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Angina is an acute inflammation of the tonsils, palate.

And, most often, it is inflamed palatine tonsils.

Medical workers relate the disease to

Sore throat: causes

Angina is a serious disease that most often
accompanied by numerous complications – damage to the lungs,
hearts. The development of the disease occurs due to the attack of pathogenic
microorganisms – pneumococci, staphylococci and others.

Infection in the tonsils can penetrate several

1. From the outside – this is an airborne path, after suffering
operations in the nasopharynx, after eating dairy

2. Inside – pathogenic processes occur in the body
(gastroenteritis, caries), the patient has chronic tonsillitis.

Withчин возникновения данного заболевания, можно
highlight the most common are the following:

• infectious infection;

• there is a sharp change in temperature in the air;

• the person is in a room where there is strong dampness;

• the body is overworked, numerous stresses and depressions;

• food is not complete, the food is not included beneficial to the body

• the air is highly polluted;

• lack of sunlight, or its insufficiency.

Стоит также отметить, что ангина делится на несколько
, каждый из которых возникает по разным причинам и
manifests itself differently:

1. Catarrhal sore throat – the onset of the disease is acute. Temperature
body rises to 38 C. The patient feels strong
malaise, swallow hurt, chills.

2. Lacunar – a lot gradually accumulates in the gaps
fluid that provokes inflammation. The tonsils swell and
become red.

3. Follicular – tonsil mucosa strongly
inflamed. Temperature тела сильно повышается, при глотании
there is pain. The disease can last up to 10 days.

4. Combined – one patient manifests immediately
several forms of the disease. For example, on one amygdala
lacunar develops, and on the second, follicular.

How to treat a sore throat at home: лекарства и

There is a proven treatment regimen that includes
certain medications. If you follow the whole
instructions, then getting rid of the disease can be relatively

Bed rest

Bed rest нужно соблюдать не только в момент высокой
temperature, but also in the next few days. Respect for peace
is mandatory, as often a sore throat affects many organs
negatively. This item must be supplemented with abundant drink. For this
used fruit drinks, jelly, juice. Thanks to the use of liquid
toxic products will be eliminated much faster.


Although antibiotics can cause many side effects.
action, their reception in angina is necessary.

As a rule, they are appointed by a specialist, with lacunar and
follicular sore throat. Common antibiotics – Ampioks,
Digran, Aksatsillin, Makropen.

If severe complications are observed, inject
drugs – Penicillin, Cefazolin.

Sulfa drugs

If we talk about how to quickly cure a sore throat, then not to mention
These drugs simply can not. Often appointed Biseptol or
Sulfalen Medications are used for catarrhal
sore throat, alone, almost always are only
supplements to antibiotics.

The instructions describe the dosage of the drug, which
calculated on the basis of the age of the patient.

Other drugs in the fight against angina

For the rapid removal of symptoms of the disease are used such
drugs like: Analgin, Aspirin, Paracetamol, Citramon. Of
This list is used one drug, but not more than 5 days.

It is recommended to take antihistamine drugs – diphenhydramine,
Suprastin. They relieve well throat swelling.

Aerosol preparations

To quickly get rid of the disease, it is recommended to irrigate
throat several times a day with the following sprays – Kameton,
Ingalipt, Yoks, Kolustan. Drugs possess
antimicrobial, analgesic actions.

How to treat a sore throat at home: народные средства

The most unpleasant thing that can happen with a sore throat –
disease in the joints and the heart. The most dangerous complication is
rheumatism that can damage heart valves. Exactly
therefore, after a diagnosis of a sore throat has been made,
start treatment immediately.

Traditional methods of treating angina are fairly simple, but they require
much attention. As noted above, you must comply
bed rest. It is not advisable to contact other people
as the patient is a carrier of infection and can infect
another person.

You need to try to drink as much fluid as possible, since
elevated temperatures can lead to dehydration. And
the liquid must be exceptionally warm.

You also need to know, get rid of angina with only folk
by means of without the use of drugs is impossible.

