Iceberg lettuce – the best recipes. How to andtasty iceberg lettuce.

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Iceberg lettuce – general principles and cooking methods

To make Iceberg salad, it’s not necessary to include it in
composition of the same cultural plant. In most cases,
it is enough to give it the shape of an ice mountain, which will “conquer”
all participants of the feast. Reaching the top, they are like real
climbers will be delighted with its charms.

Iceberg lettuce – food preparation

For these salads, fresh vegetables are washed, peeled, and minced as
indicated in the recipe. Potatoes, beets and carrots are usually used in
boiled or baked. If there is fish or meat in the dish, then
prepare as indicated in the recipe.

Iceberg lettuce plant quickly oxidizes, so it is desirable
do not cut with a knife, but tear into neat pieces.

Iceberg Salad – the best recipes

Recipe 1: Iceberg lettuce with cod liver

In this salad, each subsequent layer is made smaller so that
the result was a glacier shape.


Mayonnaise Sauce; Eggs in Steep – 5 pcs., Green Peas
(canned) – 1 ban.; cod liver – 1 ban.; hard cheese
varieties – 100 g; onion – 1 pc.

Cooking method

On the prepared dish lay out the layers in such

– coarsely grated hard cheese; – peas mixed with
mayonnaise; – sliced ​​and marinated in vinegar
onion; – mayonnaise; – cod liver mashed with a fork; – mayonnaise; –
crumpled yolks; – mayonnaise; – grated egg whites.

Ready salad put in the fridge for a while
impregnation of layers.

Recipe 2: Iceberg Salad with Red Caviar

This salad uses the eponymous vegetable, which has long
famous for its beneficial properties and has recently become very
popular in our country.


Steep eggs – 10 pcs .; iceberg lettuce – 2 small
bun; sausages – 2 pieces; butter – 100 g; Roquefort cheese – 50
g; chopped green onions – 2 table. a lodge.; yogurt – 400 g; radishes – 5
pcs., lemon – 1 pc .; keta red caviar – 50 g

Cooking method

Wash lettuce leaves, dry and tear into strips of width
about 2 cm (can be cut).

Remove the yolks from the eggs and mash them with a fork along with a little
softened butter. The mixture is divided equally by 2
parts. First mix with very finely chopped sausages, and
the second, with finely grated Roquefort cheese and green onions.

Radish cut into rings. In halves of egg whites with
confectionery syringe squeeze out both cream masses. Tu, that with
to decorate with sausages red caviar, and that, that with Roquefort –
chopped green onions.

Prepare a sauce of yogurt and lemon juice, salt it and
Spice up. Season with crumbled lettuce
�”Iceberg” and put them in portions of a hill on chilled plates.
Top half eggs with both fillings and
decorate with rings of radishes.

Recipe 3: Iceberg Salad with Mushrooms

Incredibly delicious salad, which combines these ingredients
like mushrooms and cheese.


Bulgarian pepper (large) – 3 pcs .; steep eggs – 3 pcs; onions – 1
pieces; boiled (smoked) chicken fillet – 1 piece; tomatoes (large) – 2
pcs; any salted (pickled) mushrooms – 1 stack; greens; 9% vinegar –
2 table. lie


Mayonnaise sauce – 300 g; cheese – 150 g; garlic – 1 tooth.

Cooking method

Finely chop the onion and marinate in a mixture of 3 table. lie
воды и 2 table. lie vinegar for 30 minutes.

Finely grate cheese and mix with mayonnaise sauce and
chopped cloves of garlic. Now this dressing need
peremazyvat layers in such a sequence, not forgetting
�”Build” a glacier:

– sweet pepper, cut into thin strips; – finely
chopped chicken fillet; – grated eggs; – finely chopped
mushrooms and onions, which were marinated (drained); – tomatoes,
crushed into small cubes.

Decorate the finished dish on top with a grated egg, greens and put
for impregnation for a while in the fridge.

Recipe 4: Iceberg lettuce with chicken fillet

The dish perfectly combines vegetables with proteins. It’s just
ideal for breakfast – vegetable fiber will saturate you, and
squirrels will give a supply of energy. Salad will give enough strength to
cope in the morning with any everyday problems.

IngredientsСвежие огурцы — 2 шт.;сыр твёрдых
varieties – 100 g; Iceberg salad – 5 leaves; chicken fillet – 1
pcs.; greens; low-fat sour cream – 200 g; tomatoes – 2 pcs.

Cooking method

Boil chicken breast and pour hot sour cream, so that
cool down Wash, dry and chop small vegetables
cubes. Salad “Iceberg” to break your hands at approximately equal
the pieces. Куриное филе и сыр нарезать cubes. All prepared
mix products, fill with sour cream, in which the breast was cooling,
salt and favorite spices. Arrange on a plate and serve.

Iceberg lettuce – useful tips from experienced chefs

The skin of tomatoes is usually quite dense and not only interferes with
consuming salad, but also greatly complicates digestion.
Therefore, tomatoes are desirable pre blanch
boiling water) and cleaned from the skins.

Meals, with salad “Iceberg”, you need immediately after cooking
Serve on the table, otherwise they stack not tasty.

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