How to treat reflux gastritis?

Problems with the stomach, many people do not take seriously, but in vain. Against the background of seemingly insignificant discomfort, for example, flatulence or heaviness in the stomach, this may occur disease like gastritis reflux. Deceit of the disease lies in that in the first stages it may not appear at all, and then leads to such irreversible pathologies as an ulcer or cancer.


Reflux gastritis – what is it?

Что такое рефлюкс гастритComplete the name of the disease is chronic chemical-toxicoinduced gastritis. It occurs in violation of the gastric pylorus, in which there is a reflux (throwing) of food into the stomach from duodenal ulcer. Normally, food should move from mouth to mouth. intestine through the esophagus and stomach. But sometimes the opposite occurs. peristalsis when food begins to move in reverse direction.

The stomach digests food only at the initial stage, where it is crushed by the action of hydrochloric acid and pepsin. The organ mucosa is protected from chemical attack bicarbonate barrier. If the pyloric sphincter (gatekeeper) weakened, the food lump along with the bile enters the stomach, which is not protected from bile enzymes and they begin to change it acidity.

High or low acidity of the stomach destroys bicarbonate the barrier of the mucous membrane, violates the function of gastric enzymes, which are activated in an acidic environment, which leads to disruption digesting proteins, causing inflammation. This phenomenon is called release (reflux), against which develops chronic рефлюкс gastritis.


Types of reflux gastritis

To cure pathology, you need to establish the exact cause diseases. Reflux gastritis is divided into two types, in depending on the causes: biliary and duodenogastric reflux. In the first embodiment, the cause of the disease is a violation in bile excretion system, sphincter malfunctioning or failure motility. Causes of duodenitis-reflux – high blood pressure, poor closure of the pylorus, degenerative processes in the mucous membrane 12 duodenal ulcer.

Also, reflux gastritis has several types that depend on pathologies:

  • Поверхностный рефлюкс-gastritis. The upper layer of epithelium or cells is affected. Bile starts getting from the duodenum to the stomach, which is to protect from it begins to form new cells in the place of the affected. AT the result is a risk of swelling.
  • Катаральный рефлюкс-gastritis. Diagnosis placed with a deep lesion of the gastrointestinal mucosa. Disease characterized by epithelial dystrophy, surface edema mucous membrane.
  • Эрозивный рефлюкс-gastritis. ATыявляется with the appearance of small ulcers or erosions on the gastric mucosa. They come in different sizes and shapes, but do not go beyond muscle plate. This pathology is accompanied by severe pain and requires a combined and long-term medication treatment.
  • Билиарный рефлюкс-gastritis. Still his called biliary gastritis, as it occurs in the case of diseases of the biliary tract. Striking factor are pancreatic enzymes that, getting into the stomach out of 12 duodenum, burn his mucous membrane.

Symptoms < / h2>

The most dangerous types of gastritis reflux: superficial, biliary, catarrhal, atrophic, erosive, so only a doctor should prescribe a treatment regimen. In case of biliary reflux of gastritis, the pain is not very pronounced, therefore, treatment of gastritis reflux in this case can be prescribed by a nutritionist by adjusting the menu. Signs of the initial stage of gastritis reflux:

  • heartburn; < / li>
  • pain of oppressive or dull character; < / li>
  • nausea; < / li>
  • belching sour; < / li>
  • bitterness in the mouth; < / li>
  • change in stool (diarrhea, constipation); < / li>
  • flatulence; < / li>
  • multivitamin deficiency; < / li>
  • weight loss. < / li> < / ul>

    Diagnostics < / h2>

    Если у вас в наличии один или несколько вышеперечисленных симптомов, то в обязательном порядке посетите гастроэнтеролога для своевременной диагностики желудка на рефлюкс gastritis. Even heartburn, which occurs periodically, can not be ignored. If you let the disease take its course, then the following troubles can happen:

    • If you do not treat gastritis reflux, then ulcers of the esophagus or stomach will appear. < / li>
    • The disease can trigger a precancerous condition or esophageal cancer. < / li>
    • When the valve is weakened, gastric fluid enters the bronchi or lungs, irritating the organs. < / li> < / ul>

      To identify chronic reflux gastritis, the aggravation of which you will surely lead to a doctor, is prescribed the following examinations:

      1. Laboratory analyzes of feces, urine, blood to determine the status of the gastrointestinal tract. < / li>
      2. Swallowing the probe (gastroscopy), which is carried out in order to see the presence of focal gastritis. < / li>
      3. Histological analysis of the esophagus (fibrogastroscopy). Назначается для определения вида и степени сложности рефлюкс gastritis. < / li> < / ol>

        Home Treatment < / h2>

        It is possible to treat superficial gastroduodenal reflux gastritis at home under the supervision of a specialist. Comprehensive treatment includes the use of medicines, traditional medicine, medical diets and visits to physiotherapy procedures for reflux gastritis.