How to treat a sore throat at home: пошаговые

In the fight against infectious disease plays a major role
rinsing. Thanks to such a procedure, recovery
come much earlier. This is explained as follows:

1. When rinsing washed away purulent bloom, which struck

2. The nutrient medium for bacteria is eliminated.

3. Acid or alkaline will be formed on the surface of the tonsils.
environment, the further development of bacteria in it will be impossible.

4. Sore throat will be much less general condition of a person
will improve.

With the help of rinsing, the inflamed tonsils will be cured much
faster. The procedure is also suitable as a prophylaxis against
complications. After all, if the tonsils are not processed, the bacteria from them can
go into the blood and then infect other internal organs.

Salt solution for rinsing

After the first symptoms of the disease, it is recommended
gargle with saline. Prepare the tool will not make
labor, because all that is required is ordinary table salt.
Pour warm water into a glass and dissolve one spoonful of salt in it,
You can add a drop of iodine. Before each procedure
preparing a new solution. Thanks to the remedy, it is possible to remove the swelling and
irritation. The first day you need to gargle once an hour.

Propolis tincture

Propolis, infused with alcohol, is used to treat many
diseases. You can buy medicine at any pharmacy or
cook it yourself. The rinse solution is being prepared
as follows – in a glass of water diluted with a spoonful of tincture.
Rinse is carried out three times a day. Manages to get rid of all
types of sore throats, even purulent. Irritated tissue quickly
recover, swelling is removed.

Treatment tinctures and decoctions

To get rid of sore throat is used not only means for
rinse, but also tincture inside. They have firming
action on the whole body. Thanks to some means, it is possible
bring down the temperature and get rid of severe pain.

In order to remove inflammation from the tonsils, it is recommended
use the following means:

• Take 6 figs and fill them with boiled milk. After
after the milk cools, drink it, and eat berries. If a
take this remedy every day before bed, then from the disease
there will be no trace;

• take a few sheets of aloe and chop them thoroughly,
then put it in the jar. Add some sugar in there, okay
stir and let stand for several hours. As a result of aloe
should put the juice, and the sugar is completely dissolved. All content
It is filled with vodka and infused for several days. You will succeed
something like liquor that needs to be taken three times a day
one spoon after the onset of sore throat. Put the finished product
in a dark place and store there.

You can cook decoctions based on plantain, dill, Althea,
eucalyptus. In each locality must grow medicinal plants,
which can be collected and dried. Pharmacies also sell
medicinal herbs.

Recipes compresses to get rid of tonsillitis in
housesшних условиях:

творожный компресс. In order for it
to cook, you need to take a warm cottage cheese and wrap in cheesecloth,
roll it up and attach it to your throat. In order to be comfortable, on top
the gauze is fixed by cling film. The procedure is performed at bedtime,
compress left until morning;

солевой компресс – это сухое тепло. Salt
need to be heated in a pan or in the oven, wrap in a bag and
attach to the throat. You can apply the compress at any time.

лист капусты с медом. The tool relieves swelling and
inflammation. Take the honey and lubricate their throat, put warm on top
cabbage leaf. All this is fixed on top of the bandage and left on
several hours.

Как лечить ангину в housesшних условиях и не навредить себе

If a вы решили лечить ангину самостоятельно, в housesшних
conditions, you need to know not only methods of treatment, but also simple
rules that do not allow harm.

For example, if decoctions are used for treatment, then
keep their temperature, it should be close to the temperature
body. In solutions there should not be aggressive substances that will be
act on the throat as an irritant. It is desirable to coordinate
with your doctor the recipe of tinctures and other treatments.

As for compresses, you can not put them at high
body temperature; diseases such as dermatitis, tuberculosis, cancer,
are also contraindications for the use of compresses. With
applying compresses, you need to avoid the thyroid area.
It is important to keep the temperature of the compress, it should not be too

Watch your health carefully when symptoms appear.
diseases must be examined by a specialist.

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