Hydrocephalus – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Mon, Mar 21, 2016

Гидроцефалия — это избыточное накопление в
cerebrospinal fluid spaces of the brain cerebrospinal fluid. TO
liquor spaces include the ventricles, cisterns and
subarachnoid crevices. The cause of this disease is
violation of resorption, production and circulation of cerebrospinal

Most occurrence of hydrocephalus in some newborns
caused by transferred during pregnancy various
infectious diseases that lead to disruption
ventricular system in the fetal brain.

This disease leads to difficult circulation of cerebrospinal fluid
or excess of its products. TOроме врождённого заболевания,
acquired for the first months of a newborn’s life
hydrocephalus after suffering meningoencephalitis, meningitis,
head injuries, as well as intoxication, etc.

Disturbances in the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid lead to
increased intracranial pressure, as well as to
hypertensive-hydrocephalic syndrome. Increased pressure on the brain
gradually begins to reduce vision, convulsions occur, and
weakness in lower and upper extremities will manifest.
Subsequently, this can lead to death, decrease
intellectual abilities or various neurological

Hydrocephalus – symptoms (signs)

The main symptom of hydrocephalus is advanced and fast.
head circumference growth, as well as a bulging tight spring,
the displacement of the eyeballs down, constant tilting of the head. And in
those places where there was no normal accretion of the bones of the skull,
various pulsating protrusions are formed. May also
nystagmus and strabismus, hearing and vision loss, nausea and
headaches. Currently the most common diagnosis in
Pediatric Neurologists is a “hypertensive-hydrocephalic

Гидроцефалия – диагностика и treatment

In many cases, over diagnostics is used, and the child
no medication is required. When setting similar
diagnoses require constant monitoring of proper development
child It is necessary to regularly monitor the growth of the circumference.
head, and the size of the ventricles of the brain. Deviation from
normal measurements is an immediate reason for
detailed examination with MRI. But you need to keep in mind
that the main factor is the dynamics of development. Normal
head circumference of a newborn is counted from 33 to 37.5
centimeters. Head circumference more intensively begins to increase
first three months. Then the growth rate begins to decline, and for the year
окружность равняется от 44,9 до 48,9 centimeters.

Since the 50s of the last century, the standard treatment method
hydrocephalus is a shunt surgery that is meant
для восстановления движения ликворной fluid. Then from the middle
80s in the treatment of hydrocephalus began to use endoscopic
operations. Treatment of hydrocephalus by shunting is
quite effective, but according to various data, with this operation
complications occur in 50% of cases. After shunting the patient
becomes shunt dependent and his whole subsequent life will depend
from the correct operation of the shunt. Also performed external drainage
operations. В последнее время эндоскопическое treatment данного
disease is the top priority in
neurosurgery around the world. All other types of operational
Interventions have not yet found their use in practice

Hydrocephalus – Prevention

Prevention of this disease requires the avoidance of
various infectious diseases of the mother during pregnancy. TOрайне
Care should be taken to receive various medications.
It is necessary to conduct screening UZS studies of pregnant women.
women and children born.

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