        Treatment of the acute form of the disease is strictly under the supervision of a physician and includes fasting, the use of drugs, gastric lavage, and then prescribed a therapeutic diet, which should be followed constantly. In the treatment of acute or chronic gastritis reflux, smoking, comment on alcoholic beverages and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are completely excluded.

        Medicines < / h3>

        Treatment of biliary reflux gastritis can not do without taking medication. The dosage of drugs and the duration of treatment prescribed by the doctor. As a rule, the following medications are indicated for any type of gastritis reflux:

        1. Prokinetics < / strong>. The preparations stimulate the gastrointestinal peristalsis, prevent the occurrence of complications. These include “Metoclopramide”, “Ganaton”, “Motilak”, “Ursosan”. < / Li>
        2. Antacids < / strong>. It is imperative during drug treatment of gastritis reflux, antacids are prescribed – medicines intended for the treatment of acid-related pathologies of the stomach by lowering the level of hydrochloric acid. The most famous: “Almagel”, “Maalox”, “Omez”, baking soda. < / Li>
        3. Blockers < / strong>. Antisecretory drugs, the mechanism of action of which is based on a decrease in the production of hydrochloric acid and its entry into the stomach. < / Li> < / ol>

          Physiotherapy < / h3>

          To consolidate a positive result in the treatment of reflux of gastritis, specialists prescribe physiotherapy, which are carried out on the high-frequency preparations “DiaDENS” or “Azor-IC”. Physiotherapy is performed on an empty stomach in the morning, and the course of treatment lasts from 10 to 20 procedures.

          What does physiotherapy do? < / u>

          1. Tones the muscles, thanks to this, the work of the stomach and esophagus is improved. < / li>
          2. It has a healing, anti-inflammatory effect that promotes rapid recovery. < / li>
          3. It improves blood circulation in the walls of the blood vessels, triggering metabolic processes in the body. < / li> < / ol>

            Folk remedies < / h3>

            Many patients have resorted to folk methods to alleviate their condition during exacerbation of gastritis reflux. Судя по их отзывам, травы и настойки эффективно избавляют от симптомов diseases.

            • To reduce the acidity, take water (500 ml), flax seeds (2 tablespoons). Boil over low heat until sticky, then cool. Drink daily on an empty stomach and 1 tbsp. l until improvement. < / li>
            • An excellent antimicrobial agent for the stomach is fresh aloe juice. It must be taken daily 3 times before meals. Средство обладает болеутоляющим эффектом при возникновении симптомов рефлюкс gastritis. < / li>
            • Antimicrobial gastritis reflux during treatment is a decoction prepared as follows: take 1 tbsp. l chamomile and St. John’s wort, fill with boiling water ((300 ml), leave for 15 minutes in a water bath, then cool. Take 0.5 cups daily 3 times / day. < / li> < / ul>

              Medical Diet < / h3>

              Диета при рефлюкс-гастрите – это важная составляющая лечения diseases. It uses a special health diet called table number 1 with the following rules:

              • Do not eat food that is too cold or hot. < / li>
              • You must completely abandon the fatty, fried, sour, spicy food. < / li>
              • It is not allowed to include coffee, chocolate, citrus juices, strong tea, carbonated drinks in the menu. < / li>
              • It is advisable to refuse from a diet from foods that cause bloating: sour milk, grapes, legumes. < / li>
              • Mineral water without gas should be consumed during remission or at the initial stage of the disease. With acute reflux gastritis, their use is prohibited. < / Li>
              • You need to eat food in fractional portions at least 4 times a day. < / li> < / ul> |

                Disease Prevention < / h2>

                After healing for reflux of gastritis, you need to stop taking care of your health, otherwise the disease may return at any time. It is necessary to constantly listen to the signals sent by the body, pain, to avoid relapse. Measures for the prevention of gastritis reflux are:

                1. Refusing fast food and applying the basics of proper nutrition. < / li>
                2. Stable body weight. < / li>
                3. Constant physical exertion, whether it is daily walks with unhurried walking or active sports to improve metabolism. < / li> < / ol>


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