Is it possible and how to lose weight with a hoop?

The problem with overweight is one, and there are enough ways to solve it.
lot. For those girls who cannot indulge in food, we
we want to offer quite popular for today method of losing weight –
slimming with a hoop. Next we will tell about the features
This method of losing weight and how to lose weight with it.

Is it possible and how to lose weight with a hoop?


  • Can I lose weight with a hoop?
  • How to lose weight with a hoop?
  • Preparation for training
  • How to twist the hoop


Can I lose weight with a hoop?

Quite often, girls began to ask this question, since
He gained widespread popularity on the Internet. Lose weight with
using a hoop is really possible and this is not a myth.
the result of the fact that for rotation you use a large
amount of muscle, it becomes a kind of exercise
for your body, and, as you know, properly applied
physical activity is very effective in losing weight.

To work with a hoop to help lose weight – you need to correctly
this come up. Below we will give you recommendations that will help
lose weight fast with a hoop.

How to lose weight with a hoop?

Before you start this way of losing weight – you should
eliminate the appearance of excess weight. ATообще, про лишний вес мы писали
in our past articles, where we dwelt in more detail on how
what is actually considered overweight. If you have
do have excess weight then analyze the reason for it
appearance, and eliminate it, since any effort in losing weight will be
ineffectual, since you will remove the extra grams that
come back tomorrow. To do this, analyze your diet and image.
of life. Is the reason established? – Fine, we start training.

For training you need the right hoop. Those who
believe that the main thing is not a hoop, but how to do exercises
a little mistaken. Yes, the way you do the hoop exercises –
is of great importance, but the hoop itself is also important.

Похудение с помощью обруча

Let’s look at the types of hoops:

  • Пластмассовые и металлические обручи очень
    good for beginners if you don’t have such skills in his
    torsion. Such hoops allow you to gain skills, but in losing weight
    their importance is not particularly great.
  • Тяжёлые обручи помогают в большей степени
    gain muscle mass, only indirectly affecting weight loss.
  • Массажные регулируемые обручи самые
    effective, as they have a lot of advantages. ATо-первых, вы можете
    regulate the diameter of the hoop, and this is thereby an increase and
    reduced load. ATо-вторых, благодаря шарикам, которые
    are in the inner part of the hoop, there will be an intense
    massage, and it will be great to massage unnecessary deposits,
    who will quickly get out.

As you can see, the best slimming hoop is
massage adjustable hoop. That is what we advise to use.
while losing weight. Another small nuance: the first time exercise
with such a hoop can lead to bruises on the body, but
in time they will pass, as the skin and muscles will get used to such

Preparation for training

Now smoothly proceed to training. Self training is better
just spend the evening, as it is the most favorable for them
time. It is evening workouts that bring the maximum effect in
losing weight Before training, you need not to gorge, and the last
dense meal to spend 3 hours before training.
Just before training, an hour and a half before it starts,
you can eat a small portion of buckwheat, rice or oatmeal, you can also
snack fruit, except banana and grapes. Before training
drink a glass of non-carbonated water.

Девушка с обручем

Air for 15 minutes and after – proceed to
training The duration of the training should be about
half an hour. At the same time more than 40 minutes to twist the hoop is not recommended.
The first days of class is divided into 3 sets of 10 minutes each. AT
Future try to do only 1-2 breaks. ATо время
break you can take a few sips of water to make up
water balance and take a break. Very good if training
will be accompanied by rhythmic music and no one will be in it
time nobody distract.

How to twist the hoop

Now as for how to twist the hoop. Wrap need to twist
not only at the waist, it can be twisted on the thighs and buttocks, and
on the upper leg area (where we have cellulite). AT том
the place where you want to lose weight and need to focus torsion
the hoop. It is also worth noting that the hoop needs to be twisted like one,
so in the other direction. This does not mean that if you want
lose weight in the waist, then the hoop should be twisted only in this area –
No, you need to concentrate the torsion in it, but you need to twist in all
areas. Yes, before each workout do not forget to conduct
small warm-ups.

When you turn the hoop, try to strain all your
muscles so that they are taut. Workout needed
spend every day, preferably seven days a week. Finishing
workout try not to eat large amounts water.
We recommend you take a shower right away to relax your muscles. An hour later
after a workout, you can eat dishes that are dominated
protein products.

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