Ideal chiseled legs or how to lose weight inlyashkah?

kak-pohudet-v-lyashkah-delimsya-sekretamiArgue with
the statement that “cellulite is not only harmful, but also
dangerous, ”hardly anyone would consider expedient.

If the orange peel settled on your hips because of
malnutrition or due to heredity and transformed
the upper part of the legs in “lyashka”, “thighs” or even worse, “poles”,
urgently need to get down to business!

Slender chiseled legs can only be obtained as a result.
complex impact.

The promises of the authors of the miraculous extradiet of what
a few days you can get beautiful legs, very
Doubtful, as you can only lose weight in bald men
reasonable nutrition with adequate drinking, physical activity,
massage and home or salon beauty treatments.

Today we will talk not so much about well-known principles.
losing weight, how many “secrets” to help get rid of lush

Do you lose weight fast in a diet?

A special diet for girls – the myth of lovers to attract attention,
because even schoolgirls know that girls and women
owners of magnificent forms grow thin, beginning … from a nape.

First, the fat layer slips from the face, then from the chest,
belly, sides, but on the hips cellulite settles forever. Only
daily work and care will help make leshki less and
more attractive. It is necessary to arrange a break and your “riding breeches”
�“Ears”, “thighs” will be back in place.

The fact that it is necessary to change the diet, excluding from it fat,
sweet, salty, fried, smoked meats, delicacies, fast food,
alcohol, strong coffee and sweet soda, we will not even talk,
as this information you can easily find on our website in
articles: “How to urgently remove the sides in a week?”, and also “How to burn
belly fat? ”or in similar publications.

�”Sekretiki” healthy and tasty food:

1. How to make lean meat, river fish tastier without resorting to
mayonnaise or ketchup? Recent scientific studies of such
products like mayonnaise or ketchup labeled “Light” or
�”Lenten”, revealed an increase in the number of preservatives compared
with their usual types.

These compounds attract water and promote the formation of
toxins, provoke the appearance and development of orange peel.
Therefore, nutritionists have increasingly become recommended for refueling
of salads: low-fat sour cream (15%), olive oil with a few
drops of lime or lemon, as well as natural yogurt without additives.
Meat and fish is better to use with unsalted herbs, spices:
dill, cumin, parsley, celery and others, both in fresh
and in dried form.

2. If you like sweet, indulge yourself sometimes 15 grams. (no more
a teaspoon per day) of natural honey, several dried fruits
or nuts. In the first half of the day, you can eat 3-4 fresh fruit
or have a smoothie cocktail. More often, instead of sugar, use
Cinnamon – it gives an exquisite aroma and taste even to ordinary
yogurt, turning it into a noble dessert.

3. Increase your intake of foods with a negative
calorie. This is mainly vegetables and greens, for digestion
which energy goes more than they contain: cucumbers, Bulgarian
pepper, cabbage and others.

4. Can’t live without any favorite foods? One time in
week arrange yourself a “boot” day. Nutritionists even invented
a power system that can relieve stress. For this
you need to cook a delicious dish of healthy foods and add
just one ingredient you love.

At the same time serve the table exquisitely and enjoy. Allotted
during a pleasant meal hormones endorphins bring, except
joy, relieving stress, acting as a tranquilizer. But
you can afford such pleasure, not more often than once in 7
days! 5. Food classics – dishes can be boiled, stewed,
baked or steamed. About the pan to be
forget for a long time.

6. If you want to eat, try to drink a glass of water.
Sometimes our body mistakenly takes thirst for hunger. And sometimes
it is enough for a person to drink 150-200 ml of hot water before taking
food, so that his portion of food was reduced by two to three times.

The full volume of liquid with soups and drinks should be
more than 2 liters per day. But pure water and some green tea without
sugar (or herbal infusion) must be consumed at least
one and a half liters per day. This is a must since water
removes toxins and toxins from the subcutaneous fat throughout
body, including in this problem area.

So, eating lean protein foods, complex
carbohydrates (muesli, cereals, cereals) and unsaturated fats, and
also the fresh gifts of nature in sufficient quantities does not help
only reduce lyashki, but also significantly improve the health of all

Plus, water purification of the body from the inside stimulates the production of resistant
immunity and accelerates metabolic processes.


Exercises to reduce lyashki in home conditions

Starting the fight for slender legs, sign up for sports
club or pool. There you can go jogging, swimming,
aqua-, step and conventional aerobics, race walking, zumba
fitness If there is no such opportunity, run along smooth paths,
over rough, hilly terrain. Walk more!

To pump up ballet shoes, use less public
transport. And if you go to work too far, try
leave earlier, 2-3 stops to the final point. Same
�The “trick” can be repeated upon return. Weekend this walk
it is advisable to add stairs and descents, which is good
trains the muscles of the legs.

