I want to get better or how to slow my exchangesubstances !?

kak-zamedlit-obmen-veshchestv-v-organizmeAs known,
a person with an overweight problem to stay good
form, you must constantly maintain a high level of your
metabolism or metabolism.

However, there are also people in the world who need the opposite
slow down in order to gain at least some mass

And if exactly you are faced with such a problem as a shortage
weight, then you first need to learn correctly
slow down metabolic processes in the body that is not at all so
just as it may seem at first glance.

The intensity of metabolism is laid in every person on
genetic level before birth and certainly cardinally
you can hardly change it. But a little tweak in
the right side is quite possible!

However, remember! If you are in the wrong way
interfere with the natural functions inside the body, then you can
disrupt the whole chain of coordinated processes that will develop into
real health problems. In addition, any unbalance
threatens with unpredictable consequences.

So, to slow down the metabolism and increase your own
body weight, you must first change your lifestyle,
habits and diet. Here are some recommendations
daily implementation of which will help you cope with the set


Top 10 tips on how to safely slow down your metabolism

1. Sleep. Surely, you heard that to speed up the metabolism
doctors recommend to get enough sleep. Respectively for the opposite
effect, your sleep must be reduced by at least one hour (if
for you, its comfortable duration was 8 hours, now it is
will be 7 and no more).

The fact is that lack of sleep can increase
production in the body of the hormone cortisol, which in turn
affects metabolism.

2. Breakfast. After you woke up, do not rush
have breakfast. Wait at least one hour before
start the morning meal. The thing is, the food after
Awakening can accelerate metabolic processes that you do
not necessary. Therefore, after the appearance of hunger, wait for more
some time. At this point, your body level will increase
cortisol, which is responsible for emotional stress (due to
hunger), which will slow down your metabolism to
save more nutrients after breakfast.

3. Coffee. This wonderful drink should beware of people
who want to get better. Caffeine directly affects
metabolic processes in the body, stimulating them thanks to their
�”Energy” abilities. It’s not a gift of coffee called invigorating
a drink. Therefore, it is necessary to limit the amount in your diet,
and, if possible, completely abandon it.

4. Diet. To slow down the metabolism is necessary
reduce the number of meals. If you, for example, eat
in small portions, but often, then in the body throughout
of the day, metabolic processes are maintained at a high level, i.e.
calories are consumed much faster.

So, you need to eat a lot on the contrary, but rarely.
For example, three times a day would be enough.


5. Dairy food. According to the results of the last
research can safely say that the lack of an organism
Calcium is closely related to low metabolism. Also by scientists
it has been proven that consuming low-fat dairy products
reduces the amount of fat the body produces from other
power sources.

Do not forget that the use of fermented milk
products that directly impact work
the intestines also need to be avoided (the faster the processed
food, the more active the metabolism).

6. Proteins and spices. It is necessary to limit the intake of protein
food because it is compared to fats or carbohydrates
much more difficult to digest in the digestive tract (on its splitting
spends more energy). Also discard the spices, green
teas, citrus and whole grains, as they are capable
activate metabolism in the human body.

7. Sport. To reduce metabolism you need to reduce
physical activity, that is, move as little as possible.

If possible, move by car, use the elevator.
Any physical exercise that burns enough
calories are used for weight loss because muscle cells
requires more energy unlike fatty. But refuse at all
from the sport is not worth it, replace only the complex of strength exercises, and
also training time.

8. High-calorie food. Review your diet and add to
him some changes. For example, add more calories and
high-fat foods, and low-fiber foods. it
sugar, pasta, flour, sweets, honey, butter,
mayonnaise, various sauces.

But the main thing is not to overdo it, so as not to harm your
health. And further! You can safely eat before bedtime, this is for you not
contraindicated. 9. Cellulose and water. But the food is rich in
Fiber should be avoided in every possible way – its consumption is able
accelerate metabolic processes by more than 30%. To such
Products include: vegetables, cereals, wholemeal flour, bread with
bran. You should also refuse to accept cold water, because
как организму notобходимо будет затрачивать эnotргию для ее

10. Trace elements. Дополните свой рацион notобходимыми
компоnotнтами, которые способны замедлить обменные процессы в
the body. These include iron and silicon.

Все эти рекомендации помогут вам в notкоторой степени снизить
обмен веществ и соответственно набрать notобходимое количество

Однако запомните, что такой рацион not должен стать для вас
the main one. Также постарайтесь not увлекаться фаст-фудом, дабы
проблема notхватки веса not переросла в более серьезные проблемы со

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