How to use red pepper forlosing weight?

krasnii-perets-dlya-pohudeniyaHot red pepper hails from
tropical South America and is actively used as
directly in food, and as a part of spices and medicinal

Many different cultures used it for the treatment of organs.
digestion and blood circulation, as well as to relieve pain.

Of course, at first it may seem that red pepper is not at all
similar to a serious ally in the fight against overweight, but
more and more evidence is emerging – as transmitted from
mouth to mouth and clinically confirmed – that pepper
can really become an incredibly useful tool for
losing weight

And all this thanks to capsaicin – the active ingredient in red.
pepper, the benefits of which go far beyond the culinary
spheres, and which has simply impressive healing

But still, you should talk to your doctor before starting.
использовать красный перец для losing weight Sure to
consult about potential health risks
effects, proper dosage and drug interactions
red pepper before the start of any self scheme



The benefits of red pepper for weight loss

Suppresses appetite

One of the studies published in 2004 showed
how effective red pepper is for reducing appetite. A good
The news for those who are not too keen on spicy foods is that
research team discovered pepper’s ability to reduce
appetite is equally productive, regardless of
did you eat it or took it in capsule form.

Stimulates thermogenesis

In the data published in February 2007, the Danish
Researchers report that pepper use has significantly increased
thermogenesis is the rate at which the body burns fat.

In their assessment of the specific properties of capsaicin, they note
that it not only increases fat oxidation, but also increases
energy costs and stimulates sympathetic activity
nervous system, both of which help the body get rid of
extra pounds.

Increases metabolic rate

Capsaicin is one of the few natural substances that can
быть полезно для losing weight As evidence at Oxford
a study was conducted during which the subjects were fed
standard fruit diet for a certain period
time, after which they measured their metabolic rate.

Then the researchers added a teaspoon to the diet
red pepper, high in capsaicin, and mustard. AT
at the end of the study period, the level of metabolism in the group receiving
capsaicin and mustard were more than 25 percent higher.

By the way, one more additional advantage was noted.
использования капсаицина во время этой программы для losing weight
Reception of red pepper because of its burning properties greatly enhanced
feeling of thirst, thereby causing increased water intake and,
accordingly, reducing the total amount of food eaten.

Slimming Pepper Dosage

For successful and effective weight loss, use 0.5 – 1.0 ml
red pepper or capsule tincture (800 mg.) three times
the day before meals. Or mix ½ – 1 tablespoon of ground pepper
in a glass of boiling water for 10 minutes, and take 1 tea
spoon 3-4 times a day, washing it down with plenty of water.


The most common side effects that may
occur when taking red pepper for quick weight loss
include: gastrointestinal irritation and sweating.
Therefore, if you have heartburn, a stomach ulcer or other
gastrointestinal diseases, you should first discuss
use pepper with your doctor.

In addition, possible manifestation of allergic reactions to ground
pepper, especially if you already have an allergy to avocados, bananas
or kiwi. Also capsaicin may enhance the effect of some drugs.
– especially sedative, hypotensive (lowering blood pressure)
и кроворазжижающих drugs.

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