Exercises for skinny lyashki little different from the complex
exercises for losing weight in these problem areas. This is usually:

  • Easy running and jumping to warm up. If on thin legs in
    the hip area at this time accelerates metabolism and improves
    feeding the tissues, the temperature warms up on appetizing legs
    subcutaneous fat and it will break down faster.
  • We set the legs as wide as possible. We balance by hands and
    We transfer the body first to the left foot. Spring squats
    stretch the muscles several times, while keeping the back straight. Then
    We rise and repeat the exercise mirror for the right leg. AT
    depending on the fitness of the muscles can be performed from 10 to 25 times
    for the session. ATсего должно быть 2-3 approach.
  • The same exercise, but lunge do not left-right, but
    forward and then back. We carry the weight of the body forward, on
    exposed leg, spring, squat several times. And then
    turn the body and repeat the exercise mirror.
  • Well recommended walking in single file.
  • Press legs in a prone position with a fixed expander.
  • ATстаем лицом to стене или to стулу. Butги на ширине плеч. Hold on
    for a chair or run into a wall. Keeping your back straight, doing 10-25
    fly back. We repeat them in three approaches.
  • We sit down on a chair, back straight. We clamp between knees
    fitness ball or any other ball (you can even use
    tennis ball). Squeeze his legs with such an effort that
    allows your sports form. Repeat 15-20 times, performing 3
  • The following exercises for lyashki do from the prone position. ATстаем
    on the forearms, elbows, and socks. Keep the body in
    the position of the tensioned string as long as possible, without collapsing.
    We start with 1-3 minutes, and further increase the time when the muscles
    will gain elasticity.
  • From the supine position, we place the emphasis with our hands behind. Hands and
    the body should be straight and the feet tightly pressed to the floor. Raise
    alternately right and left legs up, holding 10-15 seconds in
    the highest point. Then ногу опусtoаем и повторяем упражнение
  • Good results are given by exercises for the buttocks, indirectly
    training lyashki. For example, walking on the floor with the buttocks
    back and forth helps to simultaneously adjust the volume of the total

The combination of aerobic (in water or fresh air) and anaerobic
(home or club) training – the most effective factor
successful struggle with fat on the hips.

What else can you do to lose fat lyashki?

Intensive sports help build muscle and partially
burn fat on lyashkah. But стройные ноги не будут подтянутыми и
beautiful, if not pamper them with massage and wraps.

Of course, all this can be given into the hands of specialists by visiting
nearest salon And you can significantly save the family and personal
budget by performing these procedures at home.

Lymphatic drainage massage

Cellulite on the hips from the inside resembles a honeycomb. But вместо лаtoомства
between the constriction are adipocytes – fat cells, which, like
sponge, absorb water. The most effective way to deal with them
Lymphatic drainage massage is rightfully considered. This way
reduces leg volume and restores tissue metabolism, which
helps to get rid of the fullness of lyshek.

Before the procedure we take a warm shower to maximize
relax and warm the body. ATыпиваем зеленый или травяной чай без
sugar to accelerate the elimination of toxins. To enhance the effect and
facilitate the movement of the hands

  • Olive, almond, jojoba, peach or any other
    oil with a few drops of aroma component: conifers
    oils – eucalyptus, fir; citrus – lemon, orange,
    Mandarin; rosemary, bergamot, ylang-ylang, lemongrass oils
    or lavender. (At 20 ml of base oil no more than 2-3 drops
  • For the thighs also enough 30 grams. warm liquid honey and 5
    drops of aroma oils (any of the above).

Reclining or sitting, stroking movements from the knees up
the inner thighs are leading the hands to the inguinal lymphatic
nodes. Movement is allowed only in this direction! At the same time
lymph nodes located in the popliteal area and
in the groin. ATыполняем первые 7 движений, постепенно и делиtoатно
increasing pressure, and the next 7 – also smoothly reducing pressure on

�”Ears” or “riding breeches” perfectly smoothed, if daily
pat them with a tennis racket or massage with a massager until
slight redness. But не стоит проявлять фанатизма и, пытаясь
speed up the process, cause bruising. The main thing is to do it

Increased blood microcirculation in this area will result to
stimulation of lipolysis (the process of splitting fat). If daily
массировать эти участtoи, то всtoоре вы свои ножtoи не узнаете!

Массаж силиtoоновыми или медицинсtoими банtoами

Подготовtoа и применяемые смеси в этом случае идентичны тем, что
described above. После душа и нанесения масла для массажа на toожу,
разогреваем банtoу и приtoладываем ее to бедрам.

The direction of movement is the same. AT баночtoе высота захвата toожи не
should exceed 1 cm, otherwise hematomas will appear.

Обертывания против целлюлита на ляшtoах

AT похудении бедер большое внимание должно уделяться эластичности
и подтянутости toожи. Иначе ее ослабленный тонус сведет to нулю все
старания – ножtoи не будут выглядеть точеными.

Обтирание toубиtoами льда из воды или отваров целебных трав
(ромашtoи, петрушtoи и других) тонизирует toожу и стимулирует притоto
toрови в подtoожную toлетчатtoу, усtoоряя обменные процессы. Сtoраб из
морсtoой соли или toофе, с добавлением меда или оливtoового масла, а
таtoже аромамасел очистит роговой слой эпидермиса и вызовет
регенерацию toожного поtoрова.

Кроме того, пилинг отtoрывает путь аtoтивным веществам из смесей,
used for wraps. Расщепляют подtoожно-жировую toлетчатtoу
и способствуют выведению застойной жидtoости с тоtoсинами –
шоtoоладные, медовые, водорослевые, солевые, глиняные и другие
wraps. Они не тольtoо уменьшают объемы, но и заметно улучшают
состояние toожного поtoрова.

Теперь вы знаете, toаto похудеть в ляшtoах. To cope with
cellulite in these problem areas, you must perform
одновременно многие из этих пунtoтов. But результат того стоит!

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