Hypnosis slimming

hipnoz-dlya-pohudeniyaOne of those unsolved mysteries about which
people are in no hurry to spread – hypnosis.

Anyone who has ever suffered from weight problems knows
how hard it is to lose excess kilos on diets claiming
that they can turn you into a supermodel for some miserable 6

The truth is that the only effective way to lose weight
this is a proper and balanced diet and regular physical

But there are certain means that you can use,
to improve your chances of getting a beautiful and slim figure,
which you desire. Hypnosis slimming, безусловно, один из таких
gold tools.

And the first thing that needs to be clearly understood is that there is no quick
weight loss solutions, successful results take time
perseverance and great self-control, and hypnosis can help you
deal with these factors.

Hypnosis is widely used for quitting smoking and many
other similar “cases” where you need to whip up your
�”Falling asleep” willpower.

It can give you psychological balance and a sense of control,
to really achieve weight loss. Unraveling the main
the reasons and motivations of your food attachment, you gradually
you will move forward in your own psychological state,
gaining confidence in the final result.

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Hypnosis session for weight loss – what is the secret?

People who are satisfied with their current weight simply make their own
everyday things in a certain way. The formula for success lies in their

Want to stop walking in a circle, trying to get rid of old ones
habits? Hypnosis, due to its potential, is so powerful
a tool that helps you build new healthy ones
habits It is ideal for easy and natural loss.

Hypnosis can be used in many ways:

  • Development of new self-esteem. Look at yourself in the future after
    weight loss and sincerely wish this result right
  • Learn to be more relaxed. Stress is often
    a serious factor leading to emotional overeating.
  • Positive thinking about your weight and diet. Stop it
    worry about your weight and losing weight and start looking ahead
    to achieve your goals.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy work at a subconscious level,
helping you reach that state of mind when you really
be able to lose weight with pleasure, that’s why weight loss hypnosis
is so effective. Until you sincerely
be ready to change your weight, your goal is really
will seem unattainable.


Is it possible to lose weight through hypnosis – research

A group of researchers conducted several experiments in
areas of weight loss that have proven the effectiveness of hypnosis as
помощника в снижении избыточного weight. Besides, for many it is
was the only method that worked because they lacked
willpower and proper motivation to lose weight normally.

In a nine-week study, two
control groups are more obese, and the results obtained
they surprised the experts with their almost opposite. Group,
receiving hypnosis sessions, continued to show the results of loss
weight in the next two years after the experiment, and the group without
He has not demonstrated absolutely nothing. In another study
60 women showed impressive results, which once again forced many
people to believe that it was the use of hypnosis that helped them
lose weight.

Group, получавшая гипнотерапию, похудела в среднем на 8 кг, в
while the group without – only 0.5 kg. This difference speaks of
that losing weight with hypnosis is a powerful tool
among the easy ways known to us to lose weight.

Common Myths

Many people are not sure about using hypnosis to achieve
its weight loss goals due to the many myths around this topic.
Often people are afraid that during hypnosis they will resemble
walking mummy because they will not have control over their own
by the body. This is far from the truth, as a person must agree
be hypnotized and tune in correctly for hypnosis.

Another myth that a person loses consciousness under hypnosis.
This is also not true, since the person
aware of everything that happens while he / she is in
state of deep relaxation. Deep relaxation
it is not at all that a person is unconscious.

Another myth is that you can get stuck in a state
hypnosis without the possibility of getting out of it. It’s really funny
since hypnosis does not put you in a trance like a dream, therefore
impossible to get stuck in deep relaxation.

Self hypnosis for weight loss – the basics and principles

Self-hypnosis sessions usually last from 15-30 minutes, so it is very
it’s important to make sure no one is going to bother you for
this time that you have a comfortable body position
limited to blood flow.

At home, you can find a suitable place on your bed or
the couch. In a noisy environment, you can use a small MP3 player and
headphones, today for self-hypnosis on the Internet is easy
Soundtracks are available to help you relax.

There are many different methods of self-hypnosis, but most
revolve around meditative themes. You should be able to
clear your head of all thoughts and anxiety that obviously
at first difficult, but once you have mastered the self-hypnosis trick, then you
will be able to do it very quickly.

Most methods will help you to present yourself in a kind
a pleasant and relaxing environment, somewhere where you would feel
yourself safe. And then you will slowly “shoot
tension “centimeter by centimeter with your body, and save
positive mood in your thoughts.


There are countless styles of meditation, for example
some where you imagine a calm lake or yourself on
tropical island, or endless void, but you can start
tailor your style to make it more personal and,
therefore more efficient.

A quick exit from this deep meditative state can
spoil the whole process of self-hypnosis, and some people will have
some time to remain sleepy.

The benefits of self-hypnosis are very diverse, the most
the great thing is that you don’t need to spend money on
expensive hypnosis courses and you can start using it already

In general, hypnosis is a great way to lose weight, so
as he gives to involve the person, in return giving him the opportunity
to build your willpower so as to effectively lose weight. Good luck

Hypnosis session – video for weight loss from the pros

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