Hypochondria – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Sat, Mar 26, 2016

Ипохондрия подразумевает собой такое состояние
a person who manifests itself in constant anxiety due to
diseases of any disease. Also such anxiety can
manifested in concerns about one’s own physical health,
perception of ordinary sensations as unpleasant or
abnormal. With hypochondria, a person can be absolutely sure.
in what disease he has, however, the degree of his
conviction is constantly changing, because of what he can attribute
imagine another disease.

Hypochondria – causes

As for the exact cause of this disease,
she is still unknown. But there are many different
disposing factors for its development. This can be attributed
serious diseases that have been carried by a person in childhood
age Also the cause of hypochondria can serve
stinginess in expressing your emotions and soulfulness,
past sexual or physical abuse.

Hypochondria – Symptoms

As the first symptoms of this disease can be considered
excessive attitude to your body. Similar attention in the end
turns into anxiety. Absolutely any pain sensation as well
change is seen as very serious incurable

During hypochondria, a person becomes very nervous,
making at the same time far from the logic of attempts to protect
own health. In most cases, such a person takes
untested medications. As a result, the hypochondria begins
develop into a panic state or into complete apathy. This
the disease may progress if attention to your
health increases, but anxiety while progressing.

Hypochondria – diagnosis

Directly the very diagnosis of this disease is
quite time consuming, since most of the patients are extremely
convinced that all their symptoms were caused by different
physical illness. The symptoms described by the patient, the attending physician
will already be compared with the inspection data and some other

In case the doctor cannot find the reasons for the observed
symptoms, then he can send such a patient to receive
a psychiatrist or those doctors who are prepared to diagnose
mental illness. Based on patient behavior, a psychologist
diagnoses that any physical illness was excluded in
causes of symptoms of hypochondria. To confirm the diagnosis
hypochondria, the doctor may use special tests or data
Survey of people who surround him in everyday life.

Ипохондрия – treatment

The treatment of such a disease is usually to
help the patient to work and live as usual, even if
symptoms continue. One of the main goals in the treatment of
is a change in the stereotypes of thinking that underlie

Like other somatoform disorders, hypochondria is sufficient
difficult to treat. This fact is due to the fact that patients
corny refuse to believe that their symptoms –
it is a consequence of a mental disorder and they are not caused by any
physical reasons.

The most critical period for hypochondria is the initial
stage, since the patient very often refuses to
treatment and goes in search of another specialist who is able
provide those conclusions that will fit and own

As for the prevention of hypochondria, then today
does not exist. However, creating a supportive environment in the family will
способствовать уменьшению проявления симптомов, при этом treatment
may be much faster.

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