I want him to quit drinking or want to be with himhappy?

Thu, 14 Apr 2016 When someone in the family suffers from alcohol
addiction, family and friends drinking a person need help not
less than the patient, because only their support and
modern competent treatment is able to return a person to
normal life. Most psychologists agree that
to promote the recovery of a dependent person does not make sense
put pressure on him and take offense at the lack of a sense of will, much
it will be more useful to try to understand your own condition,
thoughts and feelings.

One of the most common misconceptions that stand out
psychologists and drug treatment specialists for people
confronted with the problem of alcohol dependence close, is
their confidence is that they most want their native
the man stopped drinking. What do people really need
got into such a difficult situation? To understand this psychologists
recommend at the time to switch from problems and desires dependent
of a person’s own difficulties due to alcohol,
it is imperative to understand priority needs as well
in ways to achieve them.

For example, if the family is drinking husband, wife, usually daily
persuades him to stop, pleads, threatens, asks him to do
it’s for her, children or relatives, and says: “We want you
quit drinking! “Although it is reasonable, unfortunately, it rarely brings
the expected result and, as a rule, the husband does not stop drinking.

Addicted person, having taken alcohol, has no intention
bring harm to the family, just by drinking a little, he can no longer
stop, unfortunately, so does alcoholic work
nervous system. Therefore, annoying exhortations and exhortations or,
more direct prohibitions to drink, no matter how sound they are, usually
cause the patient rather a backlash: “I do not want to throw, I want
drink more! ”In fact, persuading her husband to stop
to drink, the wife just wants: so that he works, that there is peace in the family,
so that everything is good with health!

Thus, the essence of one of the most common misconceptions
relatives of dependent people, is that in
in reality they want not so much the complete disappearance of alcohol
from their life, and simple human happiness and well-being, when
everything is good in the family, all relatives are healthy and happy.

But if, earlier it was believed that for a dependent person there is
only two choices – stop drinking at all or keep drinking
alcohol “as before”, today, modern medicine offers
new additional and in some cases alternative
opportunity – reducing alcohol consumption.

Not an absolute one-time failure, which almost all
is unattainable and therefore ineffective, and proved in
international research high performance innovative
method. The purpose of this method is to help a person gradually come to
comfortable and, above all, without negative consequences for
yourself, your health, others and life in general
alcohol consumption. However, many people gradually over time.
refuse alcohol altogether.

To learn more, call the hotline to drink less 8
800 200 00 08 or go to the website leshepit.rf

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