How to use mint for weight loss

Peppermint is a product that can be effectively used for
losing weight Thanks to its properties, you will reduce your appetite, dull
feeling of hunger and easier to cope with stress, due to which and
there is a desire to overeat. There are different types of drinks with mint for
slimming, which will require several preparations

How to use mint for weight loss


  • What is the benefit of mint tea for weight loss?
  • Lemon water with mint for weight control
  • Mint with milk for weight loss
  • Mint Green Tea
  • How to prepare mint drinks to lose weight?
  • Restrictions and prohibitions on the use of mint
  • Video: Mint Ginger Tea for Weight Loss

What is the benefit of mint tea for weight loss?

Everyone says that while losing weight, regardless of diet,
you can and should drink mint. Why is this herb you should brew
for dropping extra pounds? So, mint tea has the main thing
advantage by which weight loss goes more smoothly and
максимально эффективно,– он понижает

That is, if you wanted to eat something forbidden or
high-calorie, for example, cake, it is enough to drink a cup
tea to reduce cravings. It will be a liquid and a small snack.
at the same time, so you can easily hold out until the next
food intake. Maybe at first the effect will be minimal,
but you definitely eat less than planned, and it will happen
thanks to mint.

To mint tea had the desired effect in losing weight, be sure to
drink it warm, it can be slightly hot. Drink in small
in portions to enjoy and at the same time benefit from

Mint tea has a direct effect on slimming your
minimum calories (49 kcal) and
успокаивающим эффектом
. This is incredibly important because
what if you, for example, replace the mint drink with coffee or black
tea, then excite the nervous system, accelerate the absorption of substances
aggravate potential diseases of the digestive tract. All this
extremely undesirable for losing weight man.

Peppermint, in turn, will have the opposite.

  • soothe and relax the nervous system;
  • dull the feeling of hunger;
  • soothe the stomach.

By the way, about relaxing your nerves. Much pacified
state does not seem to be a prerogative, but we must not forget that
losing weight is important to minimize stress. The fact is that
experiencing constant experiences, the body strenuously produces
cortisol, and this entails a constant desire to eat. Here is
Why do you want so much stress? In a similar affect
You can not only throw a diet, but also abuse the prohibited
products that entail weight gain.

Since the properties of peppermint include stress relief, in
cortisol is reduced in the body, which means there are more chances to speed up
metabolic processes and thus closer to the ideal weight.

Lemon water with mint for weight control

Recommend to drink lemon juice with mint for such reasons:

  • Increases metabolism;
  • Enriches with vitamins, which is so lacking with hard
  • Cleans the body from accumulations of toxins, which is highly desirable when
    losing weight;
  • Accelerates the production of bile, which affects favorably on
    the gastrointestinal tract, provided that there is no
  • Displays stagnant fluid in the body, which helps the work
    the kidneys.

Despite these positive qualities of a combination of lemon and mint,
It is necessary to deal with the myths that have grown a drink:

  • Lemon is not an alkaline product, as many believe. Him
    acidity is very high, which means you will increase the acidity balance
    in my body. Therefore, if you have problems with it, then
    lemon juice is contraindicated to you. It is not necessary to buy tests by
    checking the acid-base balance. Enough to try
    lemon juice. If an unpleasant reaction occurs, it is too sour, and
    then there are terribly uncomfortable states in the stomach that
    can talk about gastritis, then you can not drink such juice. And does not matter,
    with mint he or without.
  • Lemon has pectin that can quench or dull the feeling
    hunger. It’s true. But if you have gastritis or you have been treated in the past
    from this disease, you can not drink lemon-mint juice, especially
    on an empty stomach
  • Another mythic plus is that lemon water quenches thirst. Is not
    quite right. Thirst is quenched by ordinary water, and lemon water is already
    almost food. Therefore, regardless of the number of drops of lemon in the water,
    you run the digestive tract a little, and between meals
    this is undesirable.

