I drank water and lost weight

Nutritionists say that you can not lose weight from the water.  They say that
no effect on body fat and water does not wash out
they can not. My friend Yana never addressed nutritionists.
She began to drink water for health, but, unexpectedly for herself, 
похудела на  7 кг.

I drank water and lost weight

— Яна,  рассказывай все.  How have you lost weight from

– I was not going to lose weight at all. Just last spring mom
sent me for some kind of examination either by bioresonance or
what about parasites. And there they told me that my body
sorely lacking water. What a day i need to drink no water
less than 30 mg per kg of weight.

They said to drink 700 ml of water in the morning on an empty stomach, and then
breakfast. They said to drink a little, sips, still advised to drink
green cocktail of freshly squeezed parsley and dill. Muck
so, I did not bother with it, but I started to drink water.

– How much water did you drink?

– Approximately 1.5 liters per day. But this is not to lose weight, but with
the goal is not to die because they told me so in this center. Earlier
I’ve never seen so much.

– And when did you start losing weight?

– After 3-4 months I began to lose weight. But not only because of the water.
Just then the summer came, which, as you remember, was
unbearably hot. All those who did not have air conditioning, slept on the floor.
Я из-за  жары почти не могла есть, но продолжала пить воду,
 already 2-3 liters daily. There were days when I almost nothing
ела дня по три  — не было аппетита из-за жары. And generally, by
my observations, if in the morning instead of breakfast drink water, then
You can easily not eat until lunch. Only accustom yourself to this.

“And you haven’t eaten anything all summer and drank?”

– No, when I had an appetite, I ate normally. For breakfast:
 sandwich with cheese, toasted in butter, yogurt,
something sweet and coffee with cream 35% fat. But I have lunch
was usually combined with dinner, and consisted of ice cream
(half briquette) with half a banana and half an apple. Of course,
some sausages, dumplings and the like stuff periodically ate and
eat it still.

Now I eat, of course, more than in the summer. And practically
all.  I do not eat only chemistry. No calorie content
I do not pay attention.  Но, почему-то,  я не набрала вес, а
rather a little bit dropped.

I don’t have scales, so I can’t give you any numbers, but
Jeans I had somewhere 31 size, and now 26-27.

– Why did you stop drinking water?

– Because of the skin. My skin has really deteriorated during this time.

– Spoiled?

– Highly. I have never had such an acne count. Here you and
such as a rash something, and acne purulent. And all this did not pass, despite
not on any of my efforts. I did not drink alcohol then
what kinds at all. I do not smoke. Вода, вроде,  была не грязная, а
from the Aquaphor jug ​​filter or purchased in bottles. 
I think this amount of water just washed me all useful
minerals. Before the water I never had such a skin. Once
I quit drinking liters of water, acne immediately, immediately gone. Yes, almost
I forgot. За время, что я пила воду, целлюлит  заметно
reduced, but not at all. This is a positive change.
carry it.

– Give some advice to those who hope to lose weight with
using water.

– I repeat once again, I did not set myself the goal of losing weight. it
It turned out quite by accident. And I think it was more connected.
with some age-related hormonal adjustment (I’m 35), than with
water But her merit is also in this. In general, I think such
experiments to put on yourself is wrong. I now believe that
if you drink water in such quantities, then be sure to parallel
take vitamins, or something supportive. And water,
nevertheless, it washes away everything – both good and bad.

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