How to treat thrush at home -effective ways. How to protect yourself and your partner from thrush:doctor’s advice

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What is thrush knows almost every woman, with 30%
suffers from chronic, intermittent candidiasis.

The causes of this disease are many.

Before you figure out how to treat thrush home
conditions, you need to find out the causes and symptoms of the disease.

This is where we begin.

We treat thrush: symptoms and causes

What exactly provokes its appearance? The thing is that
the bacteria that cause it must be in the body
norm But there are situations when various factors provoke
imbalance of microflora, this leads to an increase in yeast-like

The main predisposing factors include

1. Acceptance of antibiotics, cytostatics, for a long time
of time.

2. Disruption of the activity of the endocrine glands. For example – sugar
diabetes or ovarian hypofunction.

3. The onset of pregnancy.

4. A woman uses contraceptives.

5. Diseases associated with oncology, inflammation, infection
genitals. They are usually caused by such
microorganisms like chlamydia, trichomonads.

6. Tuberculosis.

7. Improper nutrition, violation of work in the digestion.

8. Transmission of the disease through sexual contact.

You can determine the presence of thrush
, но для этого нужно знать первые симптомы и
signs of its occurrence:

1. From the vagina observed discharge in the form of curd masses.

2. In the genital area, something is constantly itching and

3. When urinating, there is severe pain.

4. When intercourse occurs discomfort and pain.

5. Non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene.

6. Clothes are too narrow, namely jeans, tights, pants.

7. On the mucous membranes of injury or burns.

Thrush in men – symptoms:

1. Hypermia of the foreskin, as well as the head of the penis.

2. In the area of ​​extreme flesh and on the head there is a strong

3. During intercourse severe pain.

4. The appearance of the whitish plaque on the head.

5. When urinating, a man can observe discharge.
whitish color.

6. It hurts to go to the toilet.

How to treat thrush home: medication

If you notice that you have the first symptoms, do not
think about how to treat thrush at home, and how
as soon as possible go to your doctor. Starting treatment
in time, you can overcome the disease at home, using those medicines,
which your doctor prescribed. But for this you need to pass a series of tests,
find out what caused the development of candidiasis. After all, not
It is possible that this is just the result of a disease.
Therefore, the main treatment should be directed precisely to the fact that
eliminate the cause of development, and only then to the thrush itself.

At the initial stage, you can get rid of the disease drugs
local action. You can attribute to them ointments and creams, treatment
involves their application to the place of presence of candida. For women
recommend drinking antifungal suppositories as well
antiscore tablets. Today for the treatment of thrush
The following drugs are used:

• Econazole, Clotrimazole;

• Miramistin, Cyclopirox;

• Livarol, Terzhinan.

These are quite effective means, after the treatment with which,
thrush passes quickly enough.

Every woman should know how to treat thrush in the home
conditions of systemic drugs, namely pills and
oral solutions. Many of these drugs are toxic, therefore
it is important to be careful. Do not buy
лекарства самостоятельно, без назначения врача
. Organism
each person is different, and it is possible that at some
medication you may experience allergies. I want to once again
note that only those can cure the disease
remedies and medicines that your doctor prescribed for you

How to treat thrush at home: folk

Народные facilities достаточно популярны для использования, и это,
perhaps it can be explained by the fact that they are really effective. But
they can only be used in conjunction with medication.
Below we talk about recipes against candida. In order to
treat thrush at home, experts may prescribe
decoctions and baths. They are used to flush foci of infection.
Below are the most effective recipes:

1. Морковный сок. Surely many people know that in
Carrots contain beta carotene. It is very useful for everyone.
organisms, including mucous membranes. Can be used
carrot inside, but before that, squeeze the juice out of it. Every time you need
New dose of fresh juice, in the morning and evening, drink 200 ml.
You can use the tool as a washing away, for this
dilute the juice in a 1: 1 ratio with water.

