I saw strawberries in a dream: good or bad?What dreams of strawberries – the main interpretation

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Falling asleep, a person plunges into a different reality, the reality of his
dreams and subconscious images. Dreams are clues
which gives a person life. What dreams of strawberries? About this you
learn further.

Dreams are their nature. Strawberries in a dream

Many faced with the phenomenon of flying in a dream. From one
hand it is objectively explained – the transition of one phase of sleep to
another one. As a result, the person creates a feeling of flight.
Stay in a different reality. Often have color dreams? it
means that the subconscious mind actively produces future reality.

For many centuries, there is the science of interpreting dreams. Dreams read and
get answers to the most urgent questions. Can be used
various rituals designed to
the man came to answer the question, dreamed a dream, dreamed
offender. Dreams can warn of many troubles. But dreams need
be able to interpret.

Today there are many systems for interpreting dreams, each of
which thoroughly describes all variants of the development of events in
future and those events of the past that could lead to
similar dreams. For example, why dream of strawberries? Worth
sort out.

Strawberries in a dream, как она может присниться

Many people associate the berry with hot summer, beauty and
primordial nature. it вкус детства и сны, в которых
strawberries appear, often accompanied by positive
emotions. Many even in a dream can hear its beautiful aroma.

Strawberries in a dream, как она может присниться, как можно
see her in a dream?

• Berry bush;

• Taste the berries;

• Berries can be tender, juicy, sweet;

• You may dream of selling strawberries;

• Small piles of berries already harvested;

• Treat or treat yourself to berries;

• Berries can dream about huge sizes;

• You may dream that you eat berries with someone.

Variations can be a huge set, below will be presented
a description of the possible interpretations for what to dream of different strawberries
dream books.

Strawberries in a dream — основные трактовки

The berry itself is wonderful. Therefore, sleep promises only
positive emotions and favorable resolution of situations. But
there are some negative interpretations of dreams with this

Positive interpretation of dreams

Most dreamers indicate that strawberries in a dream – to
quick winnings, profit. It symbolizes
positive and sweet result of the case, even if it seems that everything
lost – everything will be as it should.

If you had a dream in which you are happy to eat berries,
then in reality you will get good health, harmony with your inner
world, the opening of many opportunities for self-development. If in life
there was a black stripe – such a dream promises clearing up cases and a retreat
negative events. Only the best is to come.

If the taste of millet berries is delicious, it means that soon
there will be victories in love and creativity. New harmonious ones are possible.
relationship, perhaps the revival of old romantic relationships.
Feelings will be renewed and become as sweet and juicy as a berry.
Creative people such a dream promises newer horizons, inspiration.

What dreams of strawberries, if you sell it? itт сон сулит
victories of the material plan. Means good trading and promotion
financial affairs. In Miller’s famous dream book,
that such a dream promises reward for the work done, it means
labor was invested for good reason. Financial difficulties will disappear without a trace
barriers to wealth will dissolve.

A scattering of small strawberries means an unexpected profit.
gifts, a variety of pleasant things. Dream Druid claims
that such a dream also indicates a blessing in deed
support in solving troublesome cases. There will be new solutions
old difficulties and problems. In any case, everything will be resolved.

Berry picking means unforeseen replenishment of the budget.
If the berries are small, then a small cash flow
fill it, if large – it is worth waiting for a good income. Also
praise and recognition of merit in labor are possible.

To treat someone with berries – to make new connections, maybe
a romantic splash, a new romance that will give plenty
unforgettable moments. If the berry is huge, then
One should expect positive changes that have fallen on their heads.
It is even possible to change the occupation, work for more

If you don’t eat the berry yourself, but together with someone, then you
expect new acquaintances that are worth accepting and receiving
pleasure. it те шансы и те люди, которые изменят жизнь к
the best.

Negative interpretation

What dreams of strawberries dirty, rotten? Such dreams are found
rarely, but can mean:

• Loss of chance to become rich;

• Missed love;

• Gossip around a decent man, a worthy cause.

If you come to the forest, but you cannot find strawberries, it means
what a great chance you are so expected to be
you missed What else are these dreams talking about? They can promise a loss
communication with a loved one, if in a dream you went to collect strawberries
not alone, but soon lost a partner.

If in a dream you eat berries, but they do not seem tasty to you,
sour, bitter – this means that the pleasures of life you do not
get, but this is only your fault, because in fact –
berries are very tasty.

If the berries are sugary sweet? What does this mean? it означает
satiation of life, relationships. What is the one who had this dream
– does not appreciate what has and takes everything from life without gratitude and
understanding. Sleep may mean that the relationship that is
man – he has already become boring.

In any case – it is worth listening to dreams, it is worth them correctly.
interpret and draw conclusions. Of course, it is more pleasant to see dreams,
which strawberries are sweet and large, and near you favorite
person. Then you really should not doubt the correctness
choosing a partner – and just enjoy the love.

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