In the next article we will talk more about the topic – the benefits
лимона для losing weight

Lemon mint juice will benefit only if
natural. Store juices and water contain too much chemistry,
чтобы их использовать для losing weight

Mint with milk for weight loss

Another great mint drink combination for getting rid of
excess fat – with milk. Of course, a drink for an amateur, but to
it is easy to get used to, if you clean the body of toxins.

While mint has a calming effect on the body, milk
acts as a building material, because it qualitative
protein. Given this combination, drinking automatically becomes
snack, albeit liquid. Therefore, try to drink mint with milk.
only during meal hours, not between them. In addition, after
milk you may experience a feeling of heaviness, which means
the next meal you will be full, which is also not very good –
the rhythm gets off.

Try to drink milk with mint in the afternoon and
preferably when you do not need to drive or perform
complex mental work. The fact is that напиток должен быть
warm when consumed, and in combination with crumpled sleepiness will increase.
Therefore, milk with mint is good to drink before bedtime – beautiful
natural sleeping pills.

Remember that if you experience bloating, stomach discomfort
or problems with stools after drinking mint with milk, it’s best
отказаться от этого drink.

Mint Green Tea

Given the relaxing effect of mint, a combination of green tea and
mint herb is not the best. Green tea is an activating drink,
which tones up digestion and has a light exciting
effect on the nervous system. So you can at best
do not achieve any effect at all. In the worst – to dissolve

Such a drink will give a positive result in only one.
case: green tea should be brewed slightly. The weaker
green tea, the less exciting effect it will have, while its
positive qualities will not deteriorate – metabolism will accelerate and
work of kidneys will be adjusted, and mint at this time will calm the nervous system
and blunt the urge to eat something tasty.

This drink can be drunk in the morning, but then
Peppermint concentration should be reduced. By the way, this is an advantage
drink – you can vary the ratio of ingredients depending
from getting the desired effect.

How to prepare mint drinks to lose weight?

Dumping extra pounds will not stop if you cook mint
drink according to the correct recipe.

Classic recipe

  1. Take fresh or dried mint leaves. Enough
    tablespoons per cup;
  2. Fill the grass with boiling water;
  3. Накройте чашку крышкой и подождите 5 minutes

Mint tea, so that it does not lose its valuable properties, you need to drink
just freshly.

Mint green tea

  1. Prepare low-concentration green tea
  2. On 1 liter of green tea is added a tablespoon of mints
  3. Add mint to already brewed green tea;
  4. Wait 5 minutes and you can drink.

Lemon water, mint and thyme in one drink

  1. Take thyme and peppermint one teaspoon;
  2. Add portions of grass per cup of boiling water;
  3. Brew for 5 minutes;
  4. When the tea begins to cool, add some tea to it.
    spoons of lemon water and you can drink.

Mint drink with milk and wild apples

  1. Take a teaspoon of wild apples and as many dry leaves
  2. Pour boiling water over apples and mint – 0.5 l;
  3. Heat 4 tablespoons of milk;
  4. Drain the apples and mint leaves, and mix the liquid with the milk and
    you can drink.

Restrictions and prohibitions on the use of mint

Despite the huge list of benefits of mint for weight loss, this
grass needs to be drunk carefully. It is not recommended to use mint in
following cases:

  • pregnancy;
  • breastfeeding;
  • menthol intolerance.

But even if you do not have limiting factors, abuse
drink can not, otherwise you may encounter problems:

  • excessive drowsiness (which is dangerous behind the wheel);
  • diarrhea;
  • muscle pain;
  • convulsions;
  • heart problems.

As an aid in the process of losing weight, mint is perfect, but it is not
is a means to lose weight, so you can not use
mint drinks as a product for fasting days.

On one peppermint it is impossible to lose weight, moreover – you can
hurt yourself, because mint is still medicinal

Video: Mint Ginger Tea for Weight Loss

Watch the video on how to brew tea with
Ginger and mint for weight loss:

In the fight against excess weight, all means are good, including
mint. Its properties make it easy to deal with brutal appetite and
calm your nerves when stress comes up. And let the action
mint tea is not as noticeable as other products, this drink
will help you to say goodbye to faster and easier

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