Hulahup for weight loss

hulahup-dlya-pohudeniyaATы, наверное, уже прочитали мою первую
an article about the rope, about how you can easily and at home,
Using such a simple and cheap “simulator”, fight the odd

Now I want to tell you about one more similar “simulator”,
which will also contribute and become one of the elements of your
fitness workout. This is a hula hoop or a long time familiar hoop for us.

ATозможно, сперва может показаться, что это обычная детская
fun but he has good potential to help you in
the fight against extra pounds …

And as hulahup, as well as the rope, refers to those
simulators, which can be practiced at home, it will allow you
save money on going to the fitness club or buying home
expensive simulator.

Besides the fact that classes with hulahup for weight loss are
great aerobic exercise that allows you to burn intensely
калории и уменьшить окружность waist.

In essence, working with a hoop is:

  • good training for the cardiovascular system;
  • produces a beneficial massage of your intestines and other
    digestive organs;
  • increases blood flow to the brain (you can easily assume
    calories on diets);
  • improves the overall physical condition of the body;
  • increases energy levels;
  • improves coordination;
  • strengthens the muscles of the body;
  • develops flexibility of a back (at the same time and “bridge” master).

ATажно! If you have back problems, do not use
Hulahup, before consulting with your doctor!


ATыбор хулахуп для похудения

ATыбирать второй наш домашний тренажер мы отправляемся все в тот
same sports shop!

ATедь я, конечно же, надеюсь, что после того, как вы прочитали
my first article, then your first simulator – jump rope you already
purchased and actively used in your fitness programs for
weight loss, so that by the spring to boast mind-blowing

So, all the variety of hoops you’ll find in the store,
can be divided into two categories:

Ordinary hulahup. These are light plastic or aluminum hoops.
(weighing up to 1 kg.), which we all remember well from our childhood and,
if you look good in your old stuff, you must
You will find such a hoop, somewhere behind the closet, on the balcony or
in the garage (underline). This hula hoop is the easiest and to this
day is sold in stores almost intact. It has
fairly low cost, the price starts from $ 3. As an option may
to be composite (assembled from several parts), which allows it
take with you on trips and it is more convenient to keep it at home. Such a choice
Good for beginners and can be used first.
stages of training.

Weighted holahup. These hoops, in contrast to ordinary, more
effective in the fight against extra pounds. ATесят они в среднем от
1 to 2 kg. ATо время движения более активно массируют область бедер
and waist, and make you experience more high-intensity
load to keep them spinning.

Also weighted options can be equipped throughout
the internal diameter of the massaging elements (rubber balls),
which further increase the efficiency of the classes. Cost of
starts from $ 10-15, depending on the model.


To обруч создавал максимальную пользу, его необходимо
to choose the right for your height. Most common
варианты имеют диаметр от 90 до 120 см. For того, чтобы правильно
choose hulahup for weight loss, put it in front of you. Him
верхняя граница должна быть чуть выше уровня вашей waist.

Remember, the more hulahup diameter, the easier it is to twist.
Therefore, as you master the skills and increase your stamina,
Try to switch to smaller diameter models in time.
Then your training will become more intense and with the same
duration, you will burn significantly more calories.
Also large diameter circles are problematic to use for
rotation around your arms, shoulders, hips or neck.

Accordingly, the heavier the hulahup, the harder it is to twist and
you need more strength to keep it on the same plane.
Naturally in terms of energy costs, such a hoop is more acceptable.
for training, but you need to move gradually from the lung
to heavy.

Because the heavier the circle, the greater the impact it creates
in places of contact, and, judging by the comments on the Internet,
many it causes pain, and leads to the appearance after
bruises. Plus, pay extra attention to
the material from which the hulahup is made – ideally, it is flexible (soft)


Training with hulahup for beginners

After you bought a hoop, it’s time for his active
of use. And if you last twisted it, being still
child, then you will not be so easy to immediately remember and
reproduce the correct movements like for example sit on
bike and go right away no matter how old you are
drove. But after a little practice, you can already use
your hoop at 100%!

It is possible (and necessary) to do at home as with a rope.
conditions free space hoop requires about the same.

Training with a hoop are aerobic exercises, so for
improve your physical condition the duration of work with a hoop
must be at least 15-20 minutes of physical activity in

For the most effective adipose tissue consumption, its frequency
heart rate (pulse) must be maintained in the range from 60 to
80% of the maximum allowable. Let me remind you that the maximum allowable
pulse is calculated by the formula: pulse (max) = 220 – age. For
pulse control, not to stop exercising and not to lose pace,
better to get a heart rate monitor on your wrist or shoulder.

At the same time, calorie consumption with intensive rotation reaches 10
calories per minute!

So, let’s start training!

Waist. Stand straight, legs straight or slightly bent at the knees,
one leg is in front of the other, not next to each other. AT
The initial position of the hoop is in contact with your back, then we give
him a little push to start moving. ATращение поддерживается
transferring the body from one foot to the other.

This is the most important exercise for the press when working with a hoop,
so if you have limited time, focus on
Only on this exercise and start training with him. Use
rotation around the perimeter of the abdomen, and you will soon notice how
fat is burned and muscles are strengthened.

Arms. For того чтобы сохранить тонус мышц в руках. Can
use the hoop rotation near the arm, for this you need to set
hand aside, put a hoop on his hand and ask him to move.
Maintain rotation with circular movements of the arm.

Legs. You can also make similar movements for the legs. To
keep balance and do the exercise correctly, lie down on
back, one leg, leave perpendicular to the floor. Put the hoop on
leg and, with the help of hands, give him a rotational movement.
Try to endure at least 1-2 minutes of exercise.

Thighs. The movements are carried out in the standard position, but
instead of the waist the hoop is on the hips that will allow you
additionally work out the thigh line and tone the muscles

If you follow the regularity of training
with hula hoop, then after 1-2 months you can safely count on
3-4kg weight loss. and a decrease in waist by 4-6 cm. Engage
to health! Good luck to you!

Can ли похудеть с хулахупом – видео инструкция

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