigment and
erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR).

Often, a general analysis can show the onset of development.
какого-либо заболевания of blood или других недугов человеческого
organism. Therefore, in order to make a more accurate and correct diagnosis,
before laboratory examinations, most patients are given
вопрос — можно ли пить воду перед сдачей of blood, а также, что им
consume and eat before the procedure.

Important tips from medical professionals who need to
следовать, в особенности перед сдачей of blood:

• Last meal consumption should occur 8-12 hours before
начала сдачи анализа of blood.

• One day prior to laboratory examination exclude acceptance
fried, sweet and spicy food.

Before taking the analysis, doctors do not recommend taking in the morning
пищу, а на вопрос — можно ли пить воду перед сдачей of blood отвечают
approvingly. The only clarification in this matter only serves
information on the inadmissibility of the use of soda and sweet
water. And, of course, doctors completely exclude on the eve of the analysis.
drinking alcohol and smoking.

Is it possible to drink water before donating blood to биохимическое

Such analysis will be started if you are concerned
diseases of the organs of the liver, kidneys, the course of rheumatic
nature, changes in water-salt metabolism, lack of vitamins and
trace elements.

Before passing the analysis it is necessary to treat more strictly
to comply with the following rules:

• A few days before the test is recommended to fully
refuse to take a bath, visit the sauna, as well as any
physical exertion.

• За 10-14 часов до забора of blood исключить приём какой-либо

• It is necessary to refuse to take alcohol, smoking and taking
drugs, especially antibiotics.

• Eliminate the intake of any liquid.

Подготовку к забору of blood проводят в зависимости от вида
laboratory tests, for example, if you need to identify the degree
uric acid, some time before the test
definitely go on a diet.

This diet should exclude use in the diet
The following products:

• Meat and fish.

• Напитков в виде — кофе, чёрного чая, газированной water.

• The presence in the food of the viscera, in the form of kidneys and liver.

Based on the requirements of preparation for this analysis, medical
работники на вопрос можно ли пить воду перед сдачей of blood, говорят
its categorical no!

Reception of water and its influence on the reliability of the laboratory

The experts agreed that juices, coffee and
coffee drinks especially with added sugar are
full nutrition. In connection with what to consume it 10-14 hours before
the beginning of the analysis is absolutely impossible. One
specialists are allowed to drink water, while others recommend
refuse to even receive fluids to obtain reliable

For example, alcohol can:

• Increase lactate concentration.

• Uric acid concentration.

• Increase the presence of triacylglycerols.

• Понизить содержание сахара в of blood.

Naturally, this will greatly affect the loyalty
проведённых analyzes.

Just say how water affects the content
quantities, say leukocytes, not a single expert in this field
can. So if you have any doubts on the issue you can
ли пить воду перед сдачей of blood из вены, целесообразнее на этот
an account ask advice from a doctor who will conduct

The main thing is not to eat the last 12 hours before the analysis and
consume as little as possible any liquid.

Important! One day before
analysis, to abandon the consumption of such beverages as – coffee, tea,
wine, beer and other alcohol.

Laboratory analysis of blood and sugar: is it possible to drink water before
сдачей of blood

Before you take the sugar test, you need 24 hours before
research to remove from the diet any alcoholic beverages. Before
the delivery of such an analysis, experts do not prohibit consumption
fluid. Teeth brushing is not recommended on the day of the test.
consumption of any kind of chewing gum as possible
The content of glucose in these components may affect
reliability of analyzes and further on the diagnosis itself.

During the testing of the definition of hormones can not
prohibit the consumption of water, but it is necessary to exclude
consumption of fried and spicy dishes, as well as drinks
containing alcohol.

Why many experts recommend to refrain from
consumption of water and other liquids before laboratory
research? В принципе на биохимическую составляющую of blood она
does not directly affect. But patients with hypertension are at risk
increase your pressure by eating on an empty stomach a large amount
fluid, thereby worsening their condition, which can later
повлиять на правильность результатов проведённых analyzes.

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