Is it possible during monthly sportsto do?

  • 1 Monthly and sport
    • 1.1 Opinion gynecologists?
    • 1.2 What will happen if during the month to go in for sports?
    • 1.3 Can menstrual misses due to sports?
    • 1.4 Sports on the first day of menstruation
    • 1.5 Is it possible to play sports in case of delayed menstruation?

Fanaticism in fitness is only useful in metered doses.
volumes. Очень осторожно заниматься физическими упражнениями
women must during menstruation. Therefore, when deciding on
attending a workout and playing sports during menstruation is necessary
be guided not only by their desires, but also by medical


Monthly and sport

Is it possible during monthly sports to do?

Menstruation affects the body of a woman, not only during their
direct flow, but also in pre- and postmenstrual
period. Therefore, to understand whether you can play sports in
period of menstruation follows from different time points of view.

Opinion gynecologists?

Menstruation prevents girls from going to the gym and
to make love. But if a person wants to know how not to miss
workout and feel good then you need to turn to
to the doctor.

Is it possible to engage in monthly sports – opinion

Professionals have a clear position on the issue of whether
exercise on simulators during menstruation. Deprivation
physical exercise during menstruation is harmful and
adversely affects a woman: venous outflow from
pelvic organs, which impairs metabolic processes in the uterus.

It is advisable to refuse training the muscles of the lower back and
press, do not make sudden movements, body turns, and
also do exercises in the gym that load the spine.

Restrictions on intense workouts during menstruation are recommended.
in the first three days at the five-day cycle and the first two days at
three days Passion for fitness during menstruation should not
accompanied by fatigue, breath holding, intense
sweating. Easy walking, cycling,
stretching exercises, yoga, pilates.

What happens if during your period to go in for sports?

Increasing the concentration of progesterone in the blood of women in the first
days of menstruation leads to additional fluid intake
tissue, which reduces the strength and endurance of muscle fibers. Besides
In addition, blood loss accelerates the onset of fatigue during exercise.
Therefore, the effectiveness of sports exercises when
menstruation is questionable.

Heavy exercise leads to an increase in
intra-abdominal pressure that at the beginning of critical days can
lead to stimulation of endometrial detachment and enhance uterine
bleeding. If a woman goes in for sports, then
hormonal surges in the early days of menstruation may also become
cause cycle failure and even the occurrence of amenorrhea. Not worth it
grieve at the sight of scanty vaginal discharge. Even if they
completely gone or did not begin, then the continuation of classes can
help return the cycle back to normal.

Can menstrual misses due to sports?

In the first days of playing sports, blood supply increases dramatically.
pelvic area that changes hormones. It often breaks
habitual menstrual cycle and can occur as a delay
menstruation, and their beginning ahead of time. Without
menstruation on the planned date, you can do a pregnancy test, and
then to blame for physical disorders of the body.

Why is the absence of menstruation possible when the question
pregnancy shot:

  1. Due to the sharp increase in the intensity of training. Breakdowns can
    take place in professional athletes before serious
  2. Due to chronic fatigue of regular exercise,
    if the woman is not sleeping enough and restricts the flow
    nutritional diets.
  3. Health problems of the body not related to physical
    activity. These can be tumors, inflammatory diseases.
    uterus and ovaries.

Most menstrual disorders in women at the beginning of classes
fitness is not dangerous and take place within two to three months
on their own. The menstrual cycle is restored, but its
duration may vary.

Sports activities on the first day of menstruation

Wondering about fitness classes at the beginning of menstruation is not
need: they are contraindicated.

How many days you can not play sports depends on the usual
duration of menstruation: the recommended period of abstinence
makes half of time from course of monthly.

Is it possible to do fitness with periodic dysmenorrhea, better
обсудить с гинекологом, ведь эти занятия могут и
stabilize the menstrual cycle and disrupt activity

If during the first exercise after menstruation it hurts below
belly, then the workout must stop immediately and do
two-day break to monitor health. Also drink
exciting drinks, cola, coffee before workouts is not desirable:
they increase the menstrual pains that trigger the stress chain
reactions. But the usual mineral water in this period woman who
playing sports, must drink a lot so that you can
compensate for the loss of water with sweat.

When delaying the monthly can I go in for sports?

Pregnancy is a contraindication if you want to engage
intensive training, so with any delay in menstruation
a woman should stop these activities before getting the result
test. If the pregnancy is not confirmed, and no pain,
there is no discharge and discomfort in the lower abdomen, then physical exertion
can continue by reducing their intensity by 30 percent.

Instead of training in the gym, you can walk, run and practice
gymnastics. Joint mobility and elasticity of the body ligaments
during menstruation increases, so the effectiveness of exercises on
stretching will be excellent, even if the monthly did not go

If a woman began to go to fitness, the first time you need
monitor your sexual sphere, and when painful
спазмов или других симптомов обязательно задавать вопросы to the doctor. Not
should self-medicate, thinking problems will disappear

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