If a man says he does not believe inlove…

Sat, 09 Jan 2016

If a man tells you that he does not believe in love, first of all,
Be aware that you will have a hard time and be careful and patient. AT
the near future may not expect anything good from you.

But, if, despite all his negative remarks, your
own feelings remain sincere, it is possible that everything
pays off in the future.

So, you need to be aware that with this category of men
building relationships is quite difficult. Since, choosing a position for yourself
�”Disbelief”, a person usually gets used to it, begins to feel
yourself strong, confident and invulnerable to unpleasant “pricks”
of fate.

The first of the types that can reason this way can
really be cynical. AT силу возраста или других причин
he has not yet learned what a sincere relationship is and has not felt
their seriousness. ATедь легко отказывается от чувства тот, кто никогда
did not worry him.

ATторой тип — это те, кто пережил любовь, но повторения не
wishes And, denying the existence of love, feels in
security – convincing yourself with all your spiritual strength that everything is
in fact, this is the case in life. What hurt hurt in the past –
it is, in most cases, an undivided feeling either mutual, but
ended with the betrayal of a woman, her deceit, betrayal.

With all your good efforts towards restoration
partner’s mental balance, these people can stay long
suspicious, jealous, even hostile.

If you face a person who totally denies
the possibility of the existence of love is by no means worth it
try to convince him, to take your point of view. If a
Before you cynic – think whether your patience is enough to try
�”Bring up” him. And will you be grateful to such a person, can
appreciate your feelings, because, most likely, he was used to using
close people, not reciprocating them.

If a же неверие в любовь — просто маска переживающего человека,
capable of normal human relationships –
try to show your sincerity and care. Not
disappoint the one who was already disappointed. Not будьте навязчивы
or warlike, defending their case.

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