Icon as a gift: signs, opinion of the church and whatbetter to choose

Icon as a gift: signs, opinion of the church and what better to choose

In ancient times, the icon was in every house, its
put in a special place – the Red Corner. Icon revered
prayed in front of her, asked for help in difficult times,
talked. The icon is one of the symbols of faith, holiness, spirituality.
It was forbidden to take it out of the house, give it away, sell it
equated with sin. The icon was the guardian angel of the family and

Now the icon can be found in the house of believers. As a rule, she
handed down from generation to generation. However, not always in families
preserved icons.

The question arises: is it possible to donate an icon? What is the church opinion
about this? Are there signs and superstitions concerning donations?
icons? How to choose the right icon? All these questions have answers,
consider everything in order.

Omens and superstitions

An icon is a special subject, with certain rules associated with it.
acquisitions, donations, there are signs that have come to us since
ancient times. In Russia, it was decided to transfer icons from generation
in a generation. New images of the saints could not be bought for nothing.
First you had to ask the advice of the father, to hold a conversation –
icons appeared in the family on special occasions. Only households themselves
they were bought, ordered from the icon painter. Images of the saints could not be
give to strangers. It was believed that such a gift will bring some
troubles, it was possible to bring damage, to jinx it. Our ancestors noticed that
after the prayer before the donated icon could get worse

Moreover, if the icon was given to each other by relatives, this
was a good omen.

For example, an icon given to a child helped him throughout
life, he received a blessing. If someone from family members is hard
ill, they could give him an icon with the hope of soon

Important: if the person himself wrote the icon, made embroidery on the fabric
or did it in any other way, better to keep it for yourself, rather than
to give. A holy image could incorporate negative thoughts,
overcoming masters.

The most important thing is to give an icon only with good intentions,
thoughts, sincerely wish all the best to its future owner. With
selection and presentation of the icon should be a bright heart, thoughts and

It is important to pay attention

We should also talk about the conditions when the donation of the icon
foreshadows really negative consequences:

  • Икону нельзя дарить на убывающую луну, она
    will bring the owner and his family only negative.
  • You can not wrap the holy image in tight
    – это сулит тяжелые и длительные болезни.
  • Подаренная икона упала, значит, семью
    financial problems are overtaken.
  • On рамке или стекле обнаружены сколы – среди
    family members will start quarrels, scandals, conflicts.
  • Пятна на самой иконе, рамке, стекле сулят
    diseases, mostly children.

After receiving the icon as a gift you need to periodically inspect
its, wipe from dust. If the holy image quickly darkened, expect
trouble If the icon falls frequently, and the glass is not broken, you
or your family members will betray soon.

The image of the saint is constantly hanging unevenly, no matter how much you
corrected him, you have enemies, and they plotted evil. This
the sign as a whole warns the family of a serious

It happens that you can not find a place for the icon or not to drive
a nail is a powerful negative on a person or his family
impact, such as damage, the evil eye, or a curse. Required
провести энергетическую чистку houses.

Church opinion

Ministers of the church are united in their opinion – you can give icons and
even need to. It is believed that such a gift symbolizes the most
sincere and kind feelings, will become a real amulet for the owner
and his family, will help in difficult times. By one’s presence in
house icon can help get rid of quarrels, anger, anger. Icon
helps to find inner balance, strengthen faith, spirit, makes
The owners are calmer and more peaceful.

If it is not possible to purchase an icon in gold or silver
frame, and the usual wooden one will do – the cost does not play any
roles The value of such a gift is determined by good intentions.
person Icon в деревянной раме не уступает по своей святости
more expensive, framed in gold or silver.

The church approves of such a gift, the main thing first
consult with the priest to select the correct icon,
suitable for the occasion, then it needs to be sanctified.

Now you need to figure out what icons are suitable for
определенным событиям в жизни person

To the wedding

Icon as a gift: signs, opinion of the church and what better to choose

You can give an icon for a wedding, especially if it is a believer.
family. There are several nuances. First, it’s better to do it.
parents newlyweds. If not a new icon is presented, but
family, handed down from generation to generation – it will be
energetically powerful helper and protector. It is also appropriate to give
icons and parents newlyweds.

As a gift for the wedding fit the following images:

  • �“Mother of God”, “Prelate”. Withносят в молодую
    family harmony, help avoid discord and quarrels.
  • «Петр и Феврония». This образ известен to all
    believers, symbolize sincere and pure love, respect and
  • Феодоровская икона Божией Матери поможет
    young conceive a healthy child, make him and easy to give birth.

Withнято дарить иконы на свадьбы вместе с пожеланиями любви,
advice, happiness and mutual understanding. After receiving the gift
newlyweds kiss images three times, putting their foreheads, overshadowing themselves
sign of the cross.

For birthday

It is known that on his birthday a person is most vulnerable in
energy plan. Birthday party is easy to expose the evil eye, damage,
any negative message will have its effect. That is why the icon,
birthday gift will not only be a manifestation of sincere
good intentions, also serve as a reliable advocate for the whole
a life.

However, it should be remembered that there are icons that you can give
only women or men.

So, what kind of icon is given to women:

  • Icon Богородицы «Троеручница» помогает всей
    family get rid of grief, evil, enmity and any adversity.
  • Казанская икона Божией Матери исцеляет,
    brings wellbeing.
  • Icon Владимирская является сильным помощником
    and protector of mothers, their prayers for their children have
    powerful energy force.
  • Вифлеемская икона предназначается для одиноких
    women, will help to find a strong family.

Icons for men:

  • Святой Георгий Победоносец направляет на пусть
    true, helps in family affairs and work, protects
    the military.
  • Образ Святителя Николая дарят
  • Спас Нерукотворный лучше подарить мужчине,
    who rarely attends church.
  • «Ангел-Хранитель» защищает от любого зла,
    removes troubles, helps to cope with temptations. Can say that
    This is a universal icon.

Before you choose an icon for a birthday, talk to
father, tell about the person – they will help you to decide which
the holy image is best suited as a gift to the whole
a life.

On christening

Icon as a gift: signs, opinion of the church and what better to choose

The rite of baptism usually takes place in infancy, but it happens
that an adult makes the decision to accept the Orthodox
faith. In any case, it is customary to give icons to christenings. Usually
A name icon is selected corresponding to the name selected by

The name for the godson is chosen according to the calendar, consistent with
papa It is he who offers options, if any.

In the old days, baptized babies were given the so-called
dimensional icon – its size is consistent with the growth of the child.

Now you can also donate such an icon. It is made on
order, sanctify and give after the rite of baptism.

If the icon is presented to a child, it is hanged or placed at the headboard.
cots or above it. There is a belief that in this way the child
involuntarily turns his gaze to the face of the saint, communicates with his
guardian angel.

To the wedding

When a married couple decides to pronounce marriage vows before
God bind themselves for life, held a wedding ceremony. After
quarrels, betrayals, battle can not be found in his family. On
Wedding accepted give icons.

What images of saints fit as a gift on this day?
It is important to know that only parents can give the following icons:
«Святитель», «Богоматерь», �”Peter and Fevronia”.
The rest of relatives, friends and close people can present on
other icons suitable for the occasion. The main thing before
giving a gift to talk to the priest and sanctify the image.

There are many images that help in various
life situations. Onпример, при воспитании детей, для помощи в
study, in military service, as a protector and assistant for
women, men, girls and girls, boys and young people,
fathers, mothers and so on.

Before you decide on a gift, go to
Church, tell us about your intentions and the person father. Let be
You will be advised an image suitable for certain protective purposes.
The main thing is to sincerely wish good, to have only good thoughts and

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