How to treat a boil at home?We offer simple and unique methods of how to treat boils inhome conditions

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Happy is the man who never had in his life
face the exhausting pain from the appearance of a boil or as
People say, boil.

A slight reddening in a couple of days turns into
inflammatory process, sometimes accompanied by temperature and
pulling pain for 5-7 days, the appearance of the head

With the wrong treatment of the boil, a sad ending with

Следует знать, как лечить фурункул в home conditions, чтобы
get a positive result.

Лечим фурункул в home conditions: причины, проблемы

Boils do not appear out of the blue, for their nature
existence is an infection. They most often hit more
the entire greasy part of the skin exposed to friction, on which
dirt gets into. Infection caught in the scalp,
causes inflammation, pus appears, and until it breaks
outside, the inflamed area will ache, spreading along
blood flow throughout the body.

What does a person do if he starts to itch in some place?
That’s right, rubs, scratches it, and not always with clean hands, bringing
infection. Therefore, the face, armpits suffer more often than other parts.
skin damage from boils, and with a weakened immune system
may occur continuously, from hypothermia and overheating.

Boils affect all parts of the body, especially unpleasant and
painful sensations from their appearance on the buttocks and in the perineum.
Unbearably painful carbuncles that occur when
several boils in one place. In this case, without consultation
with a doctor can not do, for perhaps in parallel with the treatment
traditional methods will need to apply antibiotics.

The reasons for the frequent appearance of boils also

• impaired metabolism;

• lack of vitamins;

• stress;

• overwork.

In contrast to the usual pimple, which can be cauterized with green paint, and
it will disappear, the diameter of the area affected by the boil, gradually
increases, being localized in the center. In this place in a week
there will be a white head, which is torn, pus and white are coming out

All this is easy to describe, in fact it should be constantly
следить, чтобы место воспаления не переохладилось,
then the boil will not ripen, and it will have to be cut.

В то же время чирьи нельзя прогревать, чтобы
a rush of blood did not provoke the spread of infection throughout
to the body. Therefore, the place of inflammation is best covered with a cotton swab,
creating dry heat, wipe with alcohol from time to time
with a solution and expect it to “ripen” when it can be treated
фурункул в home conditions.

If after a week does not appear the head of the boil or
the pus treatment that has begun is still not working, you should turn to
doctor, especially if the inflammatory process is located on

Лечить фурункул в home conditions можно только в том случае,
if a white, “ripe” head appeared, until that time
carefully monitor the purity and warmth of the inflamed area.

Как лечить фурункул в home conditions: лекарства и

Лечить фурункул в home conditions можно при помощи мазей,
tinctures and even conspiracies. All proposed methods and drugs
have been tested on specific people, because we show all their advantages
and cons.

1. Mix in equal proportions of hydrogen peroxide and solution
furatsilina, soak a cotton swab in that liquid and attach to
boil for 40 – 60 minutes. During this time, the pus comes out, but you
can speed up this process with a 20-block syringe
(we do not need a needle).

We put the end of the syringe firmly on the furuncle, create a vacuum and
pulling pus. When the wound is cleansed of pus, on the surface
the boil will be clearly visible white rod, it is quite dense,
его обязательно следует вытащить, и сdo это можно обыкновенным

2. When a white purulent head of the boil appears, bake
in the oven, a small onion together with the scales to full softness,
cool a little and mix with a grated household grate
dark soap to the state of gruel, which is put on a bandage and
Attach to a ripe boil overnight. Practice shows that
1 – 2 times are enough to make the soap-onion mixture not only
гной, но и сам kernel.

3. Honey is a good antiseptic, try to mix for 1 hour.
l honey, vegetable oil, onion juice, soda and add to all this
flour, form a cake, and get a great tool,
вытягивающее гной из boil. For better healing flat bread
can be alternated with applying Vishnevsky ointment.

4. Laundry soap is always on hand, because
Prepare milky soap ointment is easy. Take a couple
spoons of grated soap, pour milk and simmer,
stirring occasionally until the mixture becomes thick.

