Hydrogen peroxide for weight loss: harm orbenefit?

Hydrogen peroxide is known to most people as a budget and
effective antiseptic, as well as an effective tool for
hair discoloration. After processing the wound, you can be sure
that neither microbes nor bacteria can penetrate it. However, this
far from the only use of peroxide. In folk medicine
This component is also used to treat hypertension, asthma and
other serious diseases.

Recently, she found another, and rather unexpected,
application – refers to hydrogen peroxide for weight loss. there is
data that this substance effectively fights with excess weight, with
This cleansing the body and saturating it with minerals.

The beginning of this was the publication of the article by prof. I.P. Neumyvakina in
the newspaper “Healthy Lifestyle”. Based on research
American doctor W. Douglas, who used hydrogen peroxide
in the treatment of cancer and other diseases, prof. I.P. Neumyvakin
concluded the beneficial properties of hydrogen peroxide: “I recommend
all, both sick and healthy, to make it a rule: take
hydrogen peroxide daily – from tomorrow to the end of life.
Buy the pharmacy usual 3% hydrogen peroxide and take it 3
once a day necessarily on an empty stomach, that is, either 30-40 minutes before
meal, or not earlier than 2 hours after meals. Total dose not taken
should exceed 30 drops per day, but it should be increased
little by little. ”

Hydrogen peroxide for weight loss is used as follows.
in the following way:

Hydrogen peroxide is taken 3 times a day or 30 minutes before
meal, or 2 hours after meals. You need to start with 1 drop of 3%
peroxide to 1 teaspoon of water. Gradually, adding 1 drop
each day, the amount of hydrogen peroxide is adjusted to 10 drops.
Then you need to go in the reverse order, that is, every day to reduce
dose on 1 drop.


Risks and side effects

Hydrogen peroxide is primarily a substance for
external use, it is ranked as caustic alkali.
So, there are cases when peroxide caused severe burns.
esophagus, mucous membranes and even skin, if it is too
sensitive. As a result, there are strong pain,
puffiness and even bleeding. In addition, in the process of industrial
production of peroxide can get heavy metals, which,
caught in the digestive organs can cause serious
poisoning. Thus, deciding on the use of peroxide in
as a means for losing weight, follow the maximum measures

Peroxide Slimming Bath

Hydrogen peroxide is a fairly effective way to
weight loss, but with its internal use is still better not
to risk. It is much nicer and safer to take baths with this
component. Besides the fact that this substance is actively acting
on the skin and fatty deposits that accumulate under it, it is worth noting
its soothing effect. Peroxide baths are shown hypertensive,
as well as people suffering from atherosclerosis.

The easiest procedure is to dilute a liter.
ordinary pharmacy peroxide in a bath of warm water. Lie down in this
The solution needs about 15 minutes.

If you want to get a light massage effect, then you
need 100 grams of soda per cup of peroxide. By putting these
components in a bath of warm water, mix well and leave
about 10 minutes. The duration of the procedure can reach
half an hour, since the concentration of perhydrol will be enough

Hydrogen peroxide compresses

In order to remove excess volume in problem areas,
It is recommended to make compresses periodically using
hydrogen peroxide. The basis for them is prepared quite simply: in
quarters cup of water diluted with two tablespoons of perhydrol. Now need
moisten a cotton cloth or gauze in the resulting solution and on
half an hour to attach to the problem site. The procedure can be carried out
twice a day.

It should be noted that perhydrol compresses are not only effective
for weight loss, but also to solve some other problems.
So, you can get rid of warts, irritations, rashes and
unwanted hair, and also slightly lighten the skin.

Using hydrogen peroxide as a slimming agent,
It should be borne in mind that she has many side effects. Most
the serious one is a chemical burn. Therefore, by no means
Do not take this substance inside. If you apply perhydrol
on the skin, then by all means dilute it in water. The perfect option
for weight loss will regularly take baths with peroxide, as well as
make compresses on problem areas.

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