2. Кора дуба. The tincture on the bark of the oak is good
recommended, especially since this is one of the most inexpensive
products that can be used at home. Take 1 tablespoon
grass and pour a glass of boiling water. Cook a steam bath on it
put pan with ingredients. Boil for 15 minutes.
agent, then turn off the heat and insist one hour. Tincture
can be used as douching or washing away.
Many doctors advise making a swab out of gauze. Moisten before bed
it in the tincture, and then enter into the vagina. Do not remove until
in the morning Men can treat foci of infection on the penis,
just wipe.

3. Сода. Almost every house has a soda.
Surely you wondered how you can still treat thrush,
but they could not even think of using soda for this. But ведь, как
it is known to be alkali. No fungus can be found in
alkaline environment, which is why under its influence almost
instantly die. Для приготовления facilities следуйте инструкции:
take boiled water, tolerable temperature and put in there 1
tablespoon of soda. You can also add 1 teaspoon of iodine, so
bath will be more effective. After that, sit in a bowl and take
bath for 20 minutes. The total duration of such treatment
is one week.

О способах лечения молочницы facilitiesми народной медицины. can
talk endlessly because in fact there are ways and recipes for
this much. I would like to briefly list a few more.
recipes that experts assigned to their patients.

У каждого дома всегда найдется лук и чеснок, в
they contain volatile, which can destroy the candidate. Exactly
so feel free to eat them.

Можно использовать отвар из зверобоя, в нем
contains beneficial vitamins for the body and essential oils.
Приобрести его can в любой аптеке. Take 2 teaspoons of herbs
and pour a glass of boiling water. На 15 минут put все это на
water bath, then strain and cool. Wipe and
clean up the affected areas. Опять-таки can делать тампоны на
night wetting them in tincture.

How to treat thrush at home: sex is prohibited?

Sex is an integral part of the life of all men.
and women. Many continue to deal with them even with
thrush, using condoms for protection. They believe this
The most reliable means to protect against all infections. But, к
Unfortunately, not everything is so simple.

After all, most fungal infections are transmitted not only when
sexual intercourse, but also through caress, for example, during oral sex,
when kissing. The fungus in the mouth will feel
good enough and can stay there for a long time.

Therefore, even a condom cannot 100% protect you from
thrush. If you have identified the disease in your home, be sure to
tell your sexual partner about it and send it to
to the venereologist. After all, not всегда инфицированный человек подозревает о
that something is wrong with him.

What you need to remember sexual partners with candidiasis

In the presence of thrush, you need to follow a number of rules that
will not exacerbate the disease. If they do not comply, re
relapse is simply unavoidable, which means that you will again have to
endure severe pain and other discomfort.

The first thing you need to do when it detects
молочницы – полностью отказаться от интимной
. If a man, a sex partner, loves you, he
sure to understand everything. Even if it fails completely
avoid intimate relationships, protect yourself with condoms, and
refrain from other caresses.

If thrush was detected in one of the partners, be treated
need together. After all, your second partner automatically became
carrier of the disease. Men, unfortunately, not always willingly
go to the doctor for tests. But ведь ради любимого человека
can пойти на любые жертвы. Moreover, it concerns health
both of the partners.

Our intimate life is considered full if there are no
sexually transmitted diseases and genital infections. Do not enter into
близкий контакт с посторонними и мало знакомыми людьми
Thanks to this, you protect yourself against infections, not only yourself, but also
your constantly partner.

Another important rule in the treatment of thrush is a guide.
the doctor. Even when self-medication did not bring good results, but
the problem was only getting worse.

And of course in order to avoid re-development in the future.
заболевания can соблюдать профилактические меры, к которым
относят following:

• Eat only healthy foods. Try to refuse flour
and alcohol;

• be sure to follow personal hygiene. take a shower
regularly. you should have a personal towel and the right tool
for washing away;

• If you are sick of thrush often, try for a while.
refuse sanitary pads. After all, when they get wet
create a favorable breeding environment for bacteria;

• wear proper underwear.

And of course – love yourself!

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