This mixture can be applied several days in a row as soon as
the location of the head of the boil is indicated, it will be contribute
ripening and further breakthrough of pus.

5. If there are no other ingredients on hand, it will help.
freshly grated potatoes that are applied directly to
furuncle and attached with a bandage for 4 hours, then changed.

6. In the old days, when black bread was baked at home, a crumb was taken,
chewed, that is, mixed with saliva, and tied to a ripe
head furuncle. Perhaps in our time this way seems
barbaric, however, there are situations when there is nothing else on hand
No, and then all the ways are good.

7. Accelerate the ripening of the boil and garlic gruel, which
can be tied to an inflamed place shortly before maturation
head that will speed up the process of pus release.

8. Boils in the ears are especially painful, they should be treated in
medical institutions, but if there is no other way out, then
cook onion – flax juice, and they bury their ear.

To make the juice should be in the bulb to make a groove
which is filled with linseed oil, close the crumbs of bread and
bake in oven or oven until soft onions. Then remove the bread and
squeeze juice from onions and flax.

Порой фурункулы возникают один за другим, не
you have time to heal the wound from the previous one, as the next one is already ripening.
Причина такого нашествия фурункулов может крыться в
заражении крови
, когда инфекция попала в кровеносное русло
and spread throughout the body.

In this case, it is impossible to do without blood purification, sometimes doctors
prescribe it transfusions, but at home you can cook
blood purifying tincture.

1. Nettle has always been famous for its antiseptic properties,
she will help if you decide to treat the boil at home.

5 tbsp. dry nettle leaves pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, insist
half an hour, strain and drink 50 ml three times a day before meals.

2. If possible, you can independently collect flowers
and the leaves of thorns or turns, dry them, if not, then buy this
composition in a pharmacy and brew like tea for a long time, alternating
formulations to ensure clean blood.

3. Dandelion is a unique plant, its flowers are boiled.
honey for cough, tincture of its roots is rubbed into the hair for the best
growth, but a mixture of dry roots and leaves is wonderful
Means improving metabolism and producing cleaning

To make dandelion tea you need 3 tbsp. dry mix
Pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and insist 3 hours, strain and use
after 3 hours, 25 ml in heat.

4. Очищающей кровь способностью обладает чай из dry mix
lingonberry and succession, which take half an hour before meals for 50

To make tea should be 2 tbsp. mix pour 0.5 l
boiling water, insist hour, strain and take 50 ml three times in

Sure to! After the manipulations
wash the wound with hydrogen peroxide and smear it with ointment, it can be
бутадион или левомиколь

Pine pollen is famous for its good healing ability.
which can be purchased from herbalists. Any cut or wound needed
sprinkle with pollen and cover with adhesive tape or bandage.

It is difficult to explain the nature of the conspiracy, perhaps this is witchcraft, and
maybe some kind of special energy, but people say that they
it was conspiracies that helped.

Who believes, can try to speak 7 times, circling the boil
против хода стрелки часов безымянным пальцем: «Как у этого
the finger has no name, so this boil has no place. Be my words
сильнее камня»
, далее читается «Отче наш» 3 раза и говорите
«Аминь!», что означает «Да будет так».

Want to know the cause of the boil and permanently get rid of
from this scourge, collected pus and a core hand over on the analysis in
a lab on identifying the nature of a boil, it might be
Staphylococcus, which can be killed only with an antibiotic.

How to treat a boil at home: why not

At the first signs of the inflammatory process can not be any
pimples, not to mention boils, squeeze, comb them.

Диабетикам запрещено заниматься самолечением в
home conditions without medical supervision.

After all the procedures can not be left in one moment
treatment, should be a long time prophylactically:

• drink blood-purifying herbs, it can be nettle, marigold,

• strengthen your immunity by hardening, avoiding
hypothermia or overheating;

• consume more vitamins, as well as undergo treatment

• avoid stress.

You can not treat the appearance of the boil with carelessness, because even
One furuncle can cause a lot of trouble, including a common
заражения